Georges St. Pierre: I’m afraid of nobody in the World

  • pitbull1989

    Y won’t this video download n e where so I can watch It.. it says the Dane thing on every site I went on to view this.. is n e 1 else having the sane problem

  • UnderdogGreatness

    It’s working for me.

  • Rane

    ESPN just revealed on that video that GSP has a small winnie!

  • HunterB

    World… I am not impressed by your performance

  • Nemesis

    Shoguns only impressive showing in the last 4 years or so was against machida the second time. Not sure how that’s beastly.

  • husain

    Silva vs shogun would be a five round technical war both have sick stand up there ground game is pretty much the same and they trained together

  • Chocolat

    And what do you think GSP vs Silva would be?

  • HunterB

    i weaked myself also

  • HunterB

    he beatstied machida twice, haha get it… ha

  • pitbull1989

    **** no gsp shld move up he wants to b known as the best ever then he has to fight the BEST!! N ANDERSON SILVA is the best!! Shogun is gonna get stomped by Jon Jones

    Gsp in his own words ” It doesn’t matter to me that I am fighting a guy way bigger than me because technique beats size every day skill beats size every day” WHAT happened to sticking to ur words u pussy ur scared or u wld wanna test urself against the best but u obviously don’t… stop picking ur fights take the fight against silva I’ve been wanting to c Silva kick ur ass so all these GSP NUTTHUGGERS will shut the **** up…

    GSP=BORING WHEN THE HELL WAS THE LAST TIME HES ACTUALLY FINISHED AN OPPONENT .. all he does is go for the decision he and jon Fitch r the SAME

  • pitbull1989

    U srry ass

  • kalmander

    Everybody are saying anderson is big middleweight no he isnt he weights about 220 when his fat. I read somewhere his interview where he said he weights around 205-210

  • Nemesis

    And mark coleman beat him twice.

  • joo44

    oo yeeaa soooo a professional fighter is REALLY going to admit he’s scared.. /eye roll

  • godsofwararise

    Dude, calm down. Maybe you should switch to decaf.

  • jesse

    you can never predict an anderson silva fight. he goes to decision with guys he should destroy and ko’s guys who are supposed to be his biggest challeng

  • codemaster

    I am a bit bored by the subject of GSP vs. Silva.

    The whole tone of the conversation brings me back to the schoolyard when some weasels would come over to me and say, “Butch over there says you are chicken to fight him–you’re not gonna let him get away with that, huh?”

    Of course, Butch said nothing of the kind. The weasels were just trying to provoke a fight.

    I think it is highly appropriate and justified for GSP to say I have Jake Shields to fight next–it is all I am focusing on right now.

    I would feel a bit better about all the pressure put upon GSP by some fans, media, and Dana White if it was equally applied against all fighters who have cleaned out their division.

    Jose Aldo was offered a fight at LW with Kenny Florian–but he turned that down. I don’t remember anyone saying he was scared to fight Florian. Florian, who wants the honor of being the only fighter to lose a title shot in four weight classes, dropped weight so he could fight Aldo.

    Anderson Silva said at his last post-fight press conference that he would not fight at LHW. I don’t remember anyone saying he was scared to fight Shogun or Jones.

    We know what will happen if GSP defeats Shields–the pressure on him will be enormous–lead by Dana White and the UFC, media and fans will clamor for GSP to move up and fight the naturally bigger opponent with the longer reach in arms and legs.

  • IChokePeople

    True and as much as I respect Georges, he knows that. I don’t think he is afraid but he is being ingenuous stating that Anderson cuts from 230.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Jake Shields will beat GSP. Go Shields…

  • BigNog22

    the “gsp is scared” argument is getting old. he will have some disadvantages in that fight, 4 sure, but Can he get the time to even think about the fight. Who are these “fans” to decide for GSP. And people also forget that he has to beat shields, gsp is doing the right thing right now.

  • mma420

    everyone needs to get this out of there head Anderson Silva does not cut from 230lbs he weighs 220 when he’s NOT TRAINING and when he trains he is 210-215lbs max

  • falcon4917

    I know, every time opens there mouth about As and his weight it goes up 10lbs. While training he is a 195 walker. look at his first fights and see how small his frame really is.

  • Dabs

    Anderson used to fight at WW…are you a noob?

  • HunterB

    sometimes it makes me think he juiced or did some HGH, he was already past growing age during the time he was WW, he is ALOT bigger than what he used to be, even his head

  • pitbull1989

    @ godsofwararise
    Dude stfu n go play a video game or something u hoe.. if u dnt like wat I put dnt ****in read it ok.. I never asked u too..

    GO FIST YOURSELF MAN.. get off gsps nutts n stop making excuses For him

    @codebreaker Dude silva has moved up twice he beet a former champion.. BJ penns moved up Coutures moved up.. all the greats do now its gsp time.. he says silva shld come dwn to welterweight. That’s bs u shld move up n stop being scared.. its easier on ur body to move up then to dehydrate urself to make ww

  • mrmanuelhung

    relax man. i dont think gsp is going to personally read your comment. its almost like your calling him out

  • mrmanuelhung

    you spelled beat wrong

  • garry_blackbelt

    can u imagine gsp if would of defended his belt against silva . if dana would have given him that chance. why dont silva just step up too light heavy wieght . lol i guess its to much of a challange for silva . i think sho gun would be glad to face silva.

  • IChokePeople

    He hasn’t grown, he has gotten a little heavier and is too old to cut that much wt. Dan Henderson also used to fight at WW.

  • japanegro23

    Is that not big haha?

  • Gbrl_88


  • mindkontrolle

    usually when someone says “i’m not afraid” it is precisely because they may be afraid. given gsp’s fighting style this seems quite plausible to me. i may be wrong of course, so don’t keep your panties in a bunch…

  • Gbrl_88

    Is GSP!