FIGHT! Life: "Big" John – LAPD

  • AnAmerican

    the guy with the shopping cart at 1:43 looks like couture

  • Drago

    He was on UFC live on versus 2 (IIRC). Plus, the UFC doesn’t hire the refs, they’re employed by the state athletic commissions, no conspiracy theory here man, sorry ^^

  • UrHype

    hahaahah that was RIGHT on que!

  • moots

    Not necessarily true – I remember hearing that Big John was on some TV show for a while and spoke out about the UFC, and the UFC didn’t like what was said and somehow kept him from reffing in the UFC for a while.

  • GeorgeRuetiger

    It is true; the UFC doesn’t hire its own refs, each state or provincial athletic comission is responsible for that.

    The deal is that John quit reffing a few years ago to try to pursue other ventures and focus more time on teaching and running his gym. He forfeited his Nevada lisence so he could free up his position for another ref, and he wasn’t planning on coming back. However, he obviously did at one point decide to come back, and he is lisenced now in California among other places, but hasn’t been able to get his Nevada lisence back yet.

    The question is, why? Is it because Nevada simply doesn’t have room for him on the roster, that the limited number of reffing positions are full and they would if they could but they can’t? Or might Mr. Ferrtita, former comissioner of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, have a bit of pull in there still, enough that he’s prevented Big John from being relicensed up until this point? I’m not saying either way, just putting out the options.

  • colktfo

    big john stud and herb dean are my favorite refs. they should fight just for the hel of it.

  • zgerman

    Big John would have a flash back to the L.A rights and give Herb Dean a taste of police brutality

  • UrHype

    had to stir the pot huh Moot? lmao

  • Dabs

    Big John is a deep dude…

  • moots

    haha its what I do apparently