Greg Jackson talks Jon Jones vs. Shogun Rua, Georges St. Pierre vs. Jake Shields

  • Osnizzle

    You gotta admit he does have alot of star power in his camp. how much titles all time would he have under him if Bones wins

  • garry_blackbelt

    jackson… years ago i had met ! very respectful man !

  • dattebayou

    this guy is like the freddie roach of mma! hehe

  • MD777

    A great smart man.imo

  • Daniel Cassidy

    one thing i like most about Greg is the fact he corners each fighter. It must really make a fighter feel at home with a coach like that

  • Kings_Of_Metal

    What a good gameplan he did for Sanchez in his last figt !

  • movescamp

    How can people talk smack a about this guy? Wish he could train Dana White on public speaking.

  • fllc

    the only thing that I’m not agree with him is about teammates fighting each other. There is a limit to that, example, Shogun decided to train with then, we would never see great matchups like shogun-jones or shogun rashad, and so on with gsp, diego, etc…

  • JTalbain

    I can see that being written into the contracts eventually so the UFC has a little bit more control. Something along the lines of: “Well you can have a 2 fight contract at $50,000 a fight and the right to turn down any fight for any reason, or you can have a 3 fight contract at $65,000 a fight, but you only get to turn down one match-up.” Greg Jackson doesn’t have any say in contract negotiation, so it would be a way to bypass his “no infighting” rule. I’m not sure who Dana White would direct it at first though: Greg Jackson’s Gym, or the Welterweight Trio from AKA.