King Mo predicts a victory for James Toney at UFC 118

  • ston3pony

    The #1 and #2 most illiterate sounding guys in MMA. Toney is funny at least.

  • ston3pony

    Isn’t that the chick from Junkyard Wars? Hot…

  • nightmonkey17

    Haha King Mo is one ugly mother****er.

  • TheRealDeal

    If Toney submitted King Mo then King Mo better get his a** in gear and train a little harder, unless Toney is simply the fastest learner and greatest student of MMA in history.

  • TheRealDeal

    What a ton of pressure Couture has now to make a complete example out of Toney.

  • falcon4917

    If Toney is good enough to submit Mo it actually makes me think he has a chance although Randy is not a guy to be submitted especially after his fight with Nog. I am willing to believe that Toney has a decent chance if he was able to get the better of Mo on more than one occasion. That does surprise me about him submitting Mo though.

  • mmauk

    Dana made a mistake in choosing Randy imo. sure if he takes Toney down he’ll own him but on he feet he will be in trouble big trouble coz Toneys hand skills are no joke. I hope Randy’s wins coz if he looses i can see people like Arum and Hopkins talking shit and the media will continue the boxing v mma thing but a lot more ammo for the boxing community

  • HunterB

    cmon Mo, you were starting to not sound like such a douchebag in your last few interviews

  • HunterB

    the boxing mma debate will never cease to exist

  • YoMama

    Randy is a great fighter though… His stand up has evolved tremendously and I think it will get him by in order to get Toney to the ground!

  • falcon4917

    I hope he wins but I actually am concerned a little just by what Mo said because if he can say stuff Randy even a couple of times it could go very badly quickly for the legend. I still say Randy will win but I am wondering if what Mo is saying is legit or once in 20 tries.

  • mma420

    couture better watch out

  • JP86

    Or Mo was told to let him submit him…must of been “Let toney win one” Day at the gym!!! Doubt this makes it out of the first round…RC all day

  • mmauk

    Hope your right strange things have been happening this year in mma Fedor loosing to Werdum (which i predicted) Frankie Edgar winning the LW belt without really doing much(no disrespect to Edgar) and i was seriously thinking about picking Sonnen to beat Silva. to be honest if i lived in the US depending on how much of a favorite Randy is i’d have to put money on Toney. If P.Thiago can knock out Koscheck Toney can knock out Randy

  • bluntsandbeers

    toney doesnt have anywhere near to what it takes to hang with couture all he has to do is close the distance. and couture has dealt with strikers around toneys calibar before like Tim slyvia, Lidell, Belfort, Vera, and Gonzaga. couture can hang with anybody

  • D

    James Toney’s voice = King Mo’s in 10 years.

  • LowkickDick

    “couture has dealt with strikers around toneys calibar before like Tim slyvia” You have got to be shiting me?

  • LowkickDick

    I would not take anything these two say too seriously. Team mates always talk up their boys.

    In an interview with Areil H, Toney said that he caught Mo in a rear naked choke after thinking about it for a while. Now Mo says it was a standing guillotine? Either someone is lying or they have no idea what they are talking about.

  • Dabs

    Are you female? Otherwise I cannot see how this would concern you?!