Jon Jones defeats Ryan Bader, gets UFC Light Heavyweight TItle Shot

UFC Light Heavyweight attraction Jon “Bones” Jones continued his impressive run in the UFC, this time defeating Ryan Bader via a modified Guillotine Choke. Jones dominated the talented wrestler in Bader with a complete ground control, boxing and leg kicks, making another statement about his legitimacy as one of top fighters in the UFC Light Heavyweight division.

Ryan Bader did not take Jon Jones down even once, what was originally considered as one of the most important aspects of his gameplan. Instead, Bader was forced to stand with Jones, who enjoyed a significant reach advantage. It was a Checkmate at 4:20 minutes of Round 2, when Jon Jones applied a tight Guillotine Choke from the top, as Ryan Bader tapped out for the first time in his MMA career.

Key moment came in after the fight, when the UFC Color Commentator Joe Rogan announced that Rashad Evans is injured, and that UFC President Dana White wants to give Jon Jones a shot at Shogun Rua’s Light Heavyweight title. The fight will go down in just one month on March 19th, headlining the stacked UFC 128 fight card.

Stay tuned to for more info on Rashad Evans’s injury, and the decision behind awarding Jon Jones a title shot.

  • newportsb

    I would like to see Jones fight one more time before title shot…

  • BigNog22

    Rashad stupidly backfires to his ass, rofl. He clearly should have stay active,but I’m so freaking happy for that matchup.

    he will see how great jon jones is.

  • WingChun

    I’ve thought it from the first time I saw him fight, he’s amazing; like no one else. I picked him tonight. And I’ll pick him against Shogun; no disrespect to Rua.

  • BigNog22

    Shogun is a giant step up,but i think jon jones is more dangerous and exciting than “splanda” rashad.

  • evilways

    This fight will show how good Jon Jones is.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    J Bones J made Bader look so easy…

  • Scrappler

    Jesus Christ can anybody beat him? lol. He fights like an alien from a different planet.

  • codemaster

    What a fight!

    Jones dominated Bader.

    John Jones vs. Shogun!!!!

    That is a fight I want to see before Rashad vs. Shogun.

    My only quibble is that with a reach of 84 inches, I wish Jones would use his jab more frequently.

    I am pumped for the Shogun fight now.

  • SavOnDeck

    just like how hE did everyonE else and thats how he’s gonna shogun

  • Ninja

    Jones is a beast…he just ran through Bader who is a legit contender imo….Jones vs Shogun is going to sick, but going with Shogun in that hopefully its still going down on UFC 128 which is just a month away

  • Ninja

    Ya i no….Evans could have fought inbetween Shogun lay off but now hes going to out of action for like a yr n a half and when he comes bck he’s prolly going to hve to fight someone before getting a title shot

  • griffin

    128 is gonna be STACKED! Cro cop & shogun wat more can you ask for

  • EnsonInoue

    great perdormance by bones. That being said i still like Shogun in their match up, people will disect it for months to come and say all sorts of things but hey ya never know cause its a fight and i have a lot of respect for Jones and his freak athlete body but in my oppinion shogun will win by tko.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Shogun is my 3rd favorite fighter, but I don’t see him beating Jon Bones Jones…Did we see the look on Shogun’s face after he found out that he was going to fight Jon B Jones ? Priceless lol….


    You from the VALLEY JOE HUH

  • Shogun

    shogun has a lot of experience and is dangerous both on the feet and on the ground .. he has fought long and lanky guys before like overeem in pride and won … but jones is extremely good in wrestling and controlling people on the bottom .. so i hope that shogun trains his wrestling .. im kinda scared for shogun

  • Superzorro

    What chart? There’s just domination in bold, italicised, underlined text.

    Anyway, Jones and Shogun will be purdy good. I’m for Shogun, even though Jones is awesome. Shogun’s gotta’ keep it goin’ with tha’ strikes. If he gets taken down, he won’t do well. That’s for sure.
    But, I’m getting the vibe I felt when Lesnar and Velasquez. It seems we’re getting a bunch of new champs. I dunno’.

  • Dabs

    This fight will show how good Jones is!? He just ran through everyone put him front of him including vets like Vlad, Hammill and Bonnar. He has just beaten the man that beat little Nog!! He is deceptively strong for his wirey frame and has freakish reach and amazing skills as well as a good pyschological game. He is composed and the only other fighter I can see having as much dominance (not in terms of winning but running through opponents) as Anderson and GSP…

  • codemaster

    I know–I like both Shogun and Jones.

    I will be happy/sad whoever wins.

  • codemaster

    If Jones is champ, then Rashad won’t fight him. Rashad is double-f*cked

  • Pride4Ever

    yea i agree. he needs to fight one more top guy before getting a shot.
    rampage? forrest ? i dnno, seems little premature to me.

  • 702BOXX

    Darnit! i dont wanna see shogun get controlled like that!!

  • 702BOXX

    i know my heart says shogun, but my brain says jones :/

  • rex

    Jones does it with strategy, he turns his defense into an arsenal of weapons, i got a lot of respect for Shogun but Jones has natural instinct, he is the real thing. JONES all the way baby!

  • dutch_striker

    What if Rashad wins the title ? Which is most unlikely, but knowing that Jones and Rashad are “mates” what will be their move.

  • dutch_striker

    My bad, I misunderstood the last statement in the article…

  • TheEnforcer

    little premature? so brock gettin a title shot after 2 fights and losing one of them isnt premature? vitor coming back beats rich franklin and gets title shot isnt premature? and you say jon jones who has won 8 straight fights in ufc is premature? what planet are you on?

  • TheEnforcer

    one thing im sure about dis fight is shogun will inflict pain on jones and test him im going with shogun cause its 5 rounds and i think jones is good but going with shogun on dis one, shoguns ground and pound is not of this world

  • Rafael_Roberto

    Man I didnt find out Rashad was injured until after the fight so I was surprised, and Jones deserved that title shot.

  • movescamp

    Jones will get his ass beat. He hasn’t been really tested. They should have gave him griffen or rampage first. I repeat he will be destroyed. He has not fought anyone in the top 15 yet. It’s one ring to in through rookies. Another to fight people in te top ten. Go ahead weak me. Just like you weak me for saying silva will destroy Belford.

  • GeorgeRuetiger

    Who the hell is gonna fight Shogun then?? WEAK buddy. Jones has proved enough, enough with this grooming, skeptical bullshit, the man is ready and Shogun has I think the biggest challenge of his career on March 19th

  • SavOnDeck

    im from east oakland

  • HEmm0

    It depends a lot that what kind of Shogun comes in to the fight. If it is same Shogun who dominated&KO;´d Machida, then Shogun will leave no doupt that he is best LHW there is.

  • evilways

    He hasn’t fought a veteran like shogun, You’ll see

  • evilways

    Don’t be scared Homie.

  • GracieHunter0718

    I am a huge Bader fan but Jones came to show he was legit, and he is. Next LHW Champ.

  • TheRealDeal

    Hey, you Bone’s doubters on board yet? Say hello to the next LHW champ, Mr. Jon Jones.

  • lionkill

    good fight, picked jones to win didn’t expect a sub even if it was a gillotine.

    i think people are strangely counting out Rua, the only advatages Jones will have in the match up are in the height/reach and a slight edge in the wrestling. Rua has very high level bjj and kickboxing.

    i think this fight is far more competitive than Rua v Evans as that fight would have ended with Rua winning via tko/ko/sub or by rashad stalling out the match and winnning off a few takedowns.

    i see this fighting ending with Rua winning via tko due to damage to the body, broken ribs,bruised kidney or liver. Rua has a vast advantage in the stand up and i think he will expose jones a little bit, Jones is the future but the future isn’t now