Countdown to The Ultimate Fighter 12: Team GSP vs Team Koscheck video

  • Drago

    Great Video montage. As always, this guys really know how to promote theire shows. I like the TUF sereis, the fights arent that entertaining most of the times but at least it gives us something to watch as we wait for the main events. As for GSP vs Kosheck – I dont see how Koscheck can win really, I think GSP is better in every aspect of the game. Lets wait to see thou…

  • griffin

    I have a feeling this will be the best season in a long time

  • HugeCleavage

    looks great! 2 of my favorite fighters coach against each other :) May the best man wins!

  • WingChun

    “I hate losing, more then I love winning” – Josh Koscheck

    And there in lies the seeds of JK’s demise, for GSP loves winning, more then he hates (or fears) losing. It’s part of the difference between the two. One is the attitude, mentality and maturity of a 14 year old and the other the attitude, mentality and maturity of a – man.

    I doubt few have dealt with losses the way GSP has. After each loss GSP has taken his game apart and re-evaluated and come back stronger. He is one of few fighters out there, who improves and evolves, from fight to fight. For example, in his next unveiling we will get to see what (the legendary) Freddie Roach has been able to accomplish, with Rush; can’t wait.

    Koscheck said – he wants / wanted to turn his fighters into “men’, however, you have to be a man to teach a boy (which is how JK sees his fighters; it’s implied) and unfortunately, I don’t see Koscheck as a man, but rather a child. He reproves the point, on what seems, a daily basis. He certainly proved the point with his post fight comments to the fans and city of Montreal, in his last fight. And on that point – DW should have fined his ass off for those remarks. Koscheck should be grateful that anyone would pay to see his lay ‘n pray or “acting” in the Octagon; phantom eye pokes and all.

    I have been looking forward to this all summer and it’s finally here – PTL. This might end up being the best TUF, ever.

  • WingChun

    I’d also like to suggest – given that GSP’s primary language is French, not English, he should choose to speak to Koscheck only in French. And in particular, he should, for the first time, for I feel its warranted, actually trash talk…but do it in French, to his face and with that big million dollar smile, on his face.

    I think it would be hilarious. Koscheck would have no idea what Rush was saying and would have to go and get it translated, if he wanted to.

    …what ‘d he say….what ‘d the little “frog’ say.

    I think it would get under JK’s skin, like nothing else…cause him to really lash out at George for being French Canadian and hopefully get him to shoot his mouth off, thus securing an even more raucous welcome when he steps into the “O” in…yes – Montreal; which is where the defense will be held.

    Rush to Kosh – vous flacid, teint le blond baisez.


    LOL at the the guy dressed like Bruce Lee.
    Does Fitch have someone fix hair like that?

  • UrHype

    What good does that do when no-one will know what hes saying, to think I condensed that down from a small book.

  • pooya

    Its gonna be a nice fight, if gsp takes him down his gonna lay and pray and if Kosheck takes gsp down his gonna do the same. but i think gsp is a better prayer on the floor. Kosheck is trash talker so he well talk so mutch crap so gsp will hump him hard for 5 rounds. I just hope gsp wispers in Koshecks ears when his on top like kosh did to Paul daily.

  • WingChun

    @ Urine Hype (AKA Piss)

    Why are you on this site? What does a pustule such as yourself contribute? And what parent names their child Urine? I have visions of you in a run down trailer, a barn on one side, recycling depot / salvage yard, on the other.

    You condensed it down from a small book – good for you, Urine. With this statement you prove that you can read – wow; and then you prove that you can post with that ejaculate cover keyboard, of yours – good for you, Urine.

    Go back to the barn Urine, mate with your decomposing half-sister and wait for your dial-up connection to come back. No one cares what you think, Urine – no one; except for, possibly, Child Protective Service, the county medical examiner and you parole officer.

    Concluding – you never have anything meaningful to say or contribute. Your attempts at humor are pathetic and demonstrative of a low IQ. With that said, I encourage you to continue you reading my posts, for (surely) they provide benefit to you, even if it’s only on a subconscious level.

    I hope you have a good day in the barn, Piss – my best to your half-sister.


    Wing Chun

    PS – Gros, muet et stupide n’est aucune façon de passer par la vie, le fils.

  • HugeCleavage

    That was pretty hilarious!

  • TheRealDeal

    Wow!! Don’t mess with Mr. Chun. Very descriptive comeback there Wing-man.

  • KoscheckFanBoy

    oh shit I can’t wait!!1

    I’m sure my man Koscheck will prove everyone that he’s a good coach and you’ll all grow to love him, just like with Tito or Frank Mir, who came into the show pretty hated by many, but proved to be a honest, dedicated coaches. So yeah, I see Koscheck like that. Besides, he’s been coaching wrestling since forever so he must know a thing or two about coaching people, right?

    I pray GSP won’t turn out to be a “oh well” kind of guy like Rampage or BJ Penn were on the show. You know, not caring about their guys and just being there for the final fight.

    We’ll see.

    “I hate losing more than I like to win” ~ Koscheck

  • WingChun

    Thank You HG; all we can do is try.

  • WingChun

    @ CageRage

    Thanks CG; I appreciate the comment. I pride myself on the descriptive. Although, Urine is not much of a challenge. Piss, readily provides me with all the folder and inspiration I require.


    Wing Chun

  • Ninja

    This is going to be a good season, LW fights are always entertaining and exciting and as for the coaches both have some of the best camps in MMA rite now, so I can see some really good fights and coaching this season

  • EnsonInoue

    tuf sucks

  • Rafaelroberto840


  • colktfo

    lets hope we see gsp do some stand up, havent been all excited for gsp latley

  • comonson

    koscheck is gonna win the battle (the show) GSP is gonna win the war
    ( the fight)

  • Jamie Kennedy


  • Hit2Hurt

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