Dominick Cruz pleased with decision victory, not bothered by booing crowd

Reigning Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz, who defeated Demetrious Johnson to retain his title Saturday night, discusses the frenetic-paced bout, as well as his failure to finish “Mighty Mouse.” Cruz says he is pleased with his performance against Johnson, and that though he was looking to finish the fight, he wasn’t bothered by the booing crowd.

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  • godsofwararise

    People who were booing this guy are absolute f*cktards. He produced an awesome performance with a broken hand and gave us 25 minutes of great action. Both guys did an amazing job and they deserve way more credit than they’re getting.

  • moots

    Exactly – pisses me off to hear boos from these exciting guys. I’m not sure what the people next to the cage feel that they are missing.

  • GoldenBibi

    This guys will be champion for a very long time.. So Faber fans just get use to it… If you wanna see Cruz loose, it will only be because he decide to do a super fight against Aldo… That’s it… Live with it…..War Cruz..

  • RabbitPuncher

    The boo’s really pissed me off. That was a great fight. Anyone who has ever seen Cruz compete would of realized just how much Might Mouse was taking it to him. Really competitive and Cruz did what he had to do, broken hand and all. If all’s folks want to see is highlight reel knockouts, they should go rent Blood Sport and just watch that forever, idiots.

  • TheRealDeal

    They should have received a standing ovation based on cardio and endurance alone. It was frigging amazing. Of course the beer drinking, fat, out of shape slobs in the audience have no clue what the word “exercise” or “cardio” even means, so they booed like a bunch of Ar-Tards.

  • jamo

    i wouldnt worry about the booing either. the crowd booed the fight of the night because they didn’t agree with the decision. i did agree with the decision, but even if i didnt, i respect both fighters for putting on a great show. the only reason i could see them not agreeing with the decision was because the guillotine mac had on him to end the fight. but look at danzigs face. he took a huge beating and was getting hurt with every shot in the first couple of rounds. when i go to fights, i never boo cause i know the hard work put into training for these fights. i thought cruz was losing the standup which is suppose to be his strength, but he used his ground skills to take the fight. how you gonna boo a guy that just gave you two suplexes. thats exciting stuff.

  • HoustonsOwn

    135…. my goodness.

  • sambo

    Awesome fight
    If the fans at the live shows don’t appreciate that fight they should go watch K-1 or Boxing. Probably WWE fans in disquise