Dana White says he’s not too excited about former WEC fighters to coach on TUF 13

“Anything is possible. The thing I don’t like about doing them right now is you take these guys out of the mix for months, and we’re just introducing these guys. The last thing I want to do is introduce them and then put them on the shelf for however long.”

You don’t have to watch ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ to like Jose Aldo. You just have to see this kid fight. Now that’s he’s on the big stage and he’ll get that co-main event slot. People are going to learn who this guy is real quick

Everybody’s been asking me that. I don’t know. I honestly, I swear to God, I really have not even thought about it yet.” – MMAWeelkly.com

The 13th season of The Ultimate Fighter will feature Middleweights and Welterweights, as the tryouts opened last month, on November 4th. Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber named among the possible coaches for TUF 13, mostly because of the bad blood between the two, and UFC’s need to introduce the new superstars to a wider SpikeTV audience. TUF 13 is expected to air in the late first quarter of 2011.

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    a good choice from dana….. the fighters crossing over from wec must first prove their worth (in the ufc)….. also the fw and bw divisions will have to establish themselves…..(in the ufc) let these divisions take shape, and see how the fighters perform….. and then a stint on tuf would be more understandable….. instead of just throwing them in there…… (for the sake of throwing them in there)

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    i was hoping Cruz and Faber to be coaches !
    that would have been great for WEC fighter to get to next level real fast
    but its true they would be out of fighting for a while

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    Cerrone vs Varner as coaches on tuf would be good, they both hate each other!

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    what? the guys coming from the WEC (except the LWs) are going to be fighting the same guys they’d be fighting in the WEC…

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    WOW!!! are you the osnizzle who posted 1st on a topic?!?!?! must be a serious achievement!!! cant wait for your speech!…… loser

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    I dont think WEC TUF coaches will happen anytime soon, if you look at the type of fighters who are coaches GSP, Rampage, Liddell etc none of the WEC guys are that famous yet, once they get more well known and get a stronger following then I think it makes sense to do it

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    People stopped commenting about how stupid it is because they realized theyre part of the problem to…

    dam i fail to

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    First… to bust a nut!

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    There is zero chance that they are going to put bantam/featherweights in to coach a show of welterweights or middleweights.

    Being coached by a fighter who is that much smaller than you means little chance for the coaches to spar with their team.

    Expect them to go with some guys from Lt. Heavyweight as coaches.

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    or coach people at least their size or 145. Id wanna see condit coach against bj or somethin

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    Wise man say when you argue with a fool a stranger has a hard time telling the two of you apart.

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    i agree maybe tuf 14, right now i just want to see this guys fight, and faber should thru some more guy before his shot at the belt.

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    Good call. I really don’t want to watch a show where Faber begins every sentence with “I helped build this sport when I started fighting back in the 90s and . . .”

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    is that a big or cool thing to pop the first comment……..or is it just a
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    Well he did, and he doesn’t have Dana telling everyone for him like the UFC veterans get. Is that really too much to hear about when he puts on the most amazing fights in nearly all MMA? The guy doesn’t give up so that we can continue watching the fight, you should be tootin his horn.

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    I agree he’s great and fun to watch, I am just sick of him singing the same tune everytime a mic is shoved in front of him. Toot you’re own horn every now and again is fine, constantly remind us every time you get camera time is a bit much for me. YMMV.

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    yeah I guess.