Gray Maynard prepares for trilogy fight with Frankie Edgar at UFC 136


    & 3:20

  • terra2805

    another hard fight to call because they both showed they’re capable of beating the other guy. Edgar probably has the better boxing but Maynard definately has the bigger power. If Edgar can stay out of the way of Maynards power, getting in and out with his boxing before Maynard can counter, or if he can take him down he has a good chance. If Maynard can land that KO punch then obviously that changes everything and it will be a short night for Frankie, or if Gray can get Frankie on his back then he has an equally good chance of taking the ‘w’. Personally i think Frankie will win this time around, he knows what to expect from Gray now but you never know……..

  • kalmander

    this video is him preparing the last edgar fight …or he says excatly the same things that last time word to word… Ps. Maynard could train some kicking sometimes

  • KeithFarrell

    I like Gray he seems like a cool chiled guy, I could imagine he just wants to relax with a couple of beers after a fight.

  • Joey Santosus

    Uhh… No.