Lil’ Nog plans to make Bader stand with him at UFC 119

UFC light heavyweight and former Pride veteran Antonio Rogerio Nogueira recently revealed that he plans to keep the fight standing when he meets the undefeated division prospect Ryan Bader at UFC 119.

Speaking via Tatame Magazine, Nogueira explained his strategy heading into the bout, “I have not seen many of his fights, the UFC has taken the videos off the internet, but from what I saw, the guy has good wrestling and tries to take you down then work the ground and pound. He should arrive in very good physical condition and he is too damn strong! It is a fight that probably will last the distance.  I have to train everything, I have to train all situations because we do not know what he will do. We want to stand and not take it down, I will not pull guard and I will fight on foot, so then have to train everything: boxing, Muay Thai, some kicks and defenses to prevent his wrestling entries. It is very complicated.”

Rogerio was last seen in action at UFC 114, where he came away with a razor-thin split decision victory over Jason Brilz.  As a late replacement for an injured Forrest Griffin, Brilz was a heavy underdog coming into the match-up.  However, the bout turned out to be much more closely contended then expected.  

“It was a hard struggle, I have respect for him, he was well conditioned… It was not my best night, but I tried my best … So much that was considered the best fight of the night,” Nogueira said.

While Rogerio’s light heavyweight showdown with Bader will serve as the co-main event, UFC 119 was originally set to be headlined by the rematch between the heavier of the Nogueira brothers, Antonio Rodrigo, and former heavyweight champion Frank Mir.  However, recent reports have stated that Rodrigo has been forced to withdrawal from the match-up due to a hip injury suffered during training and will be replaced by Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic.  UFC 119 will go down September 25th from the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • 51JD51

    Lmao “I have not seen many of his fights, the UFC has taken the videos off the internet” have the Nogueira brothers heard of Google search?

  • Anwar

    Yeah I loled when I read that! I can give Noguera my eamil, I’ll send him all the videos he needs :)
    And what??? Crocop to replace Nog, Noway!!! Poor watched up crocop will be destroyed by Mir.

  • TheRealDeal

    I’m sure the UFC happily supplies all fighters with any UFC fighter footage they need for training for a particular fight…..

  • KoscheckFanBoy

    Bader is a vicious wrestler, he will take lil nog to the mat at will and do some nice pounding right there.


    Why wouldn’t a BJJ expert like Lil Nog not want the fight to go to the mat?

  • bluntsandbeers

    because lil nog is has great hands, boxing experience and serious power..

  • KoscheckFanBoy

    MAMBA24ILL haven’t you watched TUF season 8? Does Vinny Magalhães ring any bells? World class BJJ guy and in the face of Ryan Bader he rather took his chances on his feet, which got him KTFO.

    As I’ve heard it many times before: a good BJJ guy will always win an average wrestler, but a really good wrestler (such as Bader) will always be a serious threat for any BJJ guy. So, Lil Nog knows it’s best for him to stand and trade than to risk it on the ground right

  • sickb

    if not, i think he earns enough money to buy the fights

  • Spyridon

    Difference is Vin was not known for his standup, he was primarily BJJ.

    Lil Nog is known for his stand up even more than his BJJ, which is nothing to frown upon.

  • TheRealDeal

    Difference was Vin had NO standup whatsoever, and was all BJJ.

  • Kimbogetup

    i dont like this guy
    for a couple of reasons
    if he think he can stand with bader hes bugging
    he lost to jason brillz
    and because he trains with anderson silva
    I WANT BLOOD!!!!1

  • japanegro23

    From what I’ve seen lately, no one can stop a good wrestler from taking it to the ground. I think Bader will win.

  • HugeCleavage

    He lost to jason brilz who is a good wrestler. what do you think Will happen if lil nog meet a guy who is a great wrestler with way more well rounded skillz then Brilz.

  • mma420

    lil nog by UD

  • juryson

    Cro Cop’s got as good a chance as Big Nog, besides frank getting his brains disintergrated by Lesnar, then Carwin? Cro Cop can knock him out quicker than Nog.

  • D

    It doesn’t seem like the worst investment.

  • BlueClearSky

    Don’t matter what Bader win pulls off this match and Frank wonna win as well.imo

  • Accyfist

    Bader’s still kind of an unknown for me. I’ve known him since Tuff…er 7 was it? And he dominated Jardine (who’s sorry to say washed up not to take anything away from Bader) to his credit so I think Nog is right to be wary of what he’ll do. Lil Nog always prefered stand up anyway, he’s just good at ju jitsu when he wants to be. This’ll be a real test for Bader but I have to predict it’ll be one step too far and Nog’ll teach him what it’s like to be in their with a top dog, Bader’ll learn a lot from this fight and improve. Nog by pretty hard fought TKO in R2 or 3.

  • bluntsandbeers

    lmaoo.. listen to this un educated mma fan. i respect that you watch the sport now but you have to realize who lil nog is. search up his previous fights, this guy is one of the most dangerous LHW in the world. bader better not stand with him, lil nog has to much boxing experiance to get caught with the big hooks. bader has a bright future but it doesnt start by beating lil nog.

  • bluntsandbeers

    i get frustrated when people write off some of the mot talented fighters in the world after 1 bad outing.

  • ian

    i hope bader beats him, didnt like his fight against brillz, bader is tighter

  • DoubleLegTakedown

    i guess im an uneducated mma fan too bcuz i actually think Bader has a great chance of winning this fight. standing up i’ll give it to lil nog. His boxing is great. Although Bader does have KO power, i feel he should try and use his superior wrestling. if he can do that and avoid the submissions he can pull off the win.

  • Kimbogetup

    yo bro your obviously a band wagon rider
    i know who he is GARBAGE
    so BADER has no chance to stand up with this guy
    did you see brillz vs NOG
    your right his future should start with Brilllz someone who they ****ed
    im sure you were saying the same shit wen big nog fought cain