Jon Fitch’s BJJ coach expects a "totally different battle" against Thiago Alves at UFC 117

  • flipride

    both these guys learned a lot from their fights with GSP. I’m not taking sides on this one.. It’s gonna be a great fight!!

  • falcon4917

    I like both as well but I feel Fitch will get his ground game on and decision or choke the fight finish. Thiago has a great chance at winning too though.

  • joelsephw420

    This is gonna be an awesome bout for sure, hard to pick between these two cuz both fighters have so much talent but I think its gon be Alves who wins this one.

  • HunterB

    i also think alves will eek out a decision win

  • colktfo

    i wonder if the coach expects unanimous dicision too for fitch

  • TheMMAfan

    Alves v.i.a T K O victory