MMA Live: In-depth UFC 114 Rampage vs Evans preview

  • HugeBalls

    i love this show…

  • griffin

    I think either Rampage will KO rashad early like Rnd 1 or early Rnd 2 and if not Rashad will take the decesion

  • reality

    i use my DVR to record it; but this week some stupid NFL crap was recorded. ESPN2 FTW and at the same time FAIL. :/

  • Rigo

    this show is the best!
    molly is HOT!
    theres nothing hotter than a girl who knows about sports
    not to mention about MMA!

    most girls like ring girls for example dont know a thing!
    they just see 2 guys hitting each other but dont really understand whats happening!

    Molly is a smart girl and really knows his stuff!

    go Rampage!

  • ston3pony

    Based on what dude?… Quinton wasn’t even fast enough to handle Forest. Rashad is a wrestler so Quinton isn’t going to be able to take the fight down. Rashad is way too fast.

  • griffin

    its based on my opinion. No1 Knows whats gonna happen until it happens

  • Boner89

    I agree with Griffin. Rashad will go for takedowns as many times as he can, but with his glass jaw n Rampages Power if he misses it could be over. And as far as Griffin being faster, it was because he landed like a gazillion leg kicks that Rampage never countered (he will this fight). Safe pick will be boring Rashad but Im rooting for Rampage.

  • NikMegamanHulstein

    When they were previewing the fight with Junior and Roy it showed 2 different clips of each fighter beating the shit out of Stefen Struve…

  • BlueClearSky

    UFC 114 Rampage vs Evenas will make a lot of moneys by pay per view and going to be fight of the year too