Fighters pick favorites for the showdown between Rampage and Rashad Evans on May 29th

  • Joey Santosus

    + Rashad Evans
    + Michael Bisping
    + Todd Duffee
    + Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
    + Diego Sanchez
    + Amir Sadollah
    + Efrain Escudero

  • HugeBalls

    Oddly enough , somehow I agree with Meathead’s take…

    PS: the way the voice at the start says “Rampage!” is just awesome..

  • mmauk

    i want rampage to win but i think marcus davis is right. the last time rampage took a lot of time off he didn’t perform that great. i hope im wrong and rampage ko’s evans but i think a decision win for evans is most likely

  • Anton Gurevich

    Mike Rowe?

  • Anton Gurevich

    but, I’m not sure it is Mike Rowe making “the voice” in that video :)

  • IChokePeople

    If I was Rampage I would work nothing but takedown defense and boxing for this fight. If he keeps it standing and goes head hunting Rashad will take a nap. That said, I think Rashad will grind out a decision. You don’t see it much these days but Rashad has some sick wrestling.

  • dray12

    Aside from their beef its actually a really interesting fight. Rampage has amazing stand up, and can hold his own in wrestlint. Rashad has amazing wrestling and can hold his own in striking. I just think Rampage is it a higher level in wrestling than Rashad is in striking and he is phyically stronger so i give it to Rampage.

  • Joey Santosus

    Why do a bunch of ppl weak my picks? They’re MY picks!! Lol, then they dont even post theirs…… Lames.

  • BlueClearSky

    I call the event ” Dog war” and I should give a nick name to Rampage by wild wolf he like to do “wolf howling ” and Evans nick name is pitbull make more sense than Arlovski ,when these fighters roared a each other. The fight make more exciting to watch.What I think Rampage is better fighter, but mentally preparing for fight, i see his weakness,I afraid have to go with Evans over decision

  • terra2805

    Rampage has under rated wrestling imo which he is awesome at using in reverse to keep the fight on the feet, his takedown defence is definately better than people give him credit for. Not only that, the guy can take some serious ass whoopin’ and still keep coming forward, he can take a hell of a lot more punishment than Rashad in a fight anyway, i’d bet on that. He’s one of the few guys who Chuck couldn’t knock out when Chuck was in his prime and knocking guys out for fun, he was also the undisputed king of the UFC LHW division, and he took everything Chuck had to offer before beating him down so bad his corner threw the towel in. Rashads only chance is to win using his wrestilng to take Rampage down and control the fight, if he can’t do that he’s getting KTFO………..

  • BlueClearSky

    you were right Rampage well reverse on the feet for defense take down and he tough as hell,right hand ko power ,but Chuck is not Rashad and Evans tkoed Chuck & Forrest and Griffin win over Rampage by decision ,so Evans style will frustrated him . I say 50/50 make the fight more exciting.

  • TheGoocH

    man i am dreading this fight for the simple fact that rashard is gunna make this a boring fight by taking ramp down and laying on him. it makes no sense but its gunna happen, he wouldnt even stand with thiago.. hes got some of the fastest hands in the LHW devision but has lost confidence? i mean the overhand right he hit chuck with was imo the best KO in UFC history.

  • Joey Santosus

    Its MMA.

  • D

    I agree with all but your first two picks. But Thiago Silva damn near knocked Rashad out, and considering Rampage’s wrestling background, it will not be as easy to take him down. He is probably the most powerful puncher in the light heavy weight division and will knock Rashad out in the second round. I see Bisping’s fight going similarly to his fight with Matt Hamill, only this time the fight isn’t in England and he can’t expect the judges to rob his opponent. Miller by U. D.

  • USWF

    There are more things to think about when picking winners of fights than past fights and online videos. Everyone needs to remember Evans has one job and needs to win. He also plans on staying with the UFC. Jackson has more than one job and other sources of income. Motivation levels are different. No matter how hard Jackson hits, it is very hard to hit someone thats been practicing for months to stay away from the one big hit. Jackson has certainly been one of the greatest of all time but there more behind the scenes. The people you see online or on tv are not their only training partners. Mo Lawal is with Evans which a great advantage for Evans. I believe Jackson is great but will lose the decision. I wish both them to be safe when its over.