Frankie Edgar retains his title after a dominant Unanimous Decision victory over BJ Penn

UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar provided a crystal-clear “Answer” to all the UFC 112 doubters, with a dominant Unanimous Decision victory over BJ “The Prodigy” Penn. Edgar dominated Penn during all five rounds of the fight, by a punishing striking and perfectly-executed takedowns.

BJ Penn had no answer to the impressive relentlessness of Frankie Edgar, looking tired and probably lacking an inspiration to go toe-to-toe with the New Jersey native. Just like in the first fight between the two, Penn chased Frankie Edgar around the Octagon without any reasonable success. Edgar’s speed was a key factor in keeping BJ Penn at the distance and imposing his gameplan of quick jabs and kicks on “The Prodigy”.

Even at times when BJ Penn secured a takedown, Frankie Edgar was quick to prevent from his opponent to improve position. To the huge disappoint of BJ Penn’s fans, the former UFC Lightweight Champion had nothing to offer in this fight. He looked too big. So big that his size turned into a speed, maneuverability and stamina disadvantage throughout the fight.

Frankie Edgar will now square off against Gray Maynard, in a great match-up of styles. Gray Maynard is a big wrestler, and it will be very interesting to see if Frankie Edgar manages to defend his takedowns. This way or another, Frankie Edgar proved that he is one of the Top Pound for Pound fighters in the World, and a great Champion.

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  • Rigo

    Frankie Edgar is the man!

  • TDraGon

    Sure is!

  • capjo

    Styles make fights and a younger faster, yip yip doggie like Edgar had Penn’s number. Penn is still the more talented fighter ( and I’m not a big fan of Penn at all).

    I don’t see Edgar getting past Maynard.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Edgar fought a great fight tonight. I have to give him some Props.

  • juryson

    …you can still be the best lightweight in Strikeforce, maybe.

  • mma420

    Penn vs Diaz would be good

  • evilways

    good thing bj got the book out before these last two losses

  • PrideFC

    wow.. Zuffa p4p fighters are getting exposed left and right !

  • mmauk

    Maynard will lay and pray to victory against Edgar imo i like Maynard he’s a winner. Kudos to Edgar but he just beat my mma hero i’m so upset right. was just listening to Breen and Thomas Rios even he was saying BJ corner has always sucked.

  • Rane

    It’s a bad match up for BJ Penn, Oviously he has not figured Edgars timing. BJ’s corner is worth SHIT! WTF was that all about? they should of played PS3 in the dressing room while BJ finished the fight!

  • Vergina

    He needs to train somewhere else, training with his family obviously isn’t doing shit.

  • Akordas

    Hahahaha Completly underdog now is 1#lightweight…. Now Im Edgar fan for sure 😉 And I hope Bj do not leave lightweight division I really wanna see him fight against Guidia, Florian, Lauzon…

  • UnderdogGreatness

    I will be pissed if Maynard beats Edgar again. Maynard doesn’t deserve to be the LW champ especially after that crap he pulled tonight.

  • MMAeveryDay


  • WingChun

    I called FE in a five round decision the first time, through. I called FE in a replay of the first, with Edgar coming out on top, once again, in a five round decision.

    Edgar simply has Penn’s number. They could fight 100 times and Edgar would beat Penn 100 – 0. FE simply has Penn dialed in.

    For those Penn fans that were / are dumbstruck at the outcome (tonight), they should take solace in the fact that Edgar will lose to Maynard; Maynard will lose to Melvin Guilard.

    For Penn – I don’t know what the future holds; I said that this was a bad fight, career wise, for Penn and it will prove to be, so. He’s put his legacy, the myth, the legend , that “was” BJ Penn on the line, tonight and came up short. Penn needs to re-evaluate a number of things, beginning first, with his camp. Under no circumstances of conditions, should he entertain going up to 170. If anything, Penn should consider fighting at 145. I think 155 is too you, fresh, talented and vibrant, for a lazy, unmotivated Penn to survive in and be successful; talent means nothing, without drive and I just don’t see the drive in Penn, (right) now. The Penn that fought Diego Sanchez was / is unstoppable @155…the slow, bloated, round, slothful Penn that showed up to UFC 118….was / is a hack and a shadow of his former and great self.

    If tonight was the best that BJ had to offer the 155 class in the UFC, then he should pack it in.

  • BigNog22

    thats the “ultimate fighting” style that bj was talking about

  • falcon4917

    I agree. I really had penn to win this fight by believing he would be motivated enough to come in like he did against sanchez. I was wrong you were right.

  • bluntsandbeers

    i was at teh garden tonight it was a crazy atmosphere and it was amazing. penn lost to frankie and got outworked agian lol

    still doesnt make me a edgar fan lol he cant be the face of the LW divison cause hes boring.. PERIOD lol

  • bluntsandbeers

    you take too much away from penn after every loss. what your forgetting chun is that in MMA, styles make fights. stylisticly it was a bad match up for penn, he got outworked. its just how it is in MMA its a vicious cycle that doesnt even make sense lol like the fact that forrest griffin beat rampage, but lost to jardine, who then lost to rampage lol this isnt the best example but it shows my point. styles make fights.

    whatever the case maybe Edgar is not a exicitng fighter or champion and i really think this takes away from the appeal of the LW division.

  • bluntsandbeers

    come on Anton.. one of the best p4p in the world?!? lmao now that is seriously a joke. i respect your opinon and this is my biased opinon cause im a penn fan but seriously man you honestly think edgar is top p4p? he shouldnt even be considerd in te p4p talk because hes only fought at one weight class and hes decisioned his way to a title… twice lol thats not being one of the best p4p FIGHTERS( keyword fighters, not wrestlers) in the world?

    he out worked penn and proved he was better tonight but no way in hell is he one of the best p4p.

  • TheMMAfan

    Truly discusted to see my favorite mma fighter loose the same fight because of the same reason. Despite the fact that he says he had an infection and couldnt train, I dont see what the excuse is now. He is the best p4p lightweight in history, bjj world champion and the best lightweight striker. Yet he throws it all away for the second time with no excuse. For the second time tonight I saw an even fatter, slower, flat footed bj in the first fight. It was hard to watch as the less talented frankie edgar was floating around, coming in and getting out like he had to do. I didnt even watch the whole fight after the first 30 seconds and ive never walked out on watching my favorite fighters before. As soon as I saw his overweight face coming toward the octagon… and when bruce buffer was calling his name he just stood still with his gut hanging over his shorts and his cheeks look like they’re stuffed with cheesy pouffs I couldnt even watch him throw weak attempt at combos throwing everything slow. He beat himself again and I dont know whats next for him, you cant even compare the bj we see slapping himself in the face to get pumped up and destroy guys like florian, diego, sherk ect., now we see an overweight legend who looks like he doesnt want to be there. Well untill he wants to show up, I dont want to watch him

  • TheMMAfan

    I hear you

  • Anton Gurevich

    Fought only in one weight class? It’s like every fighter on the P4P list fought in more than one weight class. Come on…

    Frankie Edgar defeated:

    Cut the unbeaten streak of Veach, Bocek, Tyson Griffin and Jim Miller.

    Former WEC Lightweight Champion and the UFC Lightweight Title Challenger.

    Former UFC Lightweight Champion

    UFC Lightweight Champion and one of the best P4P fighters in the World. Twice. With an awesome dominant performance.

    These are just Wikipedia facts. Nevertheless, Frankie Edgar clearly won at UFC 112 and proved his point tonight at 118. He’s one of the top WW in the World, and a 5-10 P4P Fighter in the World. P4P rankings are opinion rankings… so here’s mine.


  • TheMMAfan

    Couldnt agree more, I feel discusted with what I saw and I dont want to see him fight again if hes just going to throw it all away

  • Anton Gurevich

    One of the top LW in the World. See, like I said. There’s no clear criteria in Mixed Martial Arts for rankings. Everyone ranks like they think is right. Maybe if there was a clear criteria – someone like Shinya Aoki would be #1.

    P4P rankings are an opinion, and everyone has a right to have one. That’s why it’s quite dumb to continue this argument.

  • whitemare

    damn i think the motivation aint there for BJ he shud call it quits unless he does some sort of super fight or grudge match where he will go after the guy more

  • JOse

    i think bj was going to much for the knockout when he had frankie on his guard the first rounds im sure he wouldve been able to submit him if he wanted too

    anyways anyone knpw where i can get the shorts bj was rocking?? there dope
    & i cant seem to find them on the lowkick store

  • JOse

    i agree, they kept telling him he was doing good instead of telling him what to do, fuc*ing douches -_-

  • hobgoblinserver

    BJ Penn didn’t turn up in my opition. He looked like he was going througd the motions. i wasn’t impressed by of his game plan. i have got to admit that with is dissing of frankie and his poor showing last time, I kind of wanted him to lose.
    i have always liked penn but the last year or so his turned into a former showing of himself.

    To sum up, BJ Penn was/is not the same fighter or person. I hated this fight because he made want frakie to win because he was so up his own arse. Frankie was amazing

  • hobgoblinserver

    Caption for Picture “taxi was washed up Penn”

  • mmauk

    no doubt sherdog have Werdum as no.2 heavyweight i doubt people agree with that

  • griffin

    I wonder wats next for BJ. I have a feeling he might go to Welterweight

  • DR3W

    he needs a new camp or to bring better people to his camp…

  • Joey Santosus

    Exposed? Lol, he has one of the most impressive legacies in the sport’s history!! Everyone is allowed to lose now and then. Even if he never wins another fight, BJ is still “historically” one of the top p4p fighters in the world. I would like to add that I was backing Edgar 100%, so this is not coming from bias in any way, shape, or form…. Its pretty lame when people sit there watching an event hoping for a reason to hate. Think about that? Lol, petty stuff my friend : )

  • Joey Santosus

    Doesn’t matter, opinion or fact, Edgar is one of the top p4p best fighters right now…. He is boring? Lol, yea right!! That fight was as one-sided as they come, just as the first one was. Its people like B&B that were so bias that they couldn’t except it the first time around that got Penn a rematch. You should feel bad because now Penn got embarrassed a second time and instead of building up to that rematch, he got it immediately. Now where does he go? Edgar is one of the most talented and well-rounded fighters in the division. His pace alone makes him more exciting to watch than most… Seriously, ur bias blinds you, as it has so many. Its understandable tho, Penn has a great legacy and its a hard pill to swallow : )

  • Joey Santosus

    Lol, Penn had his chance in every aspect of mma and couldn’t get it done!! He was on top, bottom, and obviously standing!! He simply couldn’t win!! People making these excuses for him and diminishing a guy who dominated him for 10 rounds are only damaging his legacy further.

  • japanegro23

    I don’t think it would have mattered. BJ looked like he wasn’t even listening or even there at all. If he can’t get motivated for that fight, something is wrong. Frankie had him mentally battered.

  • japanegro23

    Wow. Unnecessary haha!

  • japanegro23

    Definitely. He shut my mouth up last night. I think Maynard will win but I am going to pull for Frankie for sure.

  • Chocolat

    Yeah know how a lot of so called die hard fans are, someone can go undefeated through 50 fights and get beat once and all of a sudden they’re done, they were a hack from the start, overrated and exposed. People just love to wait around for someone to lose so they can act like they’re so smart for figuring they’d lose eventually.

  • Jamie Kennedy

    if anyone is strugglin with their footwork, just watch a few tapes of frankie edgar he is footwork 101!! well done Frankie proved it wasnt a fluke and won more decisively to put the critics to bed, if maynard gets the title shot its gonna be tough matchup for frankie

  • Chocolat

    I see Edgar doing it. I guarantee he’s not going in there thinking he can outwretle Maynard, or out strength him, so he’s gonna use his speed and brain to beat him, and I have no reason to doubt both of those work well for Edgar.

  • bluntsandbeers

    i agree its clearly opinon based, and frankie edgar is the best lw in the world right now.. but i dont see the p4p argument here. beating fighters like Veach, Boeck, Griffin, and miller doesnt put you number 1 in my mind and his style just doesnt make me a fan. i said before i respect your opinon but i just dont see it at all man, i cannot do it. and i dont honestly believe when somebody asks you the p4p greats in this sport you say Fedor, Shogun Rua, Anderson Silva, Georges St.Pierre, then Frankie Edgar lol idk it just doesnt fit you know what i mean?

  • bluntsandbeers

    and he does have 2 wins over penn, so now im starting to understand where your comming from( clearly im a stubborn penn fan) and the fight last night was crazy one sided. i cant make excuses for bj because he looked like a sloth out there. but i dont like edgar as top p4p guys. i think maynard is going to out muscle him agian

  • bluntsandbeers

    the sad thing is ik its true. im a die hard bj penn fan. i killed me last night you dont even realize haha Edgars a freaking speed demon and has the best cardio ive ever seen in the octagon. but his style makes me hate him, and beating my favorite fighter in the world isnt going to help my opinon of him :p

    but i cant see the p4p ranking here. he beat penn twice so clearly he takes his spot in the rankings. im a stubborn ass fan and to be considered a top p4p Fighter i need to see some finishes, and some decisive wins over top guys..

    but last night was a great start for Edgar man. that was a dominant performace and i respect him a little more as a champion after that fight. but i just lost my intrest in the LW divison, i feel him and maynard is going to be the biggest snooze fest in the world.

  • bluntsandbeers

    maybe 5-10 p4p… lol idk man im just pissed.

  • Joey Santosus

    Yea, I am not a Maynard fan…

  • daigoro702

    well i really thought bj would take this one but pretty much i agree with a lot of you guys that bj could just not figure this guy out i mean the guy is fast and has really good condition, i thought that if bj took it to the ground he would have a bigger chance but when it went there i was proven wrong and edgar dominated that area too, i was very impress it felt like silva vs sonnen again, but all i can say is frankie edgar undisputed champion of the world bottom line.

  • Zadok83

    I gotta agree, Frankie Edgar is very fast. BJ Penn made the mistake of trying to match speed and quickness with Edgar, to his downfall. On the other hand, Edgar fights like a cracked out squirrel. Sure he has quickness, but he doesn’t finish enough fights. His punching power is lacking, though effective, and his BJJ is slightly above average, but that’s about it.

    He’s up against Maynard next, so it gonna be another LnP snoozefest. Maynard is bigger and stronger, so he’ll take Edgar down and throw body shots the entire fight, just like the first time. Maybe Dana White will finally see the flaws in the UFC rulebook.

  • IChokePeople

    BJ is the man but how can you say he has one of the best legacies in MMA? He has less fights than many people have wins at 15-7-1 and the only top fighters he has beaten in dominant fashion are Florian, Hughes, Gomi and maybe Caol Uno and Sherk if you think they were at the top. Other than that he has beaten has beens and never weres like Pulver and Sanches. He is an amazing fighter and IMHO if he hadn’t left the UFC after beating Hughes he would have had the legacy that Hughes has but as it stands he has half the number of losses that he has wins and when he has faced real competition like Pulver (the first time), GSP and now Edgar, he has come up short.

  • Joey Santosus

    Before his two fights with Penn, Edgar had finished just as many fights as he had won by decision…. Now that he defeated Penn by decision both times, which there is no shame in not finishing Penn, the numbers are a little lopsided. So outside of his matches with BJ, your statement is false. And in time, I am sure those two decisions will be evened out, if not surpassed.

  • AnotsuKagehisa13

    People should start giving credit to Edgar. He really dominated Penn on the rematch. P4P rankings should not be based on finishers only. I really appreciate Edgar’s technical style. His technique and flow and also footwork is very impressive. And he also skilled to not be caught by Penn’s BJJ, and everytime he was taken down by Penn, he got up after 10 seconds or so. A very impressive performance by Edgar. For the rematch between Edgar and Maynard, I’m rooting for Edgar. He’s got the confidence of being the undisputed LW champion and he’s really improved since their last fight.

  • falcon4917

    I agree with you capjo. I don’t like penn much and he always has excuses. I don’t understand his logic of late. But I do still see him as overall having greater skill than edgar. Edgra is a proven champion now and i respect that but he was simply too fast and mentally focused for Penn.