Georges St. Pierre: Carlos Condit is much more dangerous than Nick Diaz

Reigning Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre, who will put his title on the line against Carlos Condit at UFC 137, discusses his newly scheduled opponent, as well as Nick Diaz‘s abrupt removal from the card. St. Pierre admits to being taken off guard by the developments and says he now faces a “much more dangerous” opponent in “The Natural Born Killer.” Photo: Francis Specker

Georges St. Pierre

“I showed up in Toronto and I learned that (Nick Diaz) was not coming. I was a little bit p—-d off  because its not fair, I derailed from my training camp and routine. So I said, ‘Alright, I don’t really care about the reason why he did not show up, maybe something bad happened to him.’ I show up in Vegas and now not only does he not show up, but I learn that the fight is not going to happen and I am fighting Carlos Condit. So, I am a little bit taken off guard. I don’t know what to say, it doesn’t make sense to me because I’ve worked my whole life to be world Champion – for that opportunity…I know a little bit about Carlos, but he gets better every fight. He’s got a big diversity of attacks, so this fight is much more dangerous than Nick Diaz. (Condit is dangerous) standing up and on the ground. He’s very well rounded, an opportunist. He’s like a sniper. They say a ‘killer’ on the promotional video and that’s what he is.”



  • HoustonsOwn

    Seriously……………. Diaz vs Pierre NEEDED to happen!!!!!!!!!

  • juryson

    Condit has definitely beat stiffer competition in devastating fashion. Can’t wait to see if Condit can bring the heat and stay out from under GSP.

  • Thang

    GSP is Right ! Condit is definitely more dangerous than Nick Diaz, Toughness they’re about the same, but one thing for sure Condit is way more professional than Nick.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    I’m rooting for Condit, but Georges Safe-Pierre couldn’t be more wrong.

  • D

    Is Greg Jackson going to be in anyone’s corner for this fight?

  • Joey Santosus


  • Rigo

    i really like the set up for the fights!
    first ever unified titles of welterweights GSP vs Diaz
    and then next in Line the winner of Condit vs Penn!

    Condit vs GSP was probably going to happen anyway but i wanted to see the fights as they were before

    btw i think Condit may take this one! yes this is coming from a hard core GSP fan! but after watching what he did to Kim and Hardy that brutal and that fast i sa Condit takes this one!
    GSP could outwrestle him for sure for a decision but i say Condit 60% – GSP 40% i’ll be cheering for both

  • Cookie77

    100% percent agree with GSP. Condit is way more dangerous than Diaz…. Since Diaz won’t be fighting GSP.

    The most dangerous opponent is the one your about to fight.

  • Harris

    It’s all to friendly for me that’s where Diaz if he turned up would of been different.

  • MereDictum

    Of course he saying that. Each new fight possesses greater and greater according to GSP. It’s so transparent. He’s like a cartoon character at this point. I don’t believe a word this guy says anymore.

  • Courtes

    exactly what i thought, now i dont have to write it

  • Warheadchief

    I’ve been thinking. I made a pretty bold statement saying that Condit would win GSP’s belt, but now that I’ve thought about it and played out the fight in my head a few times, I think Condit will over commit being in such a high-profile match, for the belt.

    He will leave himself open and strongly believe GSP’s superiority in terms of being a complete fighter, will find the hole in Condit’s game and exploit it and stop him.

    But it’s MMA, it could go either way. But I’d place my money on a finish by GSP.