Don’t be surprised if we see UFC Continental Champions

I can imagine this happening in the near future. As the WEC/UFC merger has taken the media by storm, fans are really starting to see the grand plan of Zuffa unfold. Not long ago, D.W. was telling all media and reprters that this thing was going wordwide and getting bigger n bigger…..well he was right and that time is now. Not only is the company forming stratgeic partnerships with international businesses, but expanding the brand to a new legion of fighters, fans and opportunities. With the goal to eventually have UFC events happening simultaneously worlwide, where we are literally going to have to choose which “brand” of UFC we want to see that night/day etc. I dont want to shed an association to professional wrestling, but it cannot be denied that UFC in northamerica would certainly differ, even just in sake of culture and target market, compared to an event in China, Japan, India, etc…

Finally, my point is this… this new generation of Zuffa taking over a worldwide presence in MMA, I can forsee there being designated champions/title holders on each continent. This way these specific UFC events could target or play up to the hosting countries potential champion vs other countrymen. The idea of having that poster boy to expand and grow the sport inside each geographical region on the planet would be the ideal goal of the UFC.  It makes sense for Europe to award its Euro championship with so many top level combat fighters repping these euro countires. However, an Asian or South Pacific champ as well as South America/Latin America champion seems to be a worthy thought going ahead. I would love to hear some feedback and know what the rest of the LOWKICK community has to think on this topic. Thanks again!

  • IChokePeople

    That is the worst idea I have ever heard. Why the hell would a single org have multiple champs?

  • movich

    compare mma’s growth more to boxing
    not “pro wrestling”

  • bluntsandbeers

    i said it once and ill say it agian, this merger is going to put the UFC on monopoly like status. dream could only semi compete because of all the lower weight classes nd talents. i always asked myself why the WEC isnt merged with the UFC, i guess they were just waitn for the right time

  • Pickup10

    I wasnt comparing MMA’s growth to Pro wrestling, rather its different brands or cultural differences once the UFC reaches its goal of having multiple shows happening around the world at the same time. Every show would not be the same or feature the same fighters. That is where my idea or argument of having continental champs comes into play, so the UFC could have fighters in title fights for their respective continents. Its hard to imagine, I get that, but just imagine where this sport will go in another 10-15 yrs time


    Having multiple shows happening around the world at the same time?!
    Isn’t that counter promoting against itself?
    Why would Zuffa steal from itself?