Frankie Edgar's UFC 118 video blog (parts 1 and 2)

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  • bluntsandbeers

    why does edgar think he has enough fans to start a blog.

  • CJ250

    I’m a fan of frankies, but he’s not going to decision bj again.This fight will get finished

  • AJY


  • SpiderSilva

    BJ is going to do to him what he did to Pulver, Stevenson and Sanchez. I hope he’s prepared to get handled, put away and brought back to reality

  • bluntsandbeers

    nope, just left a hater comment just cause BJ is my favorite fighter 😀

  • murda1

    i always felt like to be the champ, you have to get in the cage and beat the champ, not get in there and try to avoid him, dont get me wrong i like frankie and i think he has some skills but he’s not a legeit champ and b.j. will finish him on the 28. i would really like to see edgar vs aldo to tell you the truth.

  • azzkika

    Edgar is the champ, and BJ got a heck of a job beating this guy. He’s fitter and hungrier IMO.

    Even if Penn does beat Edgar ya got him credit for being a good challenge for BJ as BJ has ran over many in the LW division.

  • ksooner76

    honestly Im not sure who will win Ive watched alot of both
    fighters fights and Frankie has what needs to beat BJ….
    Frankie is a small light weight but still has power his last fight with
    BJ was wierd both fought uncharacteristic of how they normally fight
    but both fighters are counter fighters but this next fight both will be

  • ksooner76

    I think to be the champ you should have to go out and fight………….
    and neither did that and as the champ you should not just skim by
    because ur the champ its a fight you should be able to hold the guy
    and win cause u r the champ and he “didnt do enough” thats bullchit
    for all fighters but if the UFC had a 145lb weight class there would be
    a couple lightweights that would drop down would be a stacked division