GSP talks Koscheck, TUF 12, his training regime, and Anderson Silva

  • Osnizzle

    Gsp just sporting the sponsers like crazy in this video, hes got way too much to lose in this fight i say Gsp beats Koscheck via Lay&Prey; for 5 rounds

  • BigNog22

    unless gsp arrive in this fight out of shape,pouahahahaha! no way
    or with is groin f-up, he has no reason for losing this fight and shut up koscheck for good by finish him.

  • BigNog22

    if anyone gonna win that fight by LNP it’s koscheck so stfu.

  • rickjitsu

    Coz has a snowballs chance in hell of winning this fight!!!
    GSP is THE man!!

  • Chocolat

    Maybe it’s just me but I’d love someone who refers to it as lay and pray to have it done to them, because I’m fairly confident most anyone who calls it that probably has no clue what it feels like. I mean Hardy had a lot of crap to say about the style, yet I didn’t see him still running his mouth after the fight, perhaps he learned a good lesson about thinking he’s too good for that and know he’s got a long effing way to go.

  • Joey Santosus

    I dont know if I am the only one, but I am not very interested in a GSP vs Silva fight. Obviously I would watch it and I can see why people are all about this match-up, but I dont know how much sense it makes or what the point would be. There is no reason to push for matches between top guys in different divisions.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    This year has been the year of the UPSETS so far, therefore anything is possible. Fedor lost to Werdum, BJ Penn lost to Edgar, Mousasi lost to King Mo, Anderson Silva almost lost to Sonnen and more.

    I’m not saying that GSP is going to lose, however, I will NOT be surprised if he loses.

  • BlueClearSky

    GSP physically and mentally too much tool and skill for Kosh.imo

  • daigoro702

    yea hardy was just mad he got hes as beat.

  • AJY

    they’re both gonna fake a right hand and shoot in at the same time, smash heads and double ko round 1.

  • Rigo

    i agree too much advantage to Silva in weight , size , reach etc
    Silva should just focus on his division he still has alot to do , with Belfort , Sonnen and even Marquartd because he has no chance at 205 not against guys like Jones and Shogun.

    and far as GSP the guy is the face of MMA! hes a great Champion , Awesome fighter and a cool person .

    GSP should forget what people say and just fight his fight to whoever UFC put him infront of him that tries to take his belt , its not his problem he has beat everyones ass , beside Fitch is waiting for him after he beats Koscheck and also theres Shields

  • Ninja

    I think the only three fighters that can give GSP trouble in the WW division are Kos, Fitch and Diaz, so I’m excited for this fight, last time Kos was just unprepared for GSP’s wrestling because he thought he couldn’t be taken down but this time he’ll be well prepared and it will be a good fight

  • SpiderSilva

    GSP pound for pound King? No sorry I’m going to go with the guy who’s still undefeated in the top organization but he’s a close 2nd. I think Kos GSP will be a good fight I give him a better chance than the GSP fans but GSP is a machine so I’m looking forward to how it turns out. I think if GSP moves up and fights Anderson he’ll lose, he has a better chance at his natural weight but either way it’s THE fight all MMA fans really want to see

  • SpiderSilva

    I agree, if Kos pulls out the victory I wont be surprised either

  • SpiderSilva

    If you look at GSP’s last fights before Hardy they were all beaten senseless…look at Hardy during and after that fight he didnt take any damage except for the eye poke so he really didnt get his as beat. Yeah, he lost but ass beat? No

  • Joey Santosus

    Right. Not to long ago, it looked as if Silva had taken out any legitimate competition in his weight class. However, in the time since we have seen guys step up their game and become true contenders. With Belfort, Okami, and a Sonnen rematch looming, I would say he has enough on his plate for now in his own division. The same thing goes for GSP. You have his upcoming match with Koscheck, a guy who has improved by leaps and bounds since they first met. Shields has since joined the promotion and is a true threat to the throne, regardless of what some might say. Then there is Fitch, Kampmann, and a couple promising up and comers like Hathaway and Stun Gun Kim. All I am saying is lets see these guys defend their titles and continue building their legacy. Lets see how far their reign will extend before we go pushing fan oriented agendas on them that hardly make any real sense in terms of their standing as champions in their respective weight division.

  • Lowkickdodger

    Tats because he was focused on submitting him and gnp like in the bj fight.

  • Lowkickdodger

    and not the gnp i mean.

  • odeh91

    No one can defeat anderson THE SPIDER Silva

  • thetruth81

    @ Rigo The spider has no chance against Jon Jones? You are smoking some crack Jones would get completely out-classed by the spider! And as far as Rua goes that would be a challenge for Silva even more of a challenge than Sonnen was! But when you make crazy statements like Silva doesn’t have a chance against an average guy like Jones you make your self look stupid!

    But oh no that’s right Silva would even have trouble with guys like Leben, Bising, who knows Denis Kang might even be able to beat Silva! (Sarcasm) hahahaha! You’re truly and seriously ridiculous!

    Silva has already destroyed the sandman and Griffin (Former Light-Heavyweight Champion, but he wouldn’t get far? Do everyone a favor and go smoke some more crack! Sounds like you need a fix…..

  • thetruth81

    What makes you think Sonnen deserves a re-match? Yes I watched the fight (Twice) and I personally think the second time I watched the fight I wasn’t that impressed the first time I watched it on how Sonnen (So called Dominated) Yes he did Dominate by taking Anderson Down, but the punches, elbows, did little to no damage to Silva! And Silva even had his hands down letting Sonnen hit him with his hardest shots and it still didn’t hurt Silva now keep in mind this is when Silva had BROKEN RIBS and he was INJURED while fighting Sonnen, and it took Sonnen 4 rounds and half of the 5th, and he still couldn’t put an already INJURED SILVA away! So what makes all you people think he deserves a re-match? Because he looked good against an INJURED opponent? Because he DOMINATED an INURED opponent with BROKEN RIBS and he still couldn’t finish him? So basically he deserves an automatic re-match for losing? For doing everything he could and still not being able to put an already INURED Silva going into the fight away? So if that was the case everyone that lost to Silva should get a re-match then right? Leben should! Lietes should! Maia should! Griffin should! Franklin should cause he lost to Silva 2 times, that should be an AUTOMATIC rematch right there(Sarcasm) hahaha!

    EVERYONE that is saying automatic rematch are a bunch of ****ing idiots that don’t know how this sport is supposed to work, if you lose a fight you don’t automatically get a rematch, if that was the case we would never see new fighters, new matches we would see the exact same matches! Sonnen doesn’t deserve SHIT! He needs to work his way back up to the top in order to get a rematch! Simple as that!


  • thetruth81

    @ Spider Silva Yes I agree with you If GSP does in fact go up in weight class he definitely would lose against the Spider! But then again he may not! I think he walks around at 185 or 190 or so, so it would be a good fight nevertheless!

  • thetruth81

    If Kos beats GSP I would be extremely shocked! He couldn’t even put away Paul Daley so what makes you think he stands a chance against a guy that he got totally Dominated by? After the first GSP and Kos fight Kos wanted to join Strike Force and join the women’s weight division! Who could blame him after that ass whooping he got! hahahaha

  • thetruth81

    @ Daigoro702 yeah Hardy was mad because he thought he had more skill than GSP and when the Octagon door closed Hardy was almost shitting his shorts thinking how bad the ass whooping was gonna be!

  • thetruth81

    Sort of like KOS did when he fought Paul Daley because he knew if he standed with him he would of gotten knocked the **** out! Have fun with your pussy Kos!

  • extreme

    Dominance in a war is hard to describe, and only when you can feel your opponent wither under your power, Can it be described. Hard for anyone that has not been there or been on the receiving end of such to form an opinion. As for not deserving a re-match, he’s the number one contender at 185 and with wins over all other contenders, with an insane performance over the somewhat untouchable AS. WHY NOT?

  • mjm

    Mr. extreme,
    Sonnen dominated in a wrestling match, but his punches had 0 affect. This is MMA, he´s a great wrestler but a terrible boxer and even worse is his BJJ. And no he is not the # 1 contender he got his ass handed to him by Demain Maia and he hasn´t fought all the contenders like Vitor, Cote, etc…
    Plus Sonnen never put Silva in a dangerous situation besides Points, and Silva could have held on to the triangle choke a little longer and Sonnen would have went home in a box. Not that I wanted Silva to kill him, but what would you want if it was YOU? AN oppent that hugs all the time with an extremely weak punch OR a guy who put a triangle choke on you and you are seconds away from meeting your maker? I´d take the guy who punches like a girl and wants to hug all night, yah it would be humilating but atleast I would go home alive…

  • DR3W

    because gsp was trying to submit im most of the fight

  • DR3W

    silva has a great chance at 205…obviously…

  • IChokePeople

    I actually think Silva would destroy Rua.

  • sambo

    When was the last time GSP “put anyone away”. Kos has as good a chance as anyone GSP has fought recently.
    Hopefully the training with Roach will bring his striking game back.

  • Madnessstill

    THANKYOU truth!!!!
    FINALLY someone with common freakin sense! What good is it to brag about how badly you beat a guy on his worst day? Still lost, that’s why you don’t see even sonnen talking trash about it because he KNOWS!

    Why are all these “fans” so damn stupid? It happened with fedor and now since anderson has the p4p title it’s going to happen with anyone he fights? Something is wrong when a guy needs to fight people 2 and 3 times each like how he was sewwww afraid of a rematch with henderson.

  • Madnessstill

    Untouchable when healthy it seems. I mean even ryo chonan dropped him when he had an injury last time, but he actually has submissions.

    Maybe if he had beat maia and couldnt potentially be tapped out by alot of submission specialists in the division, maybe if he performed that well agaisnt a silva fighting to his ability, but becasue he almost beat a guy that could be in the hospital? pfft. get checked.

  • japanegro23

    Kos has that fro padding though…

  • ksooner76

    both fighters wrestling is to good to lay and pray and thats what makes it scary for GSP cause he will have more of a chance to get caught with
    a hay maker but I think it will be by TKO should be GSP since he is working w/ Freddie and I hope he is learning alot cause he is at an age
    were his chin isnt as strong and defence is huge look at Randy thats why he is as good as he is is cause when it got to were he could get clipped and see a couple stars he went to defence and learning how
    not to get caught he grew with the sport most fighter keep training like they always have and you end up like Chuck or Tito