Lyoto Machida says he’s satisfied with his performance, despite losing to Rampage Jackson at UFC 123

  • colktfo

    if he started out hot he could of won this fight but rampage is dangerous so cant blame him.

  • Jizzle11

    He should have been more agressive that 1st and 2nd round

  • RabbitPuncher

    My Portuguese is a bit rusty.

  • Ged67

    rampage deserved the win machida only came 2 fight round 3


    Machida looked gun shy & i’m sure it’s due to the Shogun KO.

  • dray12

    It was bad game planning on Machidas part for a 3 round fight. He should have came out in round 2 like he did in round 3.

  • Ninja

    True, his style backfired cause he was too cautious in the beginning and its hard to win a round when ur constantly moving backwards, even though he landed more cleaner shots than Rampage moving backwards wont win u the round especially when the other guy is constantly charging u

  • Ninja

    I wouldn’t say gun shy, I think he went back to the way he used to fight, he became more aggressive against Shogun and that didn’t work out so I think hes going to start fighting like he used before he became champ

  • Lowkickdodger

    The difference is that he used to win with that old style. I guess the answer is in between.

  • Lowkickdodger

    Yeah i would excuse him for the first round cause obviously Ramp is fresh and could knock him out soundless but round 2 he gotta go and hope Ramp’s power is a lil reduced.

    On Round 3, it was too late, he did try to finish but was tired too. He made a bad technical mistake on that arm bar and could have finished.

  • Joey Santosus

    Exactly, and the judging criteria has not changed. People seem to pick their winner based on how they think the judging SHOULD be, but until those changes are made officially, fighters are being robbed. I had Machida 2-1.

  • sleepy

    i thought machida won this fight. he won round 1 and clearly round 3..

  • GnPGorilla

    Machida was the most effective in that fight. Rampage kept the pressure, but there only two moments that he had anything significant; the two punch combo and the takedown. What Rampage did couldn’t adequately compare to what Machida did.

    We’re all familiar with Machida’s style (at least those who appreciate the art) so we know he doesn’t go in there and just bang, nor is he gonna stand in one place and wait to get knocked the f*ck out (especially for rampage), he fights with intelligence, something you dumb f*ucks lack,I’m talking about those who don’t appreciate different, but effective arts. He’s also a strategic opportunitist, because he waits for the perfect opportunity, the best possible opening in order to unleash an a effective combo that will either put his opponents out (rashad, thiago) or stand as a more significant attack than the opponents (shogun, rampage)…

    Minor setback for Machida, but he’ll come around again, and his era will last longer.

  • Mohawkblue

    Machida respected Rampage too much in the first two rounds. Easy rematch win for Machida.



  • Mohawkblue

    No. That’s not how Machida used to fight – NOT AT ALL. since Rua 1, Machida has been clinching more and wrestling more and it’s killing his overall performance.

  • MVP

    His style lost it for him.

  • GnPGorilla

    It wasn’t his style that lost for him, he was never in danger, rampage was at several moments at that. Machida’s style kept him out of danger. Why Machida lost? Because ignorance of the judges, as usual. It disappointments me that a lot of others felt the same way, but to each his/her own.
    IMO, the fight was good. It kept me at the edge of my seat, because I knew anything could’ve happened. It’s the anticipation. That “anything could’ve happened” only came from Machida, though.

  • partyboy

    explain how machida won round 2

  • falcon4917

    I dissagree too, I went into round 3 thinking Rampage has this if he maintains what he’s doing in R1 and R2, then Round 3 had me thinking Machida won and I forgot about 1 and 2 because they were a lot closer. I would have loved this to be 5 rounds as it was an indecisive fight altogether.

  • Red

    Are you high? stop hugging machidas nutts and leave your biased point of view aside.

    Machida looked like he won the fight because he completely dominated the 3rd round. Sadly, that was a 3 round fight and rampage CLEARLY won the first 2 rounds. I honestly do not remember machida throwing anything more than a few kicks in the first 2 rounds and I’m sure the judges took notice.

  • mma420

    This fight was a lot closer than people think Rampage took 1 and 2 by a small margin and Machida took round 3 decisively but in the end both fighters looked like they had fought an even match and it could have gone either way

  • ThaSpider420

    like dana white say’s DONT LEAVE IT IN THE HANDS OF THE JUDGES….so props to rampage for getting tha w

  • GnPGorilla

    You’re the epitome of the ignorant “dumb f*ucks” I was referring to.

    The fight could’ve gone either way or a draw, for that matter, but I was simply stating facts. You sound like somebody’s nut hugger with the manner you wrote that comment. If those rounds were 10-9 for rampage, then at least reward the 3rd 10-8 to Machida, for that utter dominance, the only significance in the whole fight.

  • Tincash

    lol 1 and 2 huh….wow buddy!

  • Tincash

    How did he win round one?? By landing four leg kicks and then gettin socked up and wore down in the clinch? Get yo mind rite son!

  • Tincash

    Maybe if he got points for backing away…..

  • Tincash

    It was his style! dont lie to yourself GnP. Maybe if Machida had a more aggressive “STYLE”, He would have won rounds 1 and 2. key word is STYLE! Machida cant knock out jackson so the only thing he could do was out point jackson by avoiding him or submit him. Thats not “anything” in most peoples books.

  • Tincash

    You cant win a 3 round fight when u lose 2 of them. You should try using something called…hmmm…. maybe math to figure that one out “dumb F*ck”!

  • Tincash

    He took a little longer than 15 mins to find the perfect opportunity…intelligence didn’t win him shit this time! If you ask me, thats 3 loses in a row! Was the machida era even up and running after his controversial title defense over shogun(which he lost)? At least Page had a great 5 round battle with dan henderson which he clearly won and thats more than Machida ever did with the belt. And he got Ko’ed to lose the belt instead of a 5 round decision loss. His karate kid shit was played out before he even got into the octagon.

  • Tincash

    Put that foe on a prelim or something!

  • GnPGorilla

    Hey tinf*uck, if I said 10-9, 10-9 for rampage, and then 10-8 for Machida, wouldn’t that mean I suggested it should’ve been a draw (atleast that would’ve been just) and not a win?? You proved you’re an ignorant dumb f*uck…check my comment and math, ya dumb f*uck.

    Couple of rampage nut suckers who show disdain for my opinion, what a shocker.

  • GnPGorilla

    Tin, obviously you dislike Machida and his style. I can honestly say that I like both fighters, and I merely expressed my opinion on the conclusion of the fight and who I thought should’ve won. You on the other hand, are showing that you’re ignorant and biased, which is not a combination.

  • GnPGorilla

    * not a good combination.

  • movescamp

    All I gotta say us fight metric has it even in a ten point system and machida winning by effective striking in a more realistic fight scoring system. It’s funny how rampage did so awesome to you nut huggers but machida sucked? It was a close fight a draw. Doesn’t that mean they pretty much faired the same. Henderson is not close to the caliber of shogun and rampage will be hanging off the ropes again (or crumpled up against the cage) when he fights him. It’s a dumb style that leads to injury. Just act chuck, Tito, shogun, or wanderlei, but you dumb asses want blood like a Fn ceasar.

  • partyboy

    it was never 10-8 machida man…10-8s are a rare occurence nd the third round certainly didnt merit one