Frank Mir: Thinking outside the box is the key

  • japanegro23

    Mir is still awesome. Oh and he looks like such a jerk in this vid. Not really but someone will try and work that in here I’m sure.

  • UrHype

    Frank could be helping disabled kids and people would call him a pedophile.

  • 51JD51

    People always seem to confuse honesty for arrogance, when Mir is asked a question he’ll give u a real answer and people call him ****y for that instead of praising him for some reason.

  • ston3pony

    The problem is that his “real answers” are things like “I want to break his neck in the octagon, I want him to be the first death in the UFC”. Only a complete degenerate would defend some of the things he says. IMO.

  • TheGoocH

    this right here is franks problem.. he just talks too much. he has too big of an explanation for everything and over thinks everything.

  • TheGoocH

    yea but after that fight it looked like the medics had just pulled him out of a 6 car pile up.

  • gebls

    MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA im sorry but this is funny

  • ckapps

    He doesn’t talk so much, he just knows what hes talking about! don’t criticize someone because they like to express there knowledge. i agree 100% with the first post. someone’s just gonna try to throw in “hes a jerk” anywhere, anyhow when it comes to mir….but hes talking trying to be, hes expressing his knowledge and theres nothing wrong with that.

    If that was the case then every single person with a PHD degree is a “jerk” no there not….they just no there sh*t, and just because you don’t or wouldn’t stand out in the ground, it dosent mean everyone has to be like you.

    This is Mir, and i like him for being straight up, its a strong trait in a human being.

  • ckapps

    I ment hes “not” trying to be.

  • BigNog22

    outside the box,means no boxing for Mir,only ground game!hahahahahaha, ok that was bad.

  • lionkill

    thats just a warriors mentality, i knew people that would say the similar stuff in other sports. wrestlers talk the same way, sonnen keeps talking about how he will slam silva on his head over and over again. which is spiking,which is illegal because its lethal. he’s essentially saying im going to go out there and cheat over and over again. anyone who participates in competative combat sports or has been in the military will tell you what he said is just what everyone else says with the boys.

  • ston3pony

    Good luck showing me one example of another fighter saying something similar. Then you can explain to me why it was a week long headline story hounding Francis, but nobody else is ever called on this stuff?

    Sonnen has never said anything similar.

  • TheRealDeal

    Thinking outside the box means he will have to stop thinking about Lesnar for more than 5 minutes at a time, and I’m not sure he can do it.

  • bluntsandbeers

    dude your a woman. grow a pair of nuts, frank mir hopes brock lesnar dies because.. well frankly brock lesnar is the biggest deuche in the sport, if not the world.and after tossing frank a beating then getting in his face and yelling s,hit hes only human and hes giving his HONEST answer on how he feels on brock lesnar. wouldnt you want him to die if he did the same sh,it to you? lmao i would

  • HollywoodKOs

    He’s a punk b*tch!

  • MereDictum

    My problem with Mir is that he’s thin skinned. Dare to question Nog’s health during their fight and he attacks you for “not being a warrior” or some such juvenile bullsh*t. He over reacts and is a bit melodramatic. I’d say he needs an ass whopin but he’s got that covered as of late.

  • Ariovistus

    Frank Mir “Outside the box” should have been about when he had that “out of body” experience when he was KTFO by Carwin.

  • MereDictum

    You would want death to someone who beat you in a competition and then called u a bunch of names? Are you 12?

  • gameon

    shut up mag

  • TheGoocH

    i wasnt saying mir is a jerk im a massive mir fan allways have been. just 1 e.g. of what i was talking about is before the carwin fight he started yapping about how good carwin was and how he is a better version of brock which he drove into his own head. he psyched himself out and lost the fight which imo he could have easily won…

  • UrHype

    I think your last joint was smart weed,,,,rare but it exists.