Gray Maynard on Pettis: He throws one kick and then he’s the Greatest in the World?

“I mean, who has he fought? I’ve been in the trenches this whole time fighting the toughest guys. He throws one kick and then he’s the greatest in the world? Let’s look at who he’s fought. Ben Henderson is the best name. And I don’t mind fighting him; I don’t care if I win the belt and then I have to take him on. But for me, guys like Miller, Melendez and all of these guys who have been on the f***ing grind, fighting the best competition for the past few years… that’s what I look at. Who have you fought? I don’t care about how good you looked when you fought a scrub. That doesn’t matter. If a guy isn’t good then you’re not supposed to look good. And for me, [Pettis] has fought one good guy in Ben, and he isn’t proven yet. He’s tough as hell, but we’ll see.”

Before getting his shot at the title, Gray Maynard victimized at least four Top 10 UFC Lightweights in Roger Huerta, Jim Miller, Nate Diaz and Kenny Florian. Anthony Pettis was originally scheduled to face the winner of UFC 125 Edgar vs. Maynard showdown, but instead, the last WEC Lightweight Champion will have to prove his worth against the relentless Clay Guida at TUF 13 Finale event. Anthony Pettis is currently 13-1 in his MMA career, losing only to Bart Palaszewski via a Split Decision.

Photo: Gray Maynard, left, fights Jim Miller during UFC 96 at the Nationwide Arena on March 7, 2009 in Columbus, OH. Francis Specker

  • ian


  • stevenl7

    agreed….but he wont b fighting pettis cuz frankie is gonna beat him

  • TheRealDeal

    Slow down Maynard, you haven’t won anything yet.

  • azzkika

    Actually he is currently 1-1-0 against the best LW on the planet. He raises a valid point about one performance being held in higher regard than a resume which he is right to point out.

  • Angeles0

    Call him what you want…but he is just stating the truth!!!

  • IGMBurninPiff

    like a ****head. you can state the truths without saying all that. I’m a Maynard fan but that wasn’t necessary. now I hope he Beats EdGar just so Pettis can kick his head into the 3rd row

  • Angeles0

    Lmao yea i agree he was sying it like pettis said something about him!!!

  • pound4pound

    He is hating on Pettis because he pull that chit in the 5th round to win the decision while we could not have anything going on his favor after the 1st round…

  • Spyridon

    Funny that Maynard is one to talk about fighting noone “proven as a contender” when only a year ago Maynard had no wins over anybody who was ever a contender.

    He had a win over Edgar back then of course, but that was years before Edgar was close to being a contender.

    Sounds like Maynard is getting a big head… aside from his past with Edgar he has only fought 1 person who was a title contender (Florian). Does that REALLY make him any better than Pettis (who beat Henderson)?

  • Spyridon

    You mean 1-0-1.

    And aside from beating Edgar years ago, Maynard too has 1 performance being held in higher regard (Florian)

  • HugeCleavage

    Maynard does have a point. pettis is way overated he is like top 5 or somthing just for that kick.

  • Lokkey

    Frankie isn’t gonna do the same mistake and try to stand and bang. And Frankie vs Pettis is the fight i wanna see!

  • japanegro23

    Maynard has a point but Pettis is on the rise and everyone can see his potential. I think his situation is similar to Bones’ recent rise. Gray is also downplaying how big that win vs Bendo was.

  • WingChun

    Maybe a better way to look at this might be to flip it around. Could Maynard (and I’m a GM fan) pull off the same move and not in some demonstration, but in an actual fight?

    Also – one has to take into consideration the entirely of the move executed. To simply call what Pettis did a “kick” is understated to say the least. There is no other kick to compare it to; it is that singular. It was a multi-dimensional and fluid wall-walking, lunging, spinning, landing on your feet smoothly kick. Might others do it now? Given an opportunity, I guess, but first, they had to be shown the move and secondly that it would actually work in a fight; Pettis did both.

    As well – lets consider the speed at which AP went from seeing an opportunity and executing it. Really consider this for a second, he had to think to himself…man, if I run up the cage, turn and spin with my leg extended, I can catch him in the head, while he’s moving away. That is some very quick, on your feet (no pun intended) thinking. The only other person in The UFC that I think could pull that move off in a fight and with the same speed of mental calculation, is 6’2″, hails from Brazil and is the current Middle-Weight Champion.

    As to AP only beating one good fighter (Henderson) – and look at what he did to him. What he did to Henderson doesn’t bode well for other good fighters, if he chewed up the first one that badly.

  • EdgFlo

    of course he pulled that “chit” in the 5th round, Henderson wasnt expecting nothing like that in those last couple seconds after fighting 4 rounds with him, and what you talking bout that was a good fight!

  • phacemon

    I think that’s just Maynard’s way of calling him out. He’s competitive and speaks his mind. There’s more than enough fighters in that division for him to think about though(regardles of if he becomes champion or not)

  • TheGoocH

    gotta say im with gray on this 1. the fight wasnt even that good appart from the kick and before that he wasnt well spoken of like he is today.

  • 7damia31

    he is just jealous because in one kick petis was a million times more entertaining then gaynard!

  • Earney

    Edgar is wil still be nr 1,

  • Rigo

    how can anyone agree with that stupid statement
    is not the the kick , is all Pettis skills overall .
    He beat Ben Henderson and Shane Roller who are not scrubs!
    Henderson is top 10 and Roller could be in too , hes fighting Melvin for a reason. Pettis has finish 3 out of his last 4 fights.

    As far as Maynard well he won his last 7 fights by Decision!
    2 out of the 7 are split Decisions , he only use wrestling to control Huerta, beat Miller who i am not buying the hype of him being Top 10, got a horrible fight with Nate Diaz who won who knows how by Split Decision , and use a bitch game plan vs Florian taking him down on the last min of every round after doing nothing the first 4 mins.

    Also saying his undefeated is a LIE! he lost in TUF 5 twice!
    he knock him self out vs Emerson and got Submit by Nate Diaz in teh second round. The only fight that Maynard has actually proved himself was vs Edgar and Edgar is a much smaller fighter!

    Can’t wait for Frankie to beat Maynard!
    and then see the unified title of the UFC vs WEC!

  • Ciaran_Den

    Its funny that Maynard is saying this because his last 9 fights were all decisions wins obviously apart from the Edgar fight …At least pettis is finishing guys well gray is just winning by lay and pray.Although i have to say his last fight was really exciting but his last 8 have been all boring decisions

  • jesse

    to say that fight wasnt that good besides the kick, shows that ur a complete uneducated fan who just likes to see people get knocked out. that whole fight was amazing.
    as for gray, he shouldnt be talkin shit about pettis when he couldnt even beat edgar, cuz i truly believe that pettis on another level than both of them. i would put any amount of money on pettis against either one


    @edub what you describe as a smart fighter is wrong, he just out score Florian by points thats not a fight but a contest , smart fighter does not fight into something is not a fight.
    Roller is to me Top 10-15 and one fight away from being top 10
    he submit Varner and KO Tavares in his UFC debut, hes a very legit win for Pettis. Winning is winnig yes but just because you win and win dosent make you the best in your division specially if all those “wins” are by Decisions that involved just out scoring your opponent by strategy and not by superior fighting in the fight.

  • pound4pound

    Really after the 1st Round you thought he had his way in any way or fashion he got outwrestled and outbox… He is mad because Pettis did something nobody seen before in a real MMA fight, the guy is hating either he would like the attention Pettis is receiving and he knows he won´t get it because he can´t pull things like that or he is scare of him…


    Gray can talk about anybody he wants, anyway he wants. I don’t care how long ago it was. He is the only person to beat the current champ, and only one of two people to beat Jim Miller. I like Pettis. He is a great showman. If he beats Guida (that’s a BIG if) then Maynard is going to smear him all across that octagon. Pettis is going to learn there is a huge of difference between WEC’s top ten, and the WORLD’S top ten.

  • codemaster

    Is Maynard jealouse and peeved?

    Sure he is. But what Maynard is forgetting is that fans reward risk-takers who succeed. Would any safe fighter risk it all in the 5th round of a title shot? It wasn’t just the kick, but the fact that it was performed at a crucial moment in the fight and it succeeded.

    I think it is good for the sport that fans and sponsors reward fighters who take risks and perform specatacular feats. Pettis’s kick, Silva’s kick, Machida’s kick–these are moments which will be remembered as long as a fan lives. But Gray Maynard defeating another opponent via ground-control will not be remembered.

  • D

    Maynard has faced a much higher level of competition than Pettis. That is an unarguable fact. He is undefeated, unlike Pettis.

    However, he is not nearly as exciting as Pettis, so he will probably never be as popular, and it will be harder for him to get title shots. That’s just the way it is.

  • sactownsgreatest

    alot of respect my respect for gray maynard just went down, anthony pettis is a great fighter and no way could gray maynard ever pull a kick like that, ben henderson is a tough dude he would tear up gray maynard


    I completely agree. Maynard will end up being the Jon Fitch of the LW division. All of the victories to prove he is a top fighter, but none of the respect from the MMA world. My opinion this is MMA. Not boxing, k-1, or wrestling. It’s a combination of all. I respect any fighter who takes on the best, and wins. No matter what their style is. Just my two cents.


    You know why Gray would never land that kick? BECAUSE THAT’S NOT HIS STYLE OF FIGHTING! THAT’S PETTIS’ WAY OF FIGHTING! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The kid is flashy, and he can actually scrap. Gray uses his wrestling, and top control to win. There is nothing wrong with that either. Gray is too strong for Pettis. ….. BTW Gray would stomp a hole in Henderson as well.

  • TarrantulaBdawg420

    what if Pettis throws another kick to Guidas dome and wins? Then you cant say shit Gaynard

  • Spyridon

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of all the fighters you named. But none of them have been in the mix for the championship (yet). They are definite prospects, but they have not reached that point yet.

    And considering Hendersons achievements/performances, he is around the same level (and surpassing some of) the fighters you mentioned.

    So considering Pettis took out Henderson, I still say Maynard is getting ahead of himself. If he is calling Ben Henderson a scrub, then everyone he fought but Florian and Edgar are scrubs too, no?

  • WorldStarCEO

    Yeah he’s most def. downplaying how big the Bendo win was… Henderson was on a 3 year rampage through the competition when Pettis took his belt !! Henderson was Ranked around 5/6 before he took that L. So yeah Pettis is Top 5 + Pettis is 13-1 (soon to be 14-1) in other words… Shut the F**K up Maynard…

  • WorldStarCEO

    I co-sign on that…. i also have to add.. no matter how u look at it.. Pettis is still 13-1 and even though he has not face “as many” tough opponents as Maynard. That does not mean he could not beat them if he did… Which takes me back to the allround skills he showcased when fighting Henderson who was Top 5/6 at the time. (not to mention he would’ve won that fight without the Showtime Kick! He was winning that fight).

  • WorldStarCEO

    Don’t be stupid…. there’s no way Gray will beat Henderson, quit smoking weed.. Henderson is no walk in the park, he is faster, has better striking. Gray has better wrestling credentials.. BUT… Henderson is a very good wrestler as well and his transitions are SMOOTH. Based on that I’d say Henderson has better MMA Wrestling than Gray… the only way i see Gray winning is laying on top of Hendo for 15 minutes (that’s if he can avoid being subbed… which is very likely to happen) on top of that Gray hasnt finished a fight in over 4 years.. he’s not likely to stomp a hole in ANY ONE…!

  • WorldStarCEO


  • kos77

    war maynard and ur trash talk! he telling the truth pettis has onlyfought 1 legit guy

  • Zadok83

    I don’t think Frankie Edgar is the best LW in the world. He has only beaten one guy (a washed up Penn) in over a year. He’s fought Gray Maynard twice and still hasn’t beaten him. How that makes him the best LW on the planet is beyond me.

    Back on topic, Maynard is being sour because he’s not as exciting or as skilled as Pettis. It’s the same argument people were using for Jon Jones before destroying Shogun; “He hasn’t beaten anybody”, etc. While I think Maynard will beat Edgar again, I don’t think either of them can defeat Pettis or Bendo.

  • TheGoocH

    ok chill out then.


    People just dont understand a gameplan is needed. MMA is a sport and for most people its a damn job!!! You dont go to your job and wonder away from what you know, u do what ur told and what your good at to get paid. I use to be mad when people grinded a match out for 3-5 rounds just to secure the W with points but then i realized he deserves it cause the other guy cant stop him.

  • computerjiujitsubb

    intelligent = boring
    maynard should realize that pettis is getting a shot at the UFC title cause he is a exiting fighter, he’s the WEC champ (did maynard forget he had to earn that belt by beating a champion), and he does spectacular things like running up the side of the cage jumping of and kicking ben hendersons head of his shoulders which fans (who are the ones purchasing these pay-per-view event and essentially putting money in these fighters pockets) want to see. maynard is boring nobody wants to spend 50 bucks on a pay-per-view event to see the fighter in the main event taking down his opponent and laying on top of him for 5 rounds and not doing any damage.

  • Bucky Power

    He may sound like an asshole but he is I believe makin a good

  • garry_blackbelt

    that was the kinda heart the kid got ! he did get lucky with that kick ! all so i like this kids stand up .

  • falcon4917

    I agrre Rigo, WEC guys are being overlooked. They are amoung the best in the world and true warriors for every fight not just one.

  • WorldStarCEO

    So what are you saying? If you train a kick for 3 months during camp and land it in the fight its “luck”? smh…. so if you practice the anaconda choke for months during training and Choke someone out during the fight “You got lucky” ??? That makes no sense dude… He didnt just go in there and throw a wild kick. He knew exactly what he was doing. He did it with PERFECT technique and timing.


    Pettis is very talented. No one said he was the greatest in the world. Pettis was promised a title shot since he was the last WEC champ before the merger. And if Gray would’ve finished Edgar off when he had the chance, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.