Cro Cop: I am ready to defend my reputation

Legendary Croatian striker Mirko Filipovic discussed his fight against the former IFL Champion Ben Rothwell, stating that he is ready to defend his reputation. Many people questioned Cro Cop’s abilities and desire to fight after a devastating loss to the young gun Junior Dos Santos, but it looks like Filipovic is feeling rejuvenated after his spell at the Dutch Vos Gym:

“I truly believe that I can defend my reputation. My partners at VOS were very professional and helped me to improve my technique. Ben Rothwell should be very careful when he is stepping into the cage with me”

Fight against Ben Rothwell could be Cro Cop’s final UFC adventure, not speaking about a possible retirement from Mixed Martial Arts. Mirko stated that he is aware of Rothwell’s abilities, preparing for a stand-up war against the former IFL Champion:

“I did not hear anything about him before he arrived in the UFC. What I know that Rothwell is a very experienced and physically strong fighter who fought Andrei Arlovski in Affliction. He has a very aggressive ground-and pound style, that is something that I would like to avoid in our fight. I think that he has some holes in his game, praticulary in stand-up, and that is where I prepare to use my advantage and finish the fight.”

Thirty-five Mirko Filipovic is currently 25-7 in his illustrious Mixed Martial Arts career. Fight against “Big Ben” Rothwell will be Cro Cop’s sixth bout in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, where he currently has a negative 2-3 record.

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