Georges St. Pierre: Koscheck is a real threat

  • UrHype

    Guess how you know when GSP is lying?

  • HugeCleavage

    looking forward for this fight! they both supergood at what they do!

  • gebls

    This is bullshyt, GSP needs to step up and challenge himself , enough with making all this B level fighters seem like they actually have a chance.

  • grapplure

    gsp i read your article when you talked about being a “safe” fighter…stop being a pussy and believe in your stand up

  • Boner89

    Koscheck could win if comes in with a game plan to stand and sprawl, otherwise gsp by hump – a – thon.

  • BigNog22

    gsp need to stop being nice,especially towards an asshole like koscheck.

  • friendlyfoe

    This is his practiced speech on every friggin fighter….its so respectful that it so lame…..Come on GSP come up with some trash talk.

  • MereDictum

    I get the feeling gsp is starting to become a BS artist. He needs to change the record.

  • Fluidity

    Couldn’t agree more

  • TheGreat

    B level fighters? his always fighting the top contenders ..
    hughes , serra , fitch , bj , alves , hardy , and now koscheck
    to say all those fighters are B level fighters its just stupid!

  • MMAoracle

    B-level fighters?? The ufc welterweight division has always been famed for being the toughest one, as well as LHW. And georges has completely crushed them all, when they were at the very top of their games.

    Fitch, bj and alves were all some of the clearest contenders the ufc has ever had, looking devestating, being extremely talented, and winning a bunch of impressive victories before their title shots.

  • gebls

    no doubt their good fighters but to say that they are legitimate treat to GSP is also stupid.

  • gebls


  • gebls


  • totsno2

    Make him bleed……..

  • totsno2

    the only way koschbollocks will win is by disqualification due to…. fake eye poke …or…fake knee to the head or maybe he will come up with something different for gsp !!

  • SpiderSilva

    Saying their not is stupid, they’re all pro fighters but people like you ride his nuts and pull the wool over your eyes. If Kos doesn’t beat him, which he just might surprise you, then Shields will if he comes back at his natural WW but at least Shields had the balls to test the waters at 185 like a real fighter and beat a top guy while GSP tucks his tail and hides at 170 even after Anderson calls him out…say what you want but you know it’s true

  • SpiderSilva

    Like a KO or putting him on his back and pounding him…

  • SpiderSilva

    The only way he could make Hardy bleed was by an eye poke…and if I remember correctly he didnt make Kos bleed the 1st time either

  • SpiderSilva

    Oh wait…I remember GSP making Hardy bleed from an eye poke and he still couldn’t finish him

  • Vergina

    GSP is going to have to stand with Josh, so it should be a really great fight this time around.

  • fluffybuns

    I think it’s cool that GSP lets his “performance” do the talking. If EVERYONE talked trash, trash talk would lose it’s efficacy. The fact that he’s so damn respectful has me always curious how long he can stay on top (in more ways than one) without ever getting pissed off.

    The least respectful thing I’ve heard him say is that he doesn’t lose sleep over it and he doesn’t hate BJ, but BJ’s talking got personal enough to bother him (paraphrasing).

    I know fans want him to challenge himself by moving up in weight. I kinda want him to challenge himself by seeing how long he can dominate his weight class. What if he went like 5 more years without losing? Call him boring or whatever, but there would be no doubt he’s the best ever.

  • fluffybuns

    You guys can hate me for this, I already hate myself for saying it. I wonder if he’ll come out before or after he retires.

  • fluffybuns

    Sorry. Where the hell is the delete/edit button?

  • comonson

    that was the shitty-est interview ever!! why do an interview with a whole lot of noise behind you?

  • BlueClearSky

    why is sorry for …the first posted is sharp Dude

  • David Saucier

    I’ll prob get alot of weeks from the nut hugers but i want to see GSP lose every time he has a title fight. Im tired of the same lines every fight about he is the most dangerous oppenent I have ever had, and I did not perform how i wanted to. his consertive gameplan he has for every fight never changes. I know it gets him the Win, I just don’t get excited when i see him fight.

  • GSPfan

    He has stated on more than 1 occasion that he will add weight by building muscle then he will move up to 185 to fight Silva. He stresses in just about every interview how he wants to have a long and healthy career so why do people hate on him? when the question was first brought up, he said that it would take him some time to gain the weight because he wanted to do it the proper way, so why hate on him for wanting to stay healthy? That’s stupid. And also, why b*tch over him saying the same thing over and over? Instead of b*tching about him saying the same thing, b*tch about the people giving the interviews asking the same damn questions. At least he is staying true to his word. That’s more than what most people in this world can say.

  • Rane

    Promotional stunt. GSP is lying.

  • SpiderSilva

    Gotta love how GSP fans can only click “weak” when you throw real facts at them…I guess that’s their last ditch effort because they have nothing to say

  • UrHype

    Now thats the proper reply…..thnx lol
    It was initially sarcasm, but I’ll answer that.
    When you’ve beat a guy already soooo easily and hes back for more without improving from your point of view… the game “Oh yes, hes my biggest test yet” hahaha

  • UrHype

    Im the same way A2g, I give him credit for his ability to out wrestle his opponents, but I agree he isnt exciting to watch.
    A KO or TKO would be nice to see once in a while.
    Josh is the poor guy in the skill gap right now. He manages to stay up top, but doesnt have that extra skill needed to beat the belt holder.
    It amazed me when I saw the Diego Sanchez fight with Josh.
    (we know now Diego is a 155lb’r and not 170)
    If both Koscheck and Sanchez were at 155, I think Diego would have won.

  • UrHype

    did you guys figure out who is the stupid one yet?

  • UrHype

    Why does GSP have to stand with him?
    He didnt last time and Josh got owned badly.