Freddie Roach puts GSP through the paces ahead UFC 129

  • Rory Kernaghan

    Shields will never beat GSP

  • Kings_Of_Metal

    And at the end of the video , Gsp is making small mouvements with his arms like anderson silva ! hahahahaha

    MAybe he will taunt shield during the fight ! That would be fun to watch :

    The “kind” gsp humiliating the poor shield

  • whitey

    Never say never this is MMA (see Matt Serra) but his chances of winner are very slim… yes he’s got a ‘great’ ground game, but goodluck getting GSP in a bad position on the mat.

  • mofocool

    I have a fealing that Jake it`s gonna take this one…My bet is that Gsp it`s gonna get submited .. Fedor vs Verdum like…Go Shields !!!

  • WingChun

    @ Whitey

    That is true, but if there is going to be a Matt Serra “moment” in this fight it will be on the ground, not standing. Matt’s only hope in that fight was his big loopy right, which he was able to land because the fight starts on the feet. Shields only hope in this fight will be on the ground, by sub. In order for that to happen, he must first get GSP to the ground. I just don’t think that’s going to happen and if it does, I don’t see him keeping Georges there. No, I see no Matt Serra “moment” in this fight and I my guess is, that GSP has every intention of using footwork and his hands to bust Shields up – on the feet.

  • WingChun


  • WingChun

    Watching the tape, it’s easy to see how Rush broke Koscheck’s eye.

    Be interesting if he does the same to Shields. One can only figure that there’s a high probability that it could happen. I think that would be a UFC first; causing the exact same damage, to the exact same body part(s) of two different fighters in back-to-back fights; could be a new trademark for Rush.

  • jesse

    gsp is a way smarter fighter than fedor and would ever let that happen

  • codemaster

    I think GSP has the jab down pretty well. What I would like to see is power in his right hand–as combos are set up by the jab.

    I also hope he works in his Muay Thai knees, as I believe Shields will present many opportunities for their effective use. Also uppercuts.

  • houstonhardhitters

    i wanna see gsp train with manny

  • Fletcherx

    GSP TKO in the first. You’ll see. Shields has looked miserable in stand up. And take down GSP? best of luck shields, but this is an easy display of stand up dominance for GSP.

  • Jamie Kennedy

    He already has. He trained with Freddy Roach in the Philippines with Pacquiao for the Koscheck fight.

  • Rane

    I beg the differ! We said that about Shields when he fought Dan Henderson! Dana even said it! We said that about Fedor when he fought Werdum! Silva! Common man! Stop streching GSP’s balls! Get with the program! What makes you think GSP will start knockout people because he is with Freddie Roach? GSP does not have Knockout power BUT G&P! No way I am betting on Shields! I am not counting him out!

  • kalmander

    He hits with huge gloves

  • kevin1979

    yeah shields stand up is super weak you know one thing gsp likes to do is beat apponents at there own games too i could see gsp sub sheilds would be sweet

  • garry_blackbelt

    gsp is just going to be good on his feet !

  • drunkslug

    His hand speed is nice but does he have the ko power now? If he were to ko/tko shields, would Anderson Silva respect GSP’s striking? Or would the spider still feel superior?

  • alvarez

    @ drunkslung
    Anderson is way too good consider respecting other fighter abilities. Look at his fight with belfort and gay ass uncle chael, he beat them both on their own game.

  • alvarez

    The only man I see beating Anderson soon is Shogun but his got his hands full with Jones. Maybe after he enlightens “Bones” he can fight him. Thats something he would like to do anyway…

  • Rory Kernaghan

    @Rane i never said gsp would KO shields. I said he would never beat him. im not a huge gsp fan but he is just on another level from shields