Forrest Griffin talks about fighting a "quicker" Nogueira

  • Jizzle11

    Forrest!!! Idk if you’ll win :(

  • tapoutkingzsup

    sweet im the first to comment on forest i hope he gets knocked the **** out go lil nog ur a beast make that ****er cry

  • PwnSaw

    I’m not sure his “jits” is just as good as one of the Nogueira Bros.

  • kamari

    Met Forrest in Vegas right before his fight with Ortiz, he is coolest cat on earth, He should go get some advice from Cain, because if any body knows how to whoop a Nogueir’s ass reallllly good, it would be him…….YEAH I SAID IT

  • SavOnDeck

    forrest cant hang

  • lionkill

    well it should be entertaining to see Lil Nog beat the red off of griffin’s neck.

  • David Saucier

    I think he’s fighting Rogerio not Rodrigueo the other Nog.

  • kamari

    Eazy Playboy, some of these dudes are really sensitive 2 that kind of talk, plus im a brother & he treated me cool, unless that chump was trying to check out my wife.

  • sickb

    yeah forrest seems like a really nice dude since tuf 1 everybody loves him for his fighting style and his sense of humor, come on if u like fighting why not have fun with it

  • Rezo

    I Really hope Forrest wins, but i think he is going to have a hard time doing it. only chance is to take nog down and try not to get submited(thats not easy) Go Forrest!

  • UrHype

    lmao, speaking of sensitive, isnt that the pot calling the kettle black?
    You went to bashing me when you misconcieved my post as racist instead of realist, your reply here explains everything perfectly.
    At least I know why people started bashing you now haha

  • Ninja

    lol, lil nog is an Olympic boxer, griffin isn’t gonna ko him, doesnt matter who trains his boxing

  • Ninja

    Forrest is a warrior, but i really doubt hes going to beat Lil Nog, Griffin really doesn’t have anything to beat Nog and Griffin himself said this is a bad match up for him

  • UrHype

    YEA YOU SAID IT and looked like a fool
    big Nog & little Nog are twins, look it up(edumacation )

  • UrHype

    True Ninja, also if brains were gunpowder, 1/2 the guys posting here couldnt blow their noses.

  • warrior6

    lol everyone is faster than you forrest

  • kamari

    Since im in Vegas often, lets meet up so can slap all that bitch out of you, shouldnt be hard 2 find you, i’ll be look’n out for a pale fat ****,wearing the confederate hat your grandpa left you, holding your lil bitch ass dog!!! I see you stay commenting every day 24/7, cuz your a gay racist dummy with no life, 100% of time, im commenting @ work, cuz i get paid good money with little to do, dont hate the playa hate yourself…now i gotta get back to work

  • MrLoomis

    lame interview, I hope forrest takes it….but It is going to be a tough battle…didn’t everyone think shogun was going to whoop on forrest too?…hmmm…..interesting…

  • UrHype

    There you go with that gay stuff again…lol settle down there keyboard warrior…matter of fact come & get me big guy, it would be your last attempt at anything.
    Truth hurts huh? Yout the one here looking like a fool everytime you type.
    Ill come & get you lmao good luck there buddy

  • Ninja

    idk man, you better watch out this guy sounds dangerous loool, wat a joke

  • bkigrdjf

    i think Forrest will take it by Split descion they both are way to tough to quit and be ko’d. And tito **** you

  • Ninja

    griffin got ko’d by rashad n anderson, lil nog is an Olympic boxer hes gonna take it by ko or tko

  • Rigo

    Forrest has no chance!
    he has 0 power in his hands compare to lil nog!
    i just watch pride 05 tournament and the fight of lil nog vs shogun was awesome! UFC fighters have no chance vs Pride fighters!

    heavyweight we all know fedor would own every one!
    light heavy shogun is the only one to match machida!
    middleweight Hendo is the only one who can beat anderson

    i miss PRIDE dawm you danaa!!!!

  • David Saucier

    I was giving Belfort more of a chance the Hendo to beat Silva, pissed that fight wont happen in the near future.

  • grapplure

    forrest is overated

  • Accyfist

    Even Griffin himself said Nog’s a bad match-up for him and it is. Lil Nog’s always fought in the shadow of his brother, not that that’s ever been a problem, it just means he wasn’t always very well acknowledged even in Japan in Pride it was the same, despite his amazing record. Nobody considers the Shogun fight a loss as such, but more an all out war that he just scored slightly fewer points in then the Sokoudju loss was a one off, it wouldn’t happen again. He’s got huge potential in the UFC and if he and Shogun win their fights we could see part 2 for the title which would be awesome.
    I don’t see Griffin winning in any area but he is a great fighter, a top 10 LHW and should be respected as such. He should give more of a challenge to Nog than Cane and make an exciting fight. Can’t wait to see it.

  • bkigrdjf

    **** that big mouth evans. Rashad got lucky agianst forrest it was a pretty 2 clear rounds to forrest before that lucky takedown or whatever

  • bkigrdjf

    Its the same everytime forrest is the underdog almost every fight then he wins the most fights.

  • Zath

    The one thing that everyone loves about Forrest is his heart and you have to admit that it’s HUGE! He’s a great, down to earth guy that gives great performances when his head is in the right place. He does however lack the needed power to really knock someone out. He has good bjj skills but against lil Nog, they won’t compare. Forrest almost sounds defeated before he fights. I really hope we don’t see a repeat of what happened with Silva. No matter what, I’ll be cheering for Forrest.

  • GracieHunter0718

    It will be a good fight regardless of how it goes. I think it will be a decision win for someone. Forrest has a rock solid chin. Anderson doesn’t count(who doesn’t KOed by him). His jiu-jitsu is solid. Lil Nog is a Nog so his jiu-jitsu is obviously good. I don’t think that either can KO each other. It’ll be a damn good fight

  • Ninja

    Rashad ko’d griffin, and Rampage rocked him a few times and nog’s got one punch ko power and will ko griffin if he lands it

  • bkigrdjf

    Im tired of you shitty coments if you not a forrest fan wtf are you whriting here for anyway. this isnt a damn boxing match and before rashad get that takdown forrest won first and the second round pretty clear and rampage who i belive got more power than lil nog couldnt finnished him. Anderson silva did not ko’d forrest. forrest had a bad day just like when anderson silva was fighting Thales Leites btw that was the shitiest fight on the ufc history!

  • bkigrdjf

    idiot you mean his underated his the underdog almost every fights and he win the most of them

  • Warcrazed

    You pride lovers rele annoy me. Go live in the past or move on.