Chris Leben: Wanderlei Silva is my Hero

  • THF

    Can’t wait for this fight guys !

  • Endo

    Yeah, it’s THE dream fight from an entertainment standpoint. Looking forward to this, just to see it.

    I think either Leben or Wand could win it too, I’m leaning towards Wand – don’t think Leben can handle the amount of power punches he throws close-in, Leben’s best chance is to be cautious in this fight and he’s not going to be. Having said that, Wand’s chin these days….

    Will be happy with either winning tho, hopefully it’s as good as it could be and goes 3 rounds, both of them are fading at one point and there’s a finish late in the 3rd, or it goes the distance with them still both swinging like maniacs.

    Most anticipated for me, then Jr and Cain.


    FOTN + KOTN written all over this.
    Going with Wand. I think Leben will be over anxious.

  • Loboplomo

    the winner here will be the guy with the best chin

  • ck1

    I was reading a comment someone left about this fight and what he said was so true. it is funny really that this fight is getting so much attention because the sport has moved on, the level of the fighters has increased massively and we are expecting so much more from the fighters now. We want to see brilliant striking and awesome jj in the same fight and yet this fight will probably have neither, just a brawl. lebans defense is non existent, i think he is one of the sloppiest strikers out there but his chin has got him through so many fights, then there is wand who was a machine in pride but hasnt really achieved anything since coming to the ufc, and is well past his best. So do we really want to see this new breed of well rounded, highly skilled fighters or just 2 guys continually smashing each other till one is knocked out, with hardly any skill involved.

  • totsno2

    Bang Bang Bang………goodnight !!!! Fight of the night !

  • Wanderlouie

    what?…. so anyone with a good chin can come and have the success against these “highly skilled fighters”. i have some news for you kid before you insult every fighter chris leben has beaten. if you can beat highly skilled fighters, you obviously are a highly skilled fighter. having heart and a chin are add-ons to what makes chris so good. you obviously have never boxed or kickboxed before or else you would know that chris isnt sloppy, he has an awkward style. just like jon jones, anderson silva and chuck liddell (are they highly skilled enough for you?. his last fight was won with a triangle, one of the hardest bjj moves to land, against a formidable opponent.
    and for wanderlei sliva? youre obviously just an idiot if you say theres no skill involved in his fights. he has amazing muay thai, decent wrestling and good jiu jitsu. michael bisping is one or two fights away from a title shot and who was his last loss? wanderlei. learn more about mma before you talk

  • ck1

    ha ha. wanderloiue. you are putting leben in the same category as anderson silva and jon jones!! hilarious. They are 2 of the best and highly skilled. Dont insult them. You complete idiot. I have knowledge, been watching this sport from the start, but this comes down to opinion. I said wand was a machine in pride but i said he hasnt achieved anything in the ufc. His style was always so aggressive and fast, but its a style of a younger guy which is why he hasnt had the sucess he had before. The triangle is one of the hardest moves to do? really. sorry royce!!. Leben has got through fights with his chin and power. He was almost out on his feet against akiyama, he got through that fight cos he wasnr ko’ed and that was because of his chin. If you really believe that leben has an akward style rather than sloppy then so be it, but when someone doesnt risk standing in front of him for a slug fest he gets found out. Just like bisping. he was able to pick him apart and move and it left leben swinging. Then you have nobodies like terry martin who try to knock him out and get knocked out themselves cos they stand in the pocket, same for akiyama, sakara, santiago, simpson. If you have a decent game plan then you can beat leben but those guys he beat are hardly the ‘highly skilled fighters’ as you call them. I have actually gone for leben in this fight cos i see these 2 standing and banging and lebens chin being the deciding thing. I still say he is a sloppy striker.

  • x91-iNfiNiTi


  • Bucky Power

    I think ck1 pissed of Wanderlouie

  • jackthedrinker89

    He didnt put them in the same category skill wise dumbass he put them in the same category stylistically.

  • ogobska

    agree crazy fight crazy fighters one hell of a match

  • D

    Leben probably has a better chin just because Wand has been in more fights and taken more punishment… not by a lot though because of Leben’s style. I do think Wand is more technical and hits harder, and I think he has better cardio, so I think he will get the stoppage in the 3rd round when Leben begins to fade.

  • ogobska

    @ck please don”t watch highlights dmbass, watch the whole fight, that you will see the skills they imbue with their body

  • Joey Santosus

    I agree with you on this being one of the best fights you could make in terms of entertainment value. With that said, and I don’t want to sound negative, but I was even more excited for this before Leben got knocked out by Stann. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still looking forward to it big time, but it makes me think that if Wandi still has that same power when he returns, then its going to be a short fight.

  • ck1

    i think wanderlouie is an idiot.

  • ck1

    ogobska. i dont watch highlights. i watch the whole events as i have espn which shows every event for free in the uk.

  • ck1

    @wanderlouie. you say that leben beat highly skilled guys, can you nane them from the list. santiago(got cut from the ufc as he couldnt handle it, is back, but it wont last and lost in his 1st fight). terry martin (cut from the ufc, now fighting nobodies) akiyama( probably about to be cut, when he gets beaten by vitor and will have 3 losses in a row). Couldnt beat rosholt (also cut from the ufc with 2 losses from 3 fights). jay silva ( cut from the ufc after losing twice in a row). Sorry wanderlouie. can you name these highly skilled fighters that leben keeps beating.

  • Wanderlouie

    How ironic cuz the 21 people who weaked your comments thought YOU were an idiot

  • ck1

    are you giving up wanderlouie, or shall i continue. Then lets see what happened when leben fought better oppostioon like bisping, silva, stann, yes you guessed, he got smashed.