Mark Munoz says Chael Sonnen cheated and still lost to him in college wrestling

Top Middleweight contender Mark Munoz recounts a “wrestling duel” against Chael Sonnen during his years at Oklahoma State University. According to Munoz, Sonnen attempted to turn the match in his favor by utilizing illegal holds, but was still defeated “pretty handily” by “The Filipino Wrecking Machine.”

In the time since this interview was conducted, Munoz went on to defeat Chris Leben at UFC 138, extending his winning streak to four consecutive fights. While the promotion has yet to confirm the bout, Munoz vs. Sonnen will reportedly headline the upcoming UFC on Fox 2 card, with the winner emerging as the division’s new number-one contender. Photo: Francis Specker

Mark Munoz

“(Chael Sonnen and I) competed in college together. He wrestled at Oregon; I wrestled at Oklahoma State. We end up dueling, which is just a one-team duel, a one-team competition between two schools. So, I end up matching up with him at 184 pounds. We end up going at it and I end up beating him pretty handily. But, in that fight, he tried to submit me in a kneebar and then changed it into a heel hook. Not a legal move in wrestling. He tried doing that to me, and I felt my ankle pop and was like ‘aaaahhh,’ and I knew that he did it so that he could try to come back. I was actually beating him pretty handily and got upset during that match and was just ruthless in that fight afterwards.”

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  • jon

    wow… amazing story man. You are the one getting so called ‘WRECKED’ if this matchup ever happens

  • Nemesis

    Yeah that sounds like him, sorry to all the guys nuthugging chael, but he’s a cheat.

    Maybe if all of you get together you can donate so he doesn’t need to replace his testosterone anymore.


    Chael is scum & you losers love him. How pathetic

  • fenomnx

    Chael for president.

  • hatch1921

    Let the shit talking begin…. time to promote the fight. I’m sure Chael will have something to say about this LOL

  • crocopcullen

    Would rather see chael vs Anderson 2 first if I’m honest. Or at least Anderson fighting before then. Another long lay off for Anderson is pointless, why not have Munoz fight winner of bisping vs miller?

  • Ninja

    This story actually came out around the time he was fighting Leben, Lowkick just put it on now for some reason, so I dont think he saw the future and started to promote the fight

  • gm1

    First of all Mark shouldnt be talking the past about anything. And this kind of gum flapping is pointless is out of his character. Mark needs to shut up since he calls himself a christian.

    For Nemises and Hatocrazy, you two must be the poster boys for never cheating on anything right? If you say guys are the biggest lying dogs on this site. Make an educated assessment on the matchup and move on…. Your weak…..

  • gspfan8

    everyone get ready for chael to respond in a hilarious fashion

  • ChaddyShaq

    Cheal Sonnen Cheated… What else is new.

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    oh no! look out! somebody tried to cheat to gain the upper advantage in a college wrestling match. Only the most evil of villains do that.

    You anti Sonnen kids were right all along……

  • jdnextchamp

    Don’t even try Munoz you don’t deserve a title shot more than Chael.

  • Mike Perryman

    I’d like to hear Sonnens side of the story. If these two guys aren’t the top two guys to challange Silva, then who? Sonnen makes the most sense becauseof the epic war they had and the bad blood between them. And in Brazil? That has classic written all over it!

  • Bruce Lee

    Once again, what a dork. Hypocracy.
    Some people find Chael entertaining as an athlete and you devote your life to chasing them around the website calling them names. Who’s pathetic?

    You talk a lot about others cheating. Don’t you know that we are all aware that you have downloaded music illegally, streamed UFC fights online, stole that chocolate bar in tenth grade and jerked off in your sister’s bed. Don’t post so much on Facebook BTW (gross picture dude).

  • Bruce Lee

    I like Munoz but suddenly we are to believe that Chael, who is historically criticized for being useless at BJJ has actually been practicing it quietly in college in Oregon for years?


    Wow….didn’t know Chael had a husband, an old corny one @ that. Check it, i will be staying @ the Wynn in Vegas 12/9-12/12,gonna bet on the Bones fight, how about you 2 prop 8ers come through, drinks on me pimp.

  • cranestyle

    Will Chael bring his A game? Munoz doesn’t have the same level of experience but will he make up for it by using some of Sonnen tactics?

    And that’s just for the pre.fight trash talking! If Sonnen doesn’t get Silva right away, I want to see this match!

  • Mike Perryman

    I also want this match to happen if Silva is really going to be out until June. Munoz can find out firsthand who the real challenger to the belt is.


    Hey Bruce, tomorrow me & my family will be serving dinner to the underprivileged like we’ve been doing for the past 8 Thanksgivings & Christmas. I bet the dude you’re taking up for wont be doing shit to help out his fellow man, so don’t judge me O.G. & i never facebooked or wacked my bag in my sisters bed. I work hard & cultivate the best.

    Happy Thanksgiving 2 Everyone

  • highlife

    Cheal’s record is not a good record by any means lost over a quarter of his fights…why all the hype ? .
    He was found to have elevated levels of test in his system and still lost against an injured fighter, he now refers to himself as the winner of the silva fight…does that mean that all 4 of Chael’s sub victories were losses ?
    If Munoz were to stop Chael then where would that leave him ?

  • Celticfighter

    !!NWP!! folks. ****s with puppets chael will run through him

  • highlife

    but Chaels fight record is average at best …and he tapped to Silva…and he cant knock people out….average fighters have to smack talk to get noticed.

  • Krogan

    Good thing for Sonnen that MMA wrestling is SO different then collage wrestling… maybe he wants to talk about a basketball game he beat sonnen in as well?

  • headxkick

    sonnen is still the better mma wrestler, & bad matchup for munoz , he could barely take okami down , & sonnen dominated okami.

  • highlife

    Of course then there is Mr Lombard if they were really serious about being the best then they would be shouting for Hector in the ufc.

  • Plexomatic

    I dont get it , both these guys have “some” skill but they walk around like they’re gods thinking they’re the best , i personally dont see the hype behind this fight…this fight sucks and niether guy has a hope in hell at beating Silva. case closed …weak me if ya want IDGAF

  • cranestyle

    Where’s Lowkick ‘Chael’. Are you going to take that, dude?

  • lights_out11

    how?he won 4 in a row and he beat maia the man who submitted chael!!! chael just won one in a row not so impressive

  • duder113

    and all those years later, Sonnen is still cheating…

  • Bruce Lee

    @ Hate. You have made my point perfectly. Despite the hurtful things you say you are a decent person, more than decent, with many great qualities. I can believe that you work hard and cultivate the best. I wish you did that here on Low Kick. I challenge you to cultivate the best here. You and I have not brought out the best in ourselves or this board in this exchange.

    Tomorrow is not Thanksgiving here in Canada. I will be on day 12 of 63 days of chemotherapy for metastatic testicular cancer. I feel crappy and mouthed off to you in an in appropriate way. My apologies because you are obviously a man of honor and ethic.

    Here is the point I tried to make yesterday before I screwed up at your expense. I believe there are arguements to be made for Sonnen’s behavior – not to excuse them but to somewhat mitigate them HOWEVER, no question, he has made some stupid mistakes. Couple that with his brash comedic style and people hate him. I get that. Is a guy who made some STUPID mistakes “Scum” or is he a loving father, a son, perhaps a brother to a dying sister…who made some mistakes.

    For whatever it is worth, I believe we should condemn mistaken behaviors and still find worth in the man. His behaviors should be thrown out but we can (or not) enjoy the entertainer.

    I challanege you and me to do better here Hate. Be biting and clever in your posts. Don’t be cruel and hateful. My apologies to you. Happy Thanksgiving – we have a lot to be thankful for.

  • GSPfan

    I can tell you exactly what is going to happen. As of now, they are calling for A. Silva to be out until June, but I guarantee you as soon as the Sonnen/Munoz fight is set and in ink, A. Silva will immediately recover, be 100%, and be ready to take on the first guy to sign on the dotted line. I’m not saying he is scared of Sonnen, but he has stated himself that he don’t feel like Sonnen deserves a rematch yet, so he will duck this fight in hopes that Sonnen loses and makes himself look like a moron for all of the trash he has talked. I wouldn’t doubt it if he ends up fighting between Feb and April, then if him and Sonnen both win their fights respectively, this injury will come up again and sideline him for over 6 months. If Sonnen fights Munoz and wins, then Silva fights and claims ANOTHER injury that will put him on the shelf for 6 months, so Sonnen will more than likely have to take 1 more fight after Munoz, possibly 2, which can be a big risk for him to lose. This is if he gets by Munoz. Munoz is a tough, quality opponent, especially with his knockout power and wrestling skills. Think about it. Do you really think that Anderson Silva feels 100% in his mind that he wants to fight Chael Sonnen in Brazil? Could you imagine how disgraced he would feel if he let someone talk about him and his country the way that Chael has then walk into Brazil and beat him in front of his home crowd? Now, A. Silva could very easily beat Chael and have a perfect ending to this rivalry, but I don’t see him wanting to take the chance. We all know that out of all of the fighters in the UFC, Anderson Silva is the one least-likely to take a risk at having certain fights. If he wasn’t, him and Chael’s rematch would already be set to take place.
    FTR, this whole talk about Anderson Silva being hurt the last time they fought is BOGUS. Do you really not see the pattern of him claiming he was injured in every single fight he has fought over the last 3 to 4 years? Quit being naive.

  • highlife

    doesnt matter pal …sonnen was on test the first time…should be thrown out of the ufc for good .

  • DKMcGrath

    off topic…