Frankie Edgar prepares for his UFC 118 title defense

  • falcon4917

    I don’t think edgar will win this time. BJ is so mentally assertive of his rematch victory that I can hardly see him being as lumbersome as their first encounter. I think this will be closer to the fight of BJ vs Sanchez than their first fight.

  • Dabs


  • Jizzle11

    BJ is going to come in swinging trying to take this guy’s head off. Frankie isn’t one of those guys that can finish a fight in one punch and either way BJ has a great chin. I think BJ will take it

  • RabbitPuncher

    Didnt anyone else think that vid was cheesey as f@%k? it looked like a “sports training” montage from a bad 80’s movie.

    Bj by murder before Buffer even gets out of the cage.

  • evilways

    it’s all up to which bj penn shows up that night

  • talkaboutmma


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  • Manwitoutfear

    I am a BJ Penn fan. But I have to say, Frankie is showing up for this fight…I would be disappointed if BJ doesn’t do the same. ’cause he sure left his heart somewhere else last time.

  • azzkika

    Seems many dont give Edgar much of a chance. I think it will be a great fight whoever wins, and i reckon Edgar could be too fast for BJ yet again.
    will be interesting to see how much BJ has if it goes the distance again as he was tiring towards the end in the last fight. Edgar will be fast for 25 minutes and can dance in and out like last time, so i reckon BJ gonna have to be at his very very best to finish this fight.

  • AJY

    There’s a misconception about BJ being outboxed by frankie in the first fight. Since they’re both great technical boxers, and really fast, it’s hard to tell at first who’s winning the exchanges, Frankie is in constant motion with his foot and head movement, and this gives the impression that he’s too fast and out working a flat footed Penn. If you watch the fight again you can see Penn landing harder and more acurately than Edgar, in almost every exchange in rounds 1,2,3. Fightmetric also confirms this with it’s numbers.

  • WingChun

    @ azz

    If Penn doesn’t show up in that Diego Sanchez fight shape and witht eh same attitude, then it’s going to be a 25 minute replay of the first fight; which is exactly what I think it’s going to be.

  • azzkika

    Bj landed the more telling shots in the first fight, but Edgar isnt the biggest hitter in the world, and it did appear Edgar was outworking him in most the fight. I don’t think BJ has ever fought anyone with as good movement as Edgar (except for GSP of course), and he will have to be as good as he has ever been to finish Edgar.

  • Akordas

    I love Frankie fighting style, fake takedown attempt and punch… His footwork so hypnotic…