MMAthletics: Rachelle Leah interviews James Toney and Randy Couture

  • FirstnLastEmperor

    glad to see randy step up the talk a bit in this one.. it has been pretty 1 sided up till now.. but , i do fear toney isn’t lying, and that he will connect and hurt randy then finish him off with a big hook or uppercut..

  • doberman

    The dying ****roach!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhaha

  • doberman

    c o c k roach

  • gebls

    Rachelle Leah gives me a boner

  • mtnman

    It be hilarious to see Randy KO Toney


    Dam slow loading time. Took me 30mins to watch a 10 min video.
    Toney just doesn’t know, does he?

  • griffin

    shes so dam hot!

  • southeastpinnacle

    Does Toney really talk that bad or does he just leave his mouth piece in for interviews? I can never understand a thing that dude says.

  • Rigo

    what a great show! Rachelle Leah is the perfect host!

    i cant stop thinking what IF Toney Knock out Randy!!
    that would be devastating for MMA!

    i hope Randy fights a great fighter and GnP toney ! to a TKO win!

  • lichnight1

    the things i understand are even more idiotic. “I’m a better wrestler than you” seriously the nonsense that comes out of that guys mouth is just funny

  • UndefeatedOfWest

    Out of curiosity, why would this be devastating to mma?

  • Vergina

    Why is Rachelle only used as a fillin octagon girl? They rarely use all 3 now

  • falcon4917

    Probably wouldn’t hurt mma so much as boxing is a part of mma. On the other hand if he won Boxing may get a bump in interest.

  • Rigo

    why? a Boxer defeats an MMA elite fighter Hall of Famer!
    what do you think that would do to the credibility of MMA Fighters?
    even as Mainstream as MMA and the UFC have got , theres still a long way to go , people in boxing still criticized the sport as legit.

    calling it to brutal human **** fights! brawlers not fighters!
    Randy beating Toney will do some good to the sport , but if a guy with Pure Boxing defeats a guy and a name as big as Randy Couture could be devastating.

  • falcon4917

    I suppose it could hurt but I don’t think it will do much more then have some more fights like this which would be good for everyone and If the boxers kept winning well then they are the men but i doubt they would find a long win streak.

  • moots

    Agree 100% Rigo.

  • UndefeatedOfWest

    If this was something like Kyokushin vs K-1 challenge. Then yes, you would be right, but it isn’t. This isn’t MMA vs Boxing where we take 5 to 10 of the best guys in each group and pit them against each other using only mma rules or rotating between boxing and mma rules.

    This is also not white vs black, skinny vs fat, or the olympics. This is just randy vs james, nothing more. When randy and james get in there on that night, they will only be representing themselves as individual fighters.

    If James Toney does win, it will only make our sport better. Currently, people are thinking that the best type of fighter is a well balanced fighter. When in truth, it is not. All styles and paths in martial arts have their strength and weaknesses no matter what you do. There is more to this last paragraph, but I’ve been planning on writing an article about it when I get the chance =(

  • UndefeatedOfWest

    I would like some constructive feed back when I write the article. People can also give me some feed back on my above comment. I honestly would appreciate it =D


    I dont think it would devastate MMA if Toney does win. A good striker always has a punchers chance and Randy must respect that Toney is very dangerous, especially in MMA gloves. All 4oz. gloves do is give the hands a little protection so a fighter can actually hit much harder with the gloves on. To all who say Randy has a weak chin, that is absolutely retarded. Look at his record and who he has taken many shots from. Most people couldnt take even a glancing blow from the guys he has fought. As far as Toney saying Randy wants to grab him like a chick. The people who say shit like that are the ones who cant grapple and have insecurities about getting their asses handed to them by wrestlers/grapplers. Or they are homophobes who fear being called gay because in the backs of their minds they have wondered themselves. IF YOU CANT FIGHT ON THE GROUND, YOU CANT FIGHT. Street or cage 9 out of 10 end up on the ground at some point. Early UFCs proved that pure strikers lose to grapplers almost everytime.

  • Joey Santosus

    It entirely depends on the manner in which Toney wins. I do not feel as tho Toney knocking out Couture with a punch will take even the slightest bit away from modern mma. Now if he were to submit Randy or out wrestle him, then mma stands to lose, but I am fairly certain that will not happen. A professional boxer of Toney’s caliber knocking out even the most respected mixed martial artist should not be a shock to anyone. After all, boxing is a martial art and has been a part of mma since day one…. Lets not forget Art Jimmerson entered the UFC’s inaugural 8-man competition with one taped hand and one boxing glove.

  • MarkyB

    Call me crazy but I have a feeling that James is goona pull it off! He’s got fighter insticts and power that Randy has never felt before!! i think he will be able to hit Randy pretty hard before Randy can get him to the ground! We’ll have to wait and see!