Lyoto Machida says Rampage Jackson is "an ideal opponent"

  • mmauk

    can’t wait for this 1 from what i can gather alot of people have been writing Rampage off and i’m sure he’ll be the underdog in the lowpicks Rampage will hand Machida another loss by tko for me.

  • grapplure

    rampage will play into machidas style, machida will be elusive and pick his shots from the outside, rampage needs to take it to the ground

  • BigNog22

    rampage needs only one shot to the jaw and that fight is over.


    Rampage is just to slow for Machida. Unless he lands a solid shot, Rampage is gonna be in trouble.

  • japanegro23

    It will be interesting to see if Machida has the power to knockout Rampage. I don’t think he can. Rampage has always been good at blocking strikes anyways. I’m taking Rampage all day. Lets go STREET SOLDIER!!!!

  • IChokePeople

    Machida by second round TKO

  • 1878

    He is so humble in defeat and victory wish all fighters were like this he even put Shogun ahead of himself in the rankings love Shogun but hope Lyoto comes back with a bang hes great to watch and was a great champion.

    Rampage v Machida is an interesting fight because I think Machida is a better fighter but Rampage’s hook either hand can win any fight + Ive heard people saying Rampage needs to take it to the floor but Machida has a good ground game hes a BJJ Black Belt so its interesting defiently watching this fight.

    … I’ll go Machida either decision or submission cant see him Knocking Rampage out if hes does though wow thats impressive…


  • mmauk

    What you say is true, yet your comment is getting weaked WHY ?

  • mmauk

    Machida is not easy to take down courtesy of his sumo training. Looking at the weaks i got proves my point and i’m sure Machida will be favorite in the lowpicks which i’m not doing to badly at by the way Rampage not being favorite doesn’t surprise me people were on here couple months ago saying Rampage was dogging Machida and saying Rampage is done Rampage will surprise people and win imo so keep the wekas up it’s all good.

  • mmauk

    hmm interesting yet again another pro Rampage comment gets weaked.

  • WeedLoveMMA

    i am a huge fan of both fighters but the way i see it lyoto had a speed advantage over rashad and gayshad showed he was much faster than rampage so im going to have to give this to lyoto but still cant count rampage out cuz 1 shot from him and it could all be over

  • DeadlyIntentions93

    Remember Rampage is a wrestler not a boxer.

  • japanegro23

    A lot of people hate Rampage around here. That’s just how it’s going to be man. I don’t think they like “ghetto.” That’s just my opinion.

  • Ninja

    I’m also going for Rampage in this one, I think he going to do alot better in this fight because he won’t have to fear getting taken down alot, Rampage should try to cut the cage off and trap Machida and if he does that I can see him knocking out Machida

  • Hit2Hurt

    That is true, i didn’t give any of the weaks but I suppose the same goes for Machida. One good shot on anyone’s button will make them go down.

  • HugeCleavage

    people hate rampage cuz hes a big mouth talker + he was a d!ck in tuf 10. if you watch the primetime to ufc 114 you will see him screaming to one of his own teamates and say get the fck out of here. i dont know about you guys but i dont think thats cool you hate rashad fine no need to scream to your teamates.

  • Mohawkblue

    I think fear of being KO’d like Rashad will motivate Rampage to his best training camp in years. Plus he’s not 255lbs coming off a movie shoot (his rumored weight). I don’t think he’ll win, but it will likely be a decision.
    Machida will have to demonstrate new aggression to earn another quick title shot. if not he’ll have to face Frankiln/ and or Forrest next.
    I hope he doesn’t get too aggressive, I don’t want him to feel pressure to finish, rush in and get caught …

  • gameon

    well i like both fighters, but in this match machida is gona win for sure he is training with anderson silva and some wrestlers this is new modified toughest and very dangerous machida we will see in the octagon….

  • Madnessstill

    Rampage is a great fighter and i like him, but machida is the next step in evolution of the sport. Machida represents a reality where brute force,muay thai and BJJ just aren’t enough anymore. Other martial arts are starting to step up and there is much more to consider than “check kick, sprawl,swing”

    Now it’s becoming a thinking mans game as fighters who expected to trade hits like brawlers get left behind by strategic fighters who won’t be pressured by an ignorant and bloodthirsty crowd

    rampage needs to become speedier, and like rashad he needs to diversify his attack with some different strikes.

  • capjo

    This is going to be a rough way back for Jackson after a loss to Rashad. I think he should have taken and lil easier opponent only to shake off the rust and get his head back into the winning frame of mind.

    We will see.

  • BlueClearSky

    Machida will coming back stronger ever

  • juryson

    We’ll get to see how Machida’s mental game is after losing.

  • bluntsandbeers

    weak me please.

  • bradster

    It’s funny how people hate on Rampage this dude is imo the most entertaining fighter out there. His funny man I just don’t get how people don’t get this dude yeah he has his dumb ass moments but those are easily eclipsed by his entertainment value don’t know how people take offense to him and hate him. His mass appeal is acknowleded I mean UFC even just launced a dvd showcasing all his fights – his a major draw and PPV seller and comes 2nd to only Lesnar I would think as Lesnar still has his WWE following. His fighting style generally is to be the agressor and takes risks ie he goes in with the metality I have the utmost respect for and that attitude is present in guys like Wanderlei, Shogun, Leben…they go out to either get Ko’d or to KO someone and NOT just to edge the win. Too many fighters nowadays have lost the spirit of combat and rely on the point system to get them through as a safety measure. Problem is the model behind the UFC and it’s a very unforgiving model where if you lose even once you automatically get dropped quite a distance down the chain and from their its a struggle to regain a title spot. You can see fighters acknowledge this model I mean look at Evans he completely changed to safe mode fighting and pretty much bypassed his stand up in favour of wrestling…I expect him to fight like that against Shogun and if he wins continue that style on a title defense cause he knows its a winnning formula…he looks at GSP and sees where it got him…Evans is smart he will employ a strategy that works at the expense of excitement of stand up…yet he has great standup with 1 shot KO power and thats a rarity in the sport

  • colktfo

    dude ur writing my next research paper for school.

  • UrHype

    Why does everyone respond to Rampage vs machida, then the next day another new thread of Rampage vs machida and everyone has said the same shi t all over again. I looked to try to remember what I replied, then notice like many times, its just another copy thread.

  • UrHype

    I pitty the fool

  • MMAnalyst

    Rampage shows too little movement, he made Rashad look like Spiderman in their last fight… and while Rashad IS quick, Machida is quicker and a better striker.

    Has Rampage ever thrown a kick? If Machida only has to worry about hay-makers he will have an easy night…

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    Evans doesnt have excellent stand up. he has good stand up but the jellyfish movement i guess can hypnotize you into thinking he has excellent…he has good stand up and he can punch really hard but i think he can get tko’s not one punch ko. He got it on Liddel but liddel has the chin of an infant nowadays. If rashad had excellent stand up then why did Forrest pick him apart in their fight? Rashad just caught Forrest…..Rashad=B, Forrest=B+(no ko power prevents it from being an A-), AS=A

  • DKMcGrath

    Yeah Rampage will be picked apart much like Tito.

  • HunterB

    stfu you get weaked because you whine like a little bitch boy

  • HunterB

    sometimes i wish these superfights would be put to 5 rounds instead of just 3

  • HunterB

    rampage will throw low kicks but i dont think he has ever intended it to cause damage, just a distraction to close the distance or set up for a hand combo