George Sotiropoulos submits Joe Lauzon via Kimura in Round 2

UFC Lightweight contender George Sotiropoulos made a huge statement for a shot at the title, by beating Joe Lauzon via Kimura in Round 2. It’s Sotiropoulos’s seventh consecutive victory inside the Octagon, holding an overall MMA record of 14-2.

In Round 1, it was Lauzon who had a better start, connecting with a couple of good striking combinations. Lauzon also managed to defend the majority of Sotiropoulos’s takedowns, forcing the Greek-Australian to play into his game on the feet. We got the first taste of things to come in the end of the first round, when Sotiropoulos got into a full mount, but again, Lauzon defended well and got out of the danger.

We saw a completely different Joe Lauzon in Round 2, as George Sotiropoulos started to connect on his feet with jabs and 1-2 combos. Lauzon’s breathing was heavy, allowing Sotiropoulos to take him down, do his thing on the ground and walk away with an impressive Kimura victory.

George Sotiropoulos is expected to at least co-headline UFC 127, which will take place in Sydney, Australia. My suggestion: Sean Sherk.

  • BigNog22

    Very nice Kimura, by Sotiropoulos

  • Daniel Cassidy

    it looked disturbing when he wrenched the arm out

  • Scrappler

    George should get a title shot if he beats his next opponent in Australia.

  • WingChun

    George will be champ of that division; soon.

  • Ninja

    George should fight the winner of Kenflo/Dunham, I would like to see him fight any of those two and as for Joe…idk wat happened to him, I would like to see him fight maybe Cowboy or Varner

  • Cronos

    We may see G-Sot fight Penn guys. Dont think GSot would win but that is officially where he is in the rankings now. Unless BJ stays at welterweight

  • Noshiza

    Yeah, maybe end next year, has to wait for 2 other fights to happen first!

  • GoldenBibi

    Total domination…


    Saw that fight going either way. I picked Joe cause of the intensity he brings but hey still a good fight. Wish George could actually get some comp to fight instead of Siver but whatever, love me some australian ass kickers ill tell ya that!!!

  • TorontoUFC

    Why the heck is he fighting Dennis Siver next? HE is 7-0 in the UFC, has only lost by slpit decision and DQ (to Aoki who is considered by many as top 5). George deserves a conterndership fight next.

  • IChokePeople

    I like GS a lot. I have been saying he is highly overrated for a while. That said I do not see him beating Frankie Edgar. Edgar is just too fast. If Grey Maynard takes the title, as long as Edgar doesn’t retake it first, he has a good shot.

  • Joey Santosus

    I agree. Siver is dangerous tho, so he could very well pull it off and then there goes Sots’ shot. Thats how it goes, when 7 or 8 straight, get no where… Lose 1 single fight and u start from the bottom. Thats what they are hoping to do to Fitch by matching him up with Penn… They are hoping Penn knocks him off so they do not have to have him as champ and that would also rush BJ into the mix.

  • odesahitman

    Hi Joey,

    Who is, “hoping Penn knocks him off”? Specifically, how do you know this to be true?

    Thanks for the clarification,