Chael Sonnen loses his cool with Anderson Silva at the bizarre UFC 117 Media Conference Call

UFC Middleweight title challenger Chael Sonnen gave a star performance during the UFC 117 Media Conference Call, which was highlighted by Anderson Silva’s one-word answers. More than that, at some point Ed Soares stepped in to answer questions instead of his client. The peak of the event was when Silva declared that the only change in his preparations was training with Steven Seagal, forcing Chael Sonnen to interfere and call him “a dummy who doesn’t know how to promote a fight”.

The war of words between the two camps will continue until August 7th, when the two warriors will step inside the Octagon to battle for the UFC Middleweight gold. Here’s some of the main things said at the conference call, summarized by

Chael Sonnen: “Anderson has a lot of tools. I don’t see a glaring weakness anywhere. I might look at tape this week.”

Sonnen: “I’m the toughest guy in the company. There has never been a guy with earrings that can out-tough me and he’s not gonna be the first.”

Sonnen: “There are a lot of distractions for this fight. But if you’re in the main event that’s how it should be. You should have to answer a lot of questions about the fight and if you notice, all the questions are coming to me. I’m a partner with the UFC, he’s an employee. People want to talk to me because I give coherent answers unlike my opponent who’s on speaker phone somewhere driving in his car giving ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers.”

Silva: “Dana can say what he wants to say,” regarding cutting him with another poor performance.

Sonnen: “I make all my comments with my political future in mind. I received 96.3 percent of the vote. I’m wildly popular.”

Silva on whether he is tired with the whole media process in the lead up to the fight, “No.”

Silva: “No, I’m not concerned about Sonnen’s wrestling. I didn’t have a problem with Dan Henderson and he was one of the best wrestlers around.”

Silva on future fights, “I’m only thinking about my fight next week.”

Sonnen on who he would want to fight should he win, “I think Vitor Belfort is in line next. That’s not really who i would want to fight. I have a guy in mind and I’ll challenge him on the night of the 7th.”

Sonnen on why he dislikes Silva so much, “I’ve never had a problem with what he does in the cage. I don’t believe in sportsmanship and honor. It’s a fight. I just don’t like him. I don’t have to have a reason, not everybody can like everybody. I’m going to got out there and take his belt on the 7th and Dana’s gonna fire him on the 8th.” 

Silva said he’s very excited about the atmosphere in the arena regarding the Brazil vs. U.S. match-ups.

Sonnen on the U.S. vs. Brazil match-ups, “I don’t think it’ll be too different. American fans aren’t real biased. We just like whoever we like as opposed to other countries who are more loyal.”

Sonnen: “I don’t think Anderson has any fans. He’s the only guy in the world that has been a champion for 4 years and only has one sponsor. Nobody wants to associate themselves with him. Nobody wants to dress like him or be like him. I, on the other hand, have numerous sponsors who do very well. That should tell you all you need to know about his popularity.”

Sonnen: “Representing Oregon gives me a lot of motivation.”

Sonnen: “Anderson has been picking his fights for years. He fought a Math teacher from Ohio and a one-legged Canadian. Things will be drastically different for him when he fights a world-class wrestler like myself.”

Silva on whether he cares about fans booing him, “Fans are fans. They’re cheering one minute and booing the next. Fans don’t really understand what’s happening in the cage. I don’t blame them.

Steve Cofieled captured the best moment of the presser at the 4:38 minutes mark:

  • MMAoracle

    Oh man, this is build-up is a treat :)

  • MMAW

    Lol @ the answer with Steven Seagal, that was the last straw that pissed off Sonnen

  • capjo

    If there was any doubt with anybody as to what Sonnen was saying about Silva and his ego, this interview proves Sonnen right. Silva is an arrogant ego swollen jackass.

    He literally thinks he is above the sport. Pressers are part of being a fighter. Dealing with media and fans are part of the sport. On fight night, showing up to fight instead of clowning around after the high price folks pay ( with their hard earned money) for their tickets is a MUST.

    ..and since when is ed Soares filling in for Silva fight night? in this clip anyway, the guy basically held a presser with himself. he was sitting there giving answers to reporters question as if he were silva with Silva sitting 1 foot away from him….WTF?

    Silva is a also a crackpot wierdo. Between that 13 yr old sounding voice, those facial expressions and those goof moves he makes, the guy makes my skin crawl.

  • MereDictum

    Did he just say he gets bood cause we, the fans, are to stupid to understand what goes on in a cage? So I guess child-like tantums and bizzare behavior are actually complicated martial art moves we just don’t “get”. Yea, OK.

    I officially want him to get his ass beat.

  • TheRealDeal

    What a surprise, Sonnen acting like a complete dic* right before the fight.

  • UrHype

    Yea, Anderson you know me alright. One second I’m booing and one second I’m cheering, and hell that’s simply because I don’t know what the hell is going on in that octagon.
    Kiss my ass Anderson. You don’t know what it means to be a champ.

  • 51JD51

    Silva still has a point though (so do u as well), if no one comes close to getting knocked out for more than 20s ppl will start booing in a fight still.

  • grapplure

    chael sounds like an attention whore, he is racist towards brasilians thats why, he doesnt want vitor if he wins??i bet hes going to challenge leben

  • blackhouse

    Chael is just trying to gain more fans that’s why he is trying to get more people to hate Anderson. It hurts him that he doesn’t have as many fans. He is obviously trying to market himself. What happens when he gets KO’d on Aug. 7 ? People will be back on the A SILVA bandwagon. Watch.

  • Krogan

    It’s kind of funny that Silva is as cryptic in his comments as the shadiest of politicians yet its Sonnen who is up front and honest that is actually the politician, its like the world has turned up side down.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Nope, I think he is racist towards any other races not just people from Brazil.

  • falcon4917

    Neither do we.


    Will Silva be coming into the fight as the ‘heel’?

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Chael is a Politician trying to get some fame of this fight for his political career, haven’t we learned anything from the other politicians yet?
    I hope he backs up all of the crap he has been talking on fighting day because Anderson Silva is going to make him pay for his trash talking.

  • BigNog22

    cheal is maybe not at the level of silva,but he sure know how to promote a fight. I think even if silva knew how to speak English,he still would have get “destroy” verbally.

  • docedoce

    dude people should leave Anderson alone, he doesn’t want to engage on shit talking…

  • docedoce

    Yeah I think Sonnen’s sh*t talking strategy is biting him right no the *ss. AS is not stupid he knows his “boring” answers, are getting annoying.

  • pooya

    What Sonnen dosent understand is that the fight will be in a cage and not behaind some reporters mike. What is he going to say if he loses? he will start coming whit lame excuses. Suck Dana of for a rematch and talk shit to hipe the fight. Anderson is a fighter not a singer, he dosent have to play Sonnens game and respond. He sad am he will do his job the 7th so what more does he need to say? we pay to se him fight not talk.

  • docedoce

    Fans are made inside the octagon/ring, I don’t care about the talk, I care about the fight. People cheer one minute for fighter “A” the next second they’re cheering for fighter “B”.

  • nickpeyon

    Dude, Anderson Silva answered all the questions honestly, I dont see a problem with that. You dont like it just because he didnt bite the bait? Comon, he doesnt have to worry about this. He’s a fighter and he’s there to fight. Let the promoters promote.

  • Ninja

    Lol this is awesome, can’t wait till the actual fight

  • nickpeyon

    What are you on about? I dont see any problems with Anderson’s comments.

    “did you train different this time?” “No”
    “are you annoyed with these questions? “no”
    “what do u think of Chael” “he’s a funny guy” (and we all think that, even Franklin MacNeil was laughing non stop on mma live when he intervied Chael)
    “What do you mean by funny?” “he’s talking nonsense when trying to promote the fight. I rather dont worry about trash talk but show results instead”
    “So, really, no difference in you camp this time around?” “Actually, the only change I’ve made this time is that I trained with Segal once”

  • nickpeyon

    It’s a fight, not a debate. Anderson doesnt have to promote fights, thats what the promoters and the UFC marketing people do.

  • Jizzle11

    Yeah but i bet you really don’t know what’s going on in there. Silva knows Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Doe, Boxing, Capoeria, Judo and BJJ. Once you have a solid understanding of all of those, then you can criticize.

  • AnAmerican

    I think its pretty funny how this whole time Sonnen has been trying to get under Anderson’s skin with his words, and Silva is actually getting under Sonnen’s skin with his lack of words!

  • UrHype

    Oh Yea!!!!!!!! Thumb Wrestling Champ 2002.

  • Rane

    Chael should be a comedian instead of a polititian. LOL!

  • Joey Santosus

    This once again shows that Silva is a real champion… Any other interpretation is odd in my opinion, but do what you do.

  • s4m1k

    Damn do i have a special hate for loud mouth politicans


    Will he sucker punch A.S. like Daily did Kos?

    Will Dana gladly put the belt back around A.S. waist?

    Will their bellies be stuffed from swallowing pride & crow pie the rest of the night?
    2 be honest Chael sold this fight, hell my 117 ticket wasn’t cheap

  • grapplure

    who would vote for this clown? Republicans thats who!

  • TheGoocH

    when he was asking how does he think hes funny i thought he was jking, using the line from goodfellas “how the **** am i funny, what the **** is so funny about me!”

  • ston3pony

    You know Brazil is a place on a map, and not a race right?

  • TheGoocH

    yea after all this im starting to like chael more and more man. he tells it how it is which is the truth. its false hope but i do hope he beats anderson coz im just sick of him walking around acting like hes the ****ing king or somthing…

  • ston3pony

    Must be true if children can keep repeating it based on nothing right UG.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Yes, I know that Brazil is just a place on the map and not a race…thank you for pointing that out to me. As far as the other comment, I’m just going to respect your opinion.

  • Hdownmma

    Racist? That’s kind of a stretch…As far as him being referred to as an “attention whore” id say hes done a great job promoting the fight. He really didn’t have a big following and so hes taken the opportunity in this title fight to make some noise. Hes doing his job getting people like you and others to make fun of him and make silly accusations. People are talking about this fight a lot because of him. My hats off to chale for capitalizing on the opportunity he earned.

  • knn03

    LOL I love Chael Sonnen.

  • ston3pony

    Well, I’m just saying, racist is a word and it has meaning. I haven’t seen a single example of anything he’s said that could be considered racist. Unless I’ve missed something?

  • mmauk

    Exactly that Franklin McNeal is a tool on MMA live he was doing nothing but laugh when Chael was on. then in the interview he he says Chael is not joking he’s serious BULL. Sonnen has got it wrong his boss Dana White has said on numerous occasions that real fans don’t care about where the fighters are from and if they can speak English let alone engage in trash I wanna see fights not idle talk

  • Azzer12

    Sonnen should give up the trash talk already. Silva has already shown hes too chilled to let it bother him. Sonnen is only going to get more and more frustrated continuing on this route.

  • Madnessstill

    ” They’re cheering one minute and booing the next. Fans don’t really understand what’s happening in the cage.”

    Yep, recognize those idiots for what they are. I’m starting to feel anderson should quit after he beats this jokers ass.

  • MereDictum

    Yes, you’re right and make a good point, but we are talking about two separate things that are not mutually exclusive. I, unlike Silva, believe most MMA fans are sophisticated enough to understand what code on in a cage during a fight. The booing that we hear when fans are “bored” happens for a different reason. I don’t particularly like it , however, it doesn’t mean those fans don’t know what is going on in the cage. They just want to be entertained

  • MereDictum

    “Goes” not “code”

  • Madnessstill

    lol this interview was hilarious……….
    Anderson goes on for like 30 seconds talking, and then it’s just like “no”.

    Sooo funny…lol

    “whattaya mean chaels funny? Funny how? Like i amuse you?!”
    This is like a script! I mean this is literal gold right here

    “what changes have you made for this fight?”
    “I trained with steven segal” *chael gets sooooo pissed off ahaha*

  • japanegro23

    Dude that’s only because I broke my thumb the night before the championship and you know it. I want my $20 Best Buy gift card!!! Fork it over!

  • MereDictum

    You’d lose that bet.

  • UrHype

    we know who democrats consist of, no need pointing that out lol

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    Chael is a fair man. He doesnt see colors, just sees friends and enemies and Silva is an enemy that happens to be Brazilian….Chael hasnt said anything bad about Vitor and hes brazilian..

  • UrHype

    I think Chael is making Dana happier than Anderson did in his last 3 fights…….

  • UrHype

    Lucky you challenged blindfolded, that was my foot

  • UrHype

    BigToe PoWaaaa!

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    Theres no way in knowing whether what Chael is saying is getting to Silva….Silva barely is in the media. And when he is its organized so he can keep his composure. We have to see him everyday to really know

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    @Hdownmma couldnt have said it any better

  • David Saucier

    I think one point Chael was trying to make that some of the biggest champs, and biggest figures in the UFC help build the company and sell more tickets, and ppv by engaging in trash talk, and as much hype as possible to help the company grow as well as being easy access for fans. Chael is saying the A.Silva isnt doing what he believes a Champ should do for the good of the company.

  • Lordalek

    OMR I though u were a republican with all your comments about UK and stuff… Ur shit was funny man, dont let the “weaks” bothering u.

  • DanaBlack


  • Rigo

    you gotta give it to Chael , he knows how to hype a fight!
    after the fight with Cote and Leithes i havent care much about silva’s fights , i was just hoping he would return to the old Silva but he hasent

    and after the Maia fight i was pretty sure i wasent going to watch his fights anymore , but Chael Sonnen was made this fight a no miss!!

    im actually pretty pump for this one!
    and right before that is Thiago vs Alves and Nelson vs Dos santos

    and after UFC 117 is an even better event! UFC 118!

  • ckapps

    I have to agree with chael on this one. Andersons not acting like a champ….Hes being ignorant. hes acting like he knows best and all of us are stupid. He dosent care about his fans…at all…a question properly like “how did u train for this fight” answering in the way he did dosent demonstrate him trying to “not talk smack”

    there would of been no smack talking required in that answer….instead anderson is just doing what he wants to do…hes brushing everyone off. thats not a champion people. you need to understand this.

    i dont agree with how much chael has talked sh*t….but anderson is just doing verbally what he did at ufc 112..

  • Dabs

    Frankin McNeal = Fail and Chael = Racist?…

  • bluntsandbeers

    naaa former team quest memmber, he aint challenging leben he wants maia

  • Kuroshimaru

    i think chael was right in a way and trust me i aint no red neck i am Hispanic, what i think chael was trying to say is that Anderson always acts like he is doing a favor to the media and always acts like an asshole , what kind of freaking question is “no” when people are trying to hear form you , cause this is not only fights my men it’s a whole different ball game now people are interested in the human behind the fighter and to me the on on silva is just like a up nose motha ****a.

  • ksooner76

    Sonnen is building the fight like its his last……make sure he
    sells PPVs working on the pay day….and if he wins damn dudes
    stock will go up sponsor will pay more

  • ksooner76

    Chael acts like its a popularity contest……and why does he keep talking
    about Dana firing Silva I just dont see that happening

  • jsnwht

    I did actually LOL at Silva’s answer to, “how are you training differently?”: “I started training with Stephen Segal.” LOL… that was hilarious. Silva is great. Hell, no one is perfect. He’s got a great personality, and the majority of his fights are some of the most entertaining in the history of the sport.

    It isn’t his fault that people run from him from time to time. People blame him for dancing in the last fight, for instance, but they forget to mention that there were times Maia literally ran away and laid on his back. Silva may have responded with a little f*cking around of his own, but that is to be expected. The UFC needs to pair him against people that will fight him, that’s all. Then we see him be challenged and he open up his can of whup-ass… and that’s exactly what we’ll see in his next fight! Can’t wait!

    As to Chael, you need to go talk to Brock Lesnar about getting into professional wrestling. I personally don’t tune in for your grade-school schoolyard drama, but I guess I can’t blame you for resorting to that kind of crap. WWE shows us that a lot of people do. As for me, I just want to see proficient martial artists go at it until the best man wins. And you ain’t the best man this time! Oh, and I’m also pretty sure you’re a closet homosexual.

  • GSPfan

    Blackhouse, If Chael gets knocked out on the 7th, I won’t get on the A. Silva bandwagon. Ill be on the bandwagon of Belfort bec he’s the next person to get a shot at kicking this idiots ass.
    As Sonnen stated, he’s not talking trash. He’s just telling the truth, and that trash talk is something u make up about somebody else. I agree with 90 percent of the things he says about Silva. The guy is a douche. He don’t give 2 sh*ts about his fans or the company he works for. He don’t care about anyone but himself. I don’t see how anyone could like someone like that. He’s an egotistical, self-centered, a**hole who thinks he is better than everyone else. I might not be trash talking, but by him being a smarta** by answering those questions the way he did, he’s starting to engage. Not with trash talk, but u can tell that the things Chael has said is getting to him, so now he decides to finally come back the only way he knows how. If it wasn’t for Chael Sonnen, no one would be interested in this fight. Anybody who says anything about wanting to watch this fight, it’s because they either want to see if Chael can back his talk up, or if they are a silva fan, it’s because they want Silva to shut him up. Not 1 person on this board has said anything about wanting to watch this fight because of A. Silva alone. All of the talk is about Chael Sonnen. So even if he losses, is mission is complete. He is in the mind of all UFC fans. Say what u want to say, but it’s true.

  • Hit2Hurt

    Yeah, Chael says he’s a big Vitor fan. Just cuz Sonnen has ragged on Silva saying he really speaks English people call him a racist. And when he said if you bow in Brazil they’ll hit you on the head and take your wallet. That’s not a racist statement. There are plenty of different races in Brazil including white people. It’s a joke about how Brazil’s pretty rough in some places. Everybody’s making way too big a deal of everything. He can say what he wants. He hasn’t crossed any real lines. Just chill out everybody. It’s what these guys do. I’ve seen other fighters seem truly racist. Nothing like what’s going on here.

  • Hit2Hurt

    Here’s how it is folks. Silva is an amazing fighter. Yet he’s pissed some people off by maybe not always doing his best. Sonnen is as dedicated and hard working as they come. He’s even admitted what bugs him is jealousy on his part. It doesn’t feel good when you work your ass off your whole life and your a great fighter, but there’s this other guy who doesn’t seem to take it so serious and he’s been blessed with an incredible amount of talent. Sonnen wants that glory. He’s put in the work, he wants to win. He doesn’t like that Silva gets to be champ all the time when all he wants is that belt at least one time. You gotta understand how bad he wants it. He swore to his dying dad that he’d be a world champ. Then paulo fihlo didn’t make weight and Chael didn’t get the WEC belt he should’ve had. So here he is, with his biggest challenge possible. And he knows how far the odds are against him. He’s building up the fight, but he’s also on a quest, just like he says. That guy wants to be champ as much or more than anyone out there. And he sure as hell puts in the work. The promise he made to his dead dad, maybe he shouldn’t have done that. But you gotta see this guy would be fine with dying himself tomorow if he was the champ first. Nothing else is on this guys mind. Maybe politics but they take a back seat to fighting. People can hate him all they want but at the end of the day he’s just using the tools he has. He’s a good speaker, and he’s almost made this a political thing. Look how everyone’s arguing almost like they would over their favorite politicians in an election. I wish him the best of luck cuz i think he deserves it if he can win, and if he does, whether people call it a fluke or not, maybe he’ll get some peace. This dudes going out of his mind right now. I honestly feel kinda bad for him. But he’s got balls of steel going in there against the best fighter in the world. And I do think he’ll be the first guy that doesn’t get intimidated. He may still get ko’d. But the fact that he wants to fight will make this one worth watching.

  • Warcrazed

    Sonnen is trying to make this like Mir vs LEsnar and Evans vs Rampage with all the hype and staredown BS but its not, Silva aint biting the bait.. time for sonnen to give it up spend less time googling insults and more time training. Mayeb Rashad should give that snuggie he bought for rampage to Sonnen, he gonna get better use outta it

  • Warcrazed

    oh and chael lol i watch the ufc to watch two people fight, and to be honest ive seen every anderson silva fight and i didnt rele kno who u were until u beat nate, which i didnt think was impressive.

  • Warcrazed

    lol so in other words ur gonna jump from the chael sonnen train and then wen this “miraculous” fighter loses ur just gonna hop on the belfort train? what a fan, bravo. You must rele hate anderson.. What? did he bumshove ur mom or something?

  • Hit2Hurt

    your not saying anything other than the fact that you are not a hardcore fan. so you didn’t see his title fights in WEC. that doesn’t mean he hasnt fought a lotta great fighters. It means you only watch the main events of UFC ppv’s. People know who he is. And anyone beating Nate is impressive. I should probly quit getting in arguments with newbs on the internet. i just want this fight to happen already. cuz he’s at least gonna make a fight out of it.

  • japanegro23


    Do you think it is beneficial for the sport to grow in that way? Is that the way the UFC needs to get attention? I’m not arguing with you. Just asking.

  • japanegro23

    Why does he have to talk like that? You are trying to say its noble of him to do it for his dad but I’m still not understanding why he has to talk so much.

  • GSPfan

    I’m not a Chael Sonnen fan. There is nothing about Sonnen that is miraculous. But yes, I do dislike Silva. He’s a great fighter. I have never once said that he wasn’t, but he’s an idiot, and has of late been an embarrassment for a sport that I love. If you was one of the people that spent the money for a ticket for his last fight, you would be upset also.

    I’m sorry, but I didn’t realize that made me a horrible fan by wanting any person that fights a fighter I dislike to win? Just because I want you’re man to lose doesn’t mean you have to take personal shots. Get off of his nuts. It’s not that big of a deal.

    And btw, No I’m not mad because he bumshoved my mom. I’m mad because you’re mom gave me herpasyphilitis. That dirty *ho*e. That’s a joke, so don’t get you’re panties all in a bunch. To take personal shots at an individual is stupid and immature. Be a man and stop acting like a child because I don’t love you’re favorite fighter.

  • GSPfan

    To taker personal shots on an internet messaging board I mean

  • David Saucier

    Just look how far the UFC has come with this hype model. I would say yes it is beneficial for trash talk, of course their is always a thing as to much. This not as severe as Mir v Lesnar, and that was the biggest selling ppv yet. I wont get into more detail if you want to discuss it further msg me, I dont mind.

  • Joey Santosus

    I thought that at first two, that wasnt Anderson speaking that was Soares asking him the question. All Anderson said back was the “No.” Unless you meant to say Soares went on for like 30 seconds…. Anyhow, you point is still valid.

  • Joey Santosus

    Man oh man, what is wrong with you people? You are brain washed or something…. What and the hell did Silva do wrong?!? Lol, other than his one supposed “unsportsmanlike” outing, whats the big deal? Yea, so he didnt finish in other fights, but there are plenty of fighters guilty of the same thing…. Really “guilty” is s stupid word, because who are we as fans to sit back and say a fighter should have been able to do this and that and the other….. Just because you believe Silva CAN finish, doesnt mean you are correct…. It just goes to show that you expect more from him based of his skill-set. Which means you are recognizing his superiority as a fighter…

  • Joey Santosus

    *in the hell… What in the hell…. Sorry folks.

  • Hit2Hurt

    I agree with you Stickin. I’m a Sonnen fan but I also like Silva. I thought the last fight was kinda silly but the first 3 rounds I thought it was good what he did cuz it really showed for the first time just how well that guy can move. And what he’s really capable of. I know a lotta people are bandwagon hating Silva. But I just wanna clear it up to people that just cuz I want Sonnen to at least be able to make a fight of it, it doesn’t mean I hate Silva for not delivering instant ko’s. He’s an amazing fighter. It would be nice if he’d do his best, if he hasn’t been. But you are right. No one else gets criticized for not finishing every fight they are in. In all honesty though, I still think he could have finished Maia in the first few rounds, but hell, maybe his cardio wasn’t on point and he didn’t wanna take a risk on that by going too hard every time. Either way, I like both of these fighters. I just hope and expect that this one is more competitive.

  • Hit2Hurt

    there are hispanic rednecks out there, i’ve met a black red neck before. i guess it’s a different kind of redneck than a racist white man. but you get the idea. just don’t get why people call chael a redneck. being from the south i have a lot of redneck experience. and i’ve met them in NY, even around Chicago. It’s more of an ignorant lazy thing than a white thing. i’m mixed and i have some redneck roots but i’m not a racist. just wanted to throw that out there to any people that arent familiar with real rednecks. the kind that are just country arent necessarily bad. it’s just the ones that hate. and those people are scumbags.

  • Joey Santosus

    Well, he said that he couldn’t find his range…. Which is a real issue that fighters have in the octagon. But people didn’t want to hear it… They just wanted to hate, so why should he continue to explain himself. Still, even with that aside, its just one damn mistake, in the past ppl were amused by his taunting, so he got carried away, big deal. As far as other fighters not finishing, they do get criticized at times, but never to this kind of extent… Its kinda stupid. In the end, no “fan” has any idea what its like to be in the cage, yet they pretend to know what they are talking about and say “oh he should have done this or he should have done that” Seriously? Why don’t you get in there and show us how its done then? Oh thats right, u cant because he is a professional fighter and you’re not…..

  • Spyridon

    Andersons not acting like a champ and you agree with Chael?

    How is what Chael is doing the conduct a potential champ should have?

  • Spyridon

    I find it funny that you mention Silva does not care about his fans and he thinks hes better than everyone else.

    You think Chael cares about his “fans”? (the few people who even heard of him before he started talking trash?)

    You say it straight up, “even if he loses his mission is complete” – that shows he just wants attention, not that he gives a shit about his fans.

    Not to mention, Silva hasnt said anything once that remotely sounds like he thinks hes better than everyone else. How many times has Sonnen mentioned lately that hes the best fighter in the world bla bla bla?

    He even disrespected Rich Franklin and Forrest Griffin – both fighters who would likely wipe the floor with Chael too.

    And your talking about fighters that think they are better than others? That’s a joke, lol.

  • Spyridon

    Chael is as hard working as they come? And you know this how?

    Chael has been quoted before saying he doesnt need jiujitsu in his arsenal…. does that sound like a man who is as hard working as they come? lol

    BTW, lots of fighters didnt get intimidated by Silva. They are the ones who got knocked out.

  • Spyridon

    I’ve asked the same thing so many times. People just play favorites. If it was their favorite winning a decision (like GSP) they would give him props.

    Then there is the people that talk trash about Silva’s taunting. That’s the same style of thing Ali and Jones Jr have been known for.

    I really dont get why it’s okay for Roy Jones to use many of the EXACT taunts that Silva uses – even far worse ones – and then laying back for a -12 ROUND- decision. The thing is, Roy never had to worry about his opponents being able to grab an arm and sub him in seconds.

    But people talk shit about Silva laying back for the last 2 rounds like it was the most unprofessional thing ever? It dont help that Dana threw a fit as well.

    The blame should be on the promoters for putting Maia in there when he was completely outclassed. Noone in their right mind was looking forward to that fight, or thought Maia was a competitor.

    I honestly just think MMA fans as a whole are just more immature. They just want to see knock outs, or play favorites.

  • Hit2Hurt

    idk who you think you are. but i do train to fight. no i’m not a pro, but i’m not afraid to fight anyone. and i didn’t say what he should have done. but i do speculate that he didn’t do his best. idk that for sure but it’s a damn sure possibility by the way he acted. just cuz i haven’t had pro fights doesn’t mean i don’t understand the game. and i know how good he is. his range looked pretty on point when he was beating the shit out of maia. i don’t care about his last fight. i just like chael as a fighter and his relentless style. but i’m definitely entitled to my opinion that anderson didn’t do his best. i’m not calling him names or saying they should cut him. i don’t think demian started doing anything different that threw anderson off. i think maybe anderson gassed a little later in the fight. and like i said maybe was afraid to burn a lotta energy going for the kill early on. but if you’re gonna try to burn anyone, try some of these other guys. cuz i know exactly what i’m talking about. i doubt many people on the site even train at all. the ones that do probly do believe he could have finished maia, by watching how bad he had his way with him. just cuz i’m not elite like anderson doesn’t mean i didn’t see the fight like everyone else. there is a reason so many people were pissed off. and i didn’t even care about the maia fight. i’m just glad about this one cuz i think chael can do better.

  • Hit2Hurt

    Like i said. everyone’s getting so dramatic on whoever’s side they have picked for this fight. just shows what a great job Chael has done to get everyone talking about this one. So maybe when it’s over, win or lose, people will see it was all in good fun and he used his politician skills to get the fans all worked up about it. Everybody is literally arguing like they would over politics. Or at least putting that kind of effort into voicing their opinions on this fight. Maybe a lot more effort. So when everyone get’s over the drama, it’ll be interesting to see who says i told you so and which side makes excuses. It could be either one. But i think after the fight, Silva and Sonnen will shake hands and probly have a good bit of respect for eachother from that point on. I look forward to all the following arguments we are all going to get on here. But in the meantime, I can’t wait for the Bones fight, and this one. There haven’t been any fights lately that had me counting the days like this one.

  • Hit2Hurt

    and no disrespect to fans on here that don’t train MMA. all i meant to say was that i do know the game. i know how frustrating it is when you can’t find range. and that Maia is one of the last guys that would give Anderson that problem. When you can’t find your range it’s not just some problem on your part. It can be, but if you’re focused and you can’t find it it’s cuz the other guy is making that happen. Maia is not anywhere near good enough on his feet to give Silva that problem. Not when you see how easy it is on the other opponents he had. You don’t have to fight in the UFC to be able to critique a fight. If Maia was that good and elusive then Dana and everyone and their mother would not have been so mad. And Anderson would have been serious in there like he is when he knows he’s fighting a dangerous striker. this topic is getting really old. we just need to see this fight already. who cares what boxers have taunted and acted stupid in their fights. i wouldn’t blame anderson for what chael has said how he does it to set things up and draw guys in. but he was clowning. doesn’t mean i’m not still and anderson fan. just not gonna lie to myself and be all up silva’s ass saying he did his very best in that fight. we’re all gonna keep watching his fights whether we like him or not. guess it is fun that he gives us all this material to debate though. just quit acting like he’s your best friend. he doesn’t care about you. he said himself that the fans don’t know whats going on. it wouldn’t even take a hardcore fan to see that he was doing whatever he felt like in that last fight. just wish his bigger fans could let it go. i don’t even blame him. he wan’t challenged and it didn’t bring out the best in him. it’s just dumb to say that was his best.

  • kuyapogs

    that is a 10% chance of happening… on silva’s worst night if he has a flu or some weird sickness…

  • kuyapogs

    as for now he is the king. he is the king of 185 and walking with the belt. sonnen is not telling us what is happening instead telling us his plans on what he wish he could do on fight night. “false hope” right?. people dont want to see the reason behind the fights. people wants to see what fighters can do to his opponent.

  • Spyridon

    You dont have to be good on your feet to make it so that someone can not find their range. If you really train, you should know that going against Maia you want to do everything you can to stay outside of grappling range, and especially keep your legs away with the amazing leg locks he has displayed. That severely reduces your possibilities of the strikes you can -safely- do.

  • Hit2Hurt

    i don’t think chael can even control what he says anymore. not saying he’s noble. saying he’s motivated.