Couture discusses his new movie role, Machida, Edgar-Maynard III and much more

  • Madnessstill

    This guy has absolutely no fear at all. Not that anyone really has alot to worry about in MMA physically, but he just has absolutely NO doubt in his ability at all.

    That’s abit inspirational, good strategist


    I like Randy But He’s going to get his ass Kicked!

  • willc09

    hopefully Randy can bring out a good fight in Machida, if not then I don’t want Machida winning this fight its starting to become a little irritating watching his duck and move strategy , i just want to see Randy push him up against the fence and give him a good beat down but i don’t see it happening unfortunately

  • Madnessstill

    What machida does is MUCH more technical and interesting to watch(not to mention harder to do) than simply taking someone down and holding them there. Don’t hate

  • postmortem

    randy has a uphill battle here but i will never count him out

  • jackthedrinker89

    Just sayin Randy should really get Brock to go to Xtreme Couture, i think it would be a smart move for both of them just because will be a great asset to XC team and it would get Brock away from that wrestling school they call a camp up there in Minnesota…..

  • Jamie Kennedy

    Randy Couture is a class act! He never badmouths a fighter, or is unprofessional, a true ambassador for the sport.

    Sounds like he’s gonna give Vitor a wrestling type gameplan for silva…. as he said the blueprint was laid by Chael. I would much rather see a Vitor KO. Randy’s is a master strategist, and I’m sure he’ll come up with something good. Can’t wait for that fight! or UFC 126.

    I think Machida will be a tough matchup for Couture stylistically, but im sure Randy has studied him and knows what he needs to do! I’ll be cheering on the natural win, lose,or draw!!

    I still think Kampmann acatually beat Shields, poor judging IMO. I think he’ll take Diego in his next fight though. And I got Forrest to beat Franklin.

    I think Frankie Edgar will beat Gray in the rubber match to even everything out…

  • IChokePeople

    Brock Lesner would be THE GREATEST ASSET to XC?!?!?!? With all the well rounded, talented guys in there HE would be THE greatest asset?!?!?!? Okay, I’ll note THAT.

  • IChokePeople

    I think Randy was talking more about constant pressure than wrestling per se which we have seen in the past is a bad idea. I agree with the rest of what you said except in regard to Shields V Kampmann. Kampmann COULD have won that IF he had let his hands go but he didn’t and there is no way you can call that for Kampmann.

  • IChokePeople

    Do you think Randy might be a tad biassed towards Gray Maynard? Naw LOL. I like him V Machida. I think that fight comes down to who can impose their game and Randy is great at that. I would love to see him in the title picture again. It is absolutely amazing to see him still competing at the level he does. The other fight I would really like to see him in is Couture V Lesner II. I still think he can win that with a different game plan. All he needs to do is make it a wrestling match for two or three rounds and then HIT him.

  • jackthedrinker89

    Yea you should prolly read to i said great asset not the greatest…..

  • Jamie Kennedy

    ICP – yeah I know what you mean, anytime we’ve seen anderson in trouble is when someone gets in his face and pressures him e.g sonnen, hendo. I think Vitor will look to push the pace with the striking, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Vitor takes him down, and works some ground and pound. Also, its true what he says about not respecting anderson once your in the cage; give him no respect and just go out and do your thing.

    Yeah, the Kampmann/Shields fight was close, it could of went either way, but I thought Martin done enough to squeak the dec. Kampmann was actually doing pretty good grappling with Shields, and I think he was trying to prove a point, because everyone underestimates his ground game,but I agree he should of let his hands go a bit more.

  • IChokePeople

    Ha. You said “great” not “greatest”. My bad. I must have left my sarcasm setting at full blast this morning.

  • IChokePeople

    I completely agree that Kampmann was holding his own on the ground. I was actually shocked by how well he did. I think you misunderstood me on AS but ended up bringing up a good counter argument. I was refering to guys like Leben, Franklin and Griffen who tried to be aggressive with Anderson and ended up on the canvas. What you bring up with Hendo and, to a point, Sonnen is that there have been guys who have pressured Silva on the feet and done alright. I think Belfort is dangerous but I am betting on Anderson. It could be interesting though.

  • DR3W

    true that

  • sambo

    @ IChokePeople….I’d love to see that rematch too and agree that Randy could win against Lesnar.

    Great retirement dream…..beat Machida and get a title shot at Rua and retire as champion. I think he has a better chance of beating shogun than Evans. Even if he gets knocked out by Rua there is no shame in finishing his career with a loss for the LW title.
    Couture is one of the best in the UFC at takedowns and his GnP is legendary. Machida and Rua would be in serious trouble if Randy gets top position on the ground.

  • codemaster

    Randy is an amazing fighter, and it sounds as if he is an amazing coach and strategist.

    When Forrest (and other opponents) fought Silva, I got the impression that he was psyched out by Silva even before the first punch.

    I agree with Randy, and have said the same in the past, that the key to defeating AS is no respect, and total in-your-face pressure. If Vitor had better takedowns, I would suggest that route, but Vitor has excellent standup, and he can take the fight directly to Silva with his standup.

    AS’s comfort zone seems to be to stay on the outside, using his reach, accuracy, and footwork–until he rocks an opponent, then he swoops in for the finish.

    I still think it is incredible that a 47 year old can fight at the highest level of MMA. Machida is an expert at avoiding clinches and take-downs–and he has excellent takedowns himself–but once Machida gets his opponent down, he seems at a loss to effect any damage or sub attempts, so he voluntarily stands up again.

    Avoiding Randy’s clinch and dirty boxing will be a real test for Machida.

  • overhand right

    that’s what he said when he fought belfort
    that’s what they said when he fought sylvia
    that’s what they said when he fought gonzaga
    that’s what some even said when he fought toney

    he’s the most durable and hardworking fighter out there, and he always proves those that doubt him because of his age wrong, since he was 40. bet against him at your folly.

  • griffin

    Couture has a very good chance at winning this fight if he comes in with the right game plan, and he usually does.

    BTW those who said he will lose to toney have some heavy brain damage

  • comonson

    CAPTAIN AMERICA FOREVER! don’t count the old man out. he’s superhuman. i think he’s gonna give machida a run for his money. great match up style wise

  • scrappymcgee

    id like to see him fight mirko

  • mma420

    wtf is everyone smoking Couture is a legend but Machida is gonna make him look foolish and slow and if it comes down to it out grapple him

  • Accyfist

    808 Scrappah said Toney would win.