Frankie Edgar: I do not need any extra motivation to train hard

  • purinho

    The problem for him is that BJ is gonna train hardrer for the rematch, he wasn’t nearly in the shape he was against Diego.
    Despite that i give all the credit to Edgar, he did a great job against BJ.

  • HotMixed

    That was BS, bj penn is still on another level than this kid.

    • ksooner76

      come on at one time BJ was in the same place Frankie is now
      younge and won your first title when there was guys more experienced
      they both fought different then they normally do….but with BJ’s experience
      in the ring all this time to say he wasnt fully trained is BS….and the next fight will be a 180 a toe to toe which is how both usually fight and it will be a good fight….but Frankie just happen to come out on top that night
      BJ is a bigger guy he should be able to push the fight but Frankie has
      fought all top guys and has done really well

  • Malcolm

    I like Edgar and I agree with purinho – he did a great job against BJ…

    Having said that, he definitely didn’t win that fight… it’s up there with Shogun v Machida in terms of bad decisions… I don’t understand how this happens so often in MMA!


  • TmarlonX

    Is it me or does that sounds like Diego doing the interview? The more I listened though, they guy talks uses too many words to be Diego….haha!

    Its hard not to like Frankie, I liked him before the BJ fight and he is a fiesty little scrapper. He might have stole that fight from BJ, but Penn is the better fighter. Can’t wait for the rematch, hopefully BJ can finish the job he started this time!!

    • David Saucier


  • terra2805

    I like Frankie but i had genuinely had Bj winning that fight, Frankie was definately more active but bieng super active is not enough on its own to win a fight, let alone a challenge for the title. Bj definately landed the more telling shots and kept the fight where he wanted it, on the feet, that’s dictating where the fight takes place imo. Frankie did get Bj to the floor once yes, for about 3 seconds but again, Bj getting back to his feet so quickly kind of negates that takedown as Edgar was unable to take advantage of it in any way. Bj won that fight no doubt, next time round he will make sure everyone knows it……They need to start using fighters as judges or something man!….

  • syler369

    frankie edgar is a great fighter, you cant take that away from him but even when bj was walking down octagon that night he didnt look like the bj penn that dismantled deigo sanchaz in a one sided, five rounded bout. basically i feel that penn will destroy edgar in their next fight, he has superior boxing skills and a world class ground game the type of world class ground game that helps people get into the history books.