Freddie Roach talks GSP's inury, labels Anderson Silva as the best pure boxer in MMA

Legendary boxing coach Freddie Roach spoke about George St. Pierre’s disappointing knee injury, and what kind of effect it’s going to have on his protege’s future. According to Roach, George St. Pierre has tough times ahead of him, mostly due to a lack of activity in what wuld be a year-long layoff. Roach also spoke about Anderson Silva‘s boxing credentials, labeling “The Spider” as the best pure boxer in MMA.

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  • BrrrImCold

    I feel bad for GSP. I hope he gets better asap. I don’t know the extent of the injury, but I have seen guys w/ torn ACL’s back in 4-5 months. I think it will be different for GSP, b/c he is so fit and he will recover much faster than 99% of people. I just don’t think he will be 100% for 10-12 months. GSP shouldn’t ‘rush’ getting back.

    Roach is correct, AS is GOAT. ‘Ali’ of the octagon.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    I don’t think the Anderson Silva is the best pure boxer in MMA, but I’m sure Roach knows a lot more than I do when it comes to boxing. JDS, in my humble opinion, might just be the best pure boxer in MMA.

    P.S. He is definitely the Ali of MMA.

  • Chocolat

    Very good interview, he wasn’t following the normal course of putting down the other guys ability, he gave his opinion on Diaz’s footwork and went on from there. I agree with what he says about Silva too, he probably does have the best boxing but picks his spots.

  • saulgood

    Gegard Mousasi is in the mix not sure who the “best” is though.

  • David Saucier

    This must burn the GSP nutters who claim that Freddie Roach once said GSP has the best boxing in MMA

  • Jizzle11

    Underdog lol the fact that he’s Freddie Roach automatically makes you wrong. It is now fact that AS is the best pure boxer just for the reason that it came out of Roach’s mouth.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Haha LMAO

  • griffin

    last time it was BJ now its anderson…whos next?

  • BrrrImCold

    Great call on “Iron” Edgar

  • PinPointBrawler

    WHO NECKS! lol

  • Nemesis

    That’s obviously because sonnen is such a great striker. Why did you HAVE to give yourself that name? Wow.

  • Nemesis

    Wow how did you escape all those nuthuggers rating you weak for comparing ali to AS?

    But yea, he really is. Instead of talking beforre fights, he just shows them up inside the ring, which makes certain people want him to lose so badly they can’t miss a fight, and that’s how ali was back in the day

  • Chocolat

    When did he say that? The only person I’ve ever heard Roach praise for their boxing is BJ.

  • Chocolat

    In fairness BJ is retired, so I can understand him saying Silva over Penn.

  • Chocolat

    He totally should change his name to Iron after that ice little quip by Rogan.

  • pogodog7

    Silva absolutely has the best stand-up. Not only because he is quick and agile, but because he fights so intelligently. No one sizes up his opponent like Silva. He begins his part of the fight only after he has completed his strategy and distances for kicking and striking without getting hit back too hard. Silva fights HIS fight, not his opponent’s.

  • jdnextchamp

    Am I wrong or he said that Silva has the best pure boxing in MMA but GSP was learning faster?

  • Entity

    The guy knows his business, but hearing him talk disturbs me. Did he get brain punched too many years or have an accident? Always wondered about that.
    Lets not forget how he turned Arlovski into a boxing sensation……cough

  • Entity

    Too bad the champs that beat their opponents at their own game are gone huh?

  • Mike Perryman

    Roach has a disease like the one Michael J. fox has. It affects his speech mobility and reaction time. I thought he looked pretty good considering this.

  • Mike Perryman

    And he does know his business when it comes to boxing. But his knowledge of the fighters is limited; and thats because he is a major player in the boxing world. That is where his heart is. So don’t be disappointed if he doesn’t know much about Edgar or Condit, because he doesn’t have the time to keep up with everything in the World of MMA.

  • odeh91

    I believe he said bj is the best when he trained 10some years a go watch was true at the time

  • Krogan

    How the hell did underdogs comment get so many weaks? He is clearly stating that its just his opinion and to think that there isn’t a good chase for calling JDS the best boxer in MMA is just silly imo.

  • Krogan

    Well he doesn’t even know who Condit is so to say he knows for a fact who the best boxer in mma is is a bit silly imo.

  • Krogan

    Totally agree, chances are that he doesn’t know much about JDS either.

  • 808scrappah

    Condit’s not even a pure boxer, you monkey.

  • David Saucier

    he has Parkinson

  • DR3W

    penn also was out boxed by frankie. At the time he made that comment he felt it was so.

  • Mike Perryman

    Thanks Dave. That’s what I thought it was at the time, but I wasn’t sure. Appreciate the assist bud.

  • azzkika

    Roach is an expert so his views shouldn’t be dismissed lightly but I regard Silva as the most clinical striker in MMA but not boxer. Didn’t Sonnen put him on his backside a few times from punches last time they met?

    Someone mentioned JDS and he has shown not only great hands but great defense, and what about Edgar, his footwork and head movement is on another level to anyone from round 2 onwards.