John Fitch: Winning fights or winning fans?

  • UrHype

    Might wanna PM Fitch with that question, but I think hes doing his best in a tough class.

  • japanegro23

    He can’t worry about the fans. He has to go out and win. That’s it. It’s not always as entertaining for us but he has to do what he has to do.

  • MMAeveryDay

    The WW Champ has the same style, along with half of the UFC fighters in all. If you believe in MMA as a “sport”, it should be about winning and if people aren’t entertained by that (being true MMA), they’re watching the wrong sport. Fight your fight!

  • LowkickDick

    I didn’t really enjoy the Fitch fight but there are a lot of stand up battles that have made me yawn as well. Fights that go to the ground can be very exciting. The Sonnen/Silva fight is a great example. I think the issue here is that Fitch is predictable. Its hard to watch the same fights over and over just like it is to watch a movie that you’ve seen 22 times.

  • D

    He’s predictable… and yet nobody not named GSP has been able to stop his game. There’s something very impressive about that.

  • David Saucier

    I think he needs to keep winning its a path to the title, but not the fastest in his case. Maybe changing something in his style that might benefit his title shot chances as he has stepped over more than once for more exciting fighters that bring a larger fan base to fight GSP for the title.

  • bluntsandbeers

    thanks for reading and giving opinons

  • BigNog22

    fitch doesn’t have to please anyone,they can say: oh i payed $50 and i watching a guy lay n pray”,them don’t freaking watch him. U didn’t pay ur money to see one guy fight damn it. I think people love to hate on fitch,cause he’s winning by using his best strength and nobody aside the champ can stop him.

  • Shanoo

    Fitch does what GSP does way better


    The guy needs to add stuff to his game so that maybe he can finally finish a fight & not always win via lay & pray. That stuffs boring. MMA fans want to see excitement.

  • partyboy

    hes already paying the penalty, he needed to win 8 fights to get a title shot the first time and hes won 5 fights against top competition since then and hes still not guaranteed anything….personally i love fitch and i felt that he was tryin to finish alves in that fight (remember gsp couldnt finish alves on the ground either)

  • LowkickDick

    I guess the same can be said for GSP as well.

  • jon

    I agree his style isnt the most exciting to watch, but hey if his opponents can stop it(and they know lay n’ pray is coming) than that just proves how good he really is at implementing his game. And anyways, the diversity in everyones style is what makes matchups interesting in the first place…