First video of Brock Lesnar’s training since his return

  • Rory Kernaghan


  • Anton Gurevich

    Video is working now.

  • Odysseus

    I wonder why he gradually lost all his muscle tone after leaving the WWE.

  • docedoce

    In theory if you can defend the take downs you can beat brock, his stand up is not as good it’s kind of predictable…

  • MrLoomis

    massive heap of man? WTF?! were you touching yourself when you typed that?

  • garrylt1


  • UrHype

    Thats funny antong all these replies and no-one could see the video hahaha…proof people have their won opinions on things before ever seeing a video and usually not even watching that. go figure

  • UrHype

    its amazing how every thread can turn into a fedor thread instantly

  • UrHype

    Until they fight, I have to admit, a steamrolling Brock could take Fedor down…after that who really knows,,,,love to see them square off though to find out.

  • bantam

    OK so you watched Brock knock down, Heat Herring, Frank Mir, and Randy Couture………….. all while standing. so to say that his boxing is terrible doesn’t make much sense. Right he’s not a great boxer but he has been able to knock people down with his punches. So maybe you should go back and watch those fights before making un-educated comments.

    • docedoce

      Man MMA Fans are like girls, dude it’s my opinion it’s fine to disagree but to say that I’m uneducated comment that’s just childish. Plus I didn’t say his punches don’t hurt… if he hits you it will hurt, but that doesn’t mean his got good stand up.

  • slickrick

    Hmmm his hairstyle is always a hillarious flat top that Simon Cowell would be proud of!!

  • UrHype

    I didnt know it was you???
    Try your name man

  • UrHype

    yes it attracted you didnt it

  • Gitsum

    Aaah who is the idiot??? YOU ARE! After the ref got Lesnar off of Mir and saved the fight, I say that because never had a single, incidental, shot to the back of the head resulted in standing the fighters up and taking a point ( I defy you to prove me wrong on that one.) Lesnar dropped him with a straight right that didn’t even land flush…2nd fight, no knockdown, he just held him down with one arm and beat him into a pulp with the other…Heath Herring is way above average, and who cares how old Randy is?

  • Gitsum

    Eeeh dunno if Carwin’s wrestling is on the same level.

  • Gitsum

    Well stated!!

  • Gitsum

    LMAO, You can hit harder than Brock Lesnar huh….I can’t believe I even dignified this with a response, too funny.