Chael Sonnen 2.0: Anderson Silva should be appreciated as a fighter

“It’s getting harder and harder to deny that (Anderson Silva) shouldn’t be shown that appreciation. He ducked Okami for years but he did finally go in there and he made it look easy so I think you’ve got to look at that. If you’re asking if I would ever conceive that Anderson’s better than me, no. I would simply refer you to the tape. I think he and I’s skills are vastly different. I think I could come down a lot and still be ahead of him. I also thinks he ducks and dodges opponents constantly but listen, his wins and losses speak for themselves and the fact of the matter whether I’d like to admit it or not is he’s done a better job than anybody, he’s done a better job than me and he is the champion. That doesn’t mean that I’m gonna quit poking my finger in his chest but at some point I think fairness needs to kick in too and I think you need to look at what he’s done and tip your hat to him a little bit.”UFC 136 Conferenc Call (quote via

Once again, UFC Middleweight Champion Chael Sonnen shared thoughts about Anderson Silva and his value as a Mixed Martial Artist. This time Sonnen slightly changed his tune, admitting that Anderson Silva deserves appreciation for beating-up Yushin Okami at UFC 134.  But yet, Uncle Chael claimed that he’s still the man to beat “The Spider”, who continues to “duck and dodge” opponents in the UFC Middleweight division. Sonnen’s triumphant return is just one week away, as the Oregonian faces Brian Stann in the main card action of UFC 136 in Houston, Texas.

  • takedown22

    this dude never stops talking

  • Bruce Lee

    I have always enjoyed Sonnen’s humor and entertainment value. I have not liked his disrespecting. Now, that and a few of Chael’s other comments recently are showing a small but appreciated improvement in much needed respect.

  • Bruce Lee

    During Muhammad Ali’s exile from boxing for refusing to be drafted Howard Cosell used to say that if you don’t believe Muhammad Ali is the champ then fight him. Ali and Cosell had an on air lovingly antagonistic relationship but I suspect Ali greatly appreciated Cosell’s backing. I hope Sonnen appreciates Anton’s backing in a similar fashion. (I’m sure he logs on her often)

  • EPiC

    Chael Sonnen is the man..

  • JIm

    Sonnen is the first high profile gay fighter and he should be applauded for that. It takes guts to come out like he did….

  • Woodstock

    Chael would never say that. Someone must have hacked in to his twitter account.

  • Maximuz

    @JIm don’t bring your homosexual fantasy here
    this is an MMA site, Sonnen is an MMA fighter and a great one
    he won’t turn gay just for you buddy.

  • TheGreat

    Sonnen speaks the truth , we sure should give him his dues, he is the longest to hold the title Middleweight champion.
    but he has duck opponents like Nate and Hendo and that’s a fact.
    while he may be very skill in some areas above many.
    he is not the inmortal god Dana white wants us to believe he is.
    not be stupid p4p is just a theory a speculation , it doesnt mean he really can beat all the fighters in the world.
    If Sonnen was able to manhandle him , just think what the top Light Heavyweigh would do to him and im not even going to say a thing about the Heavyweights because that’s just far beyond hes ( Silva) reach.

  • Bruce Lee

    Uh, he fought Hendo and Nate almost earned his shot.

  • nickpeyon

    What? He’s beaten them both already. After that, they both failed to become number 1 contenders again. Nate got tko’d in the 1st round, and Handerson was on his way to a tko in the 2nd, but then AS decided to choke him instead. And he was never ducking Okami… he simply failed to become a number 1 contender twice: 1st losing to Rich Franklin and then to Chael Sonnen.

    In the end, Okami did get to fight AS again and the result was the same: Okami was unable to continue. Same with Rich. I’m pretty sure Hendo and Nate would have the same fate if they have fought AS twice as well.

  • toxic

    please stop talking about silva dodging and ducking fighters…
    who hasnt he met in the MW division yet????????
    he is a title holder, he doesnt choose his opponents, Dana does!!
    what he is ducking though is the LHW division which has a looot more competition than the MW division…

  • cranestyle

    Looks like Chael is trying out some new material.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Chael’s obsession with Anderson Silva is getting deeper by the minute

  • TheGreat

    i meant in their rematches genius
    look up the recent article about Hendo dropping an H-Bomb reply on a Silva nuthugger on google and you will see what he said about Silva ducking him for the rematch after UFC 100

  • jesse

    its the stupidest thing in the world to say that the champiopn is ducking someone, if you are not worthy enough, then you dont get to fight him, okami has never proved hes worthy till recently and he only got the shot because the mw division ran out of contenders.

  • Ryan22

    Anderson does duck any of these guys. He already beat them and he’s holds the title. Those guys need to get up to top 3 again to EARN a shot at as again. Hendo can say what he wants but as beat him then he took of to strikforce he can expect a title shot as soon as he wants to come back, not that easy there’s fighters in the ufc that are working there way up and hendo can’t just jump in the mix cus he think he can. Overheem isn’t bitching about not getting a title shot right away hell destroy brock and show he’s top3 hw. And maybe fight carwin then a title shot.

    And on sonnen….wow dude your cheese done fall off your cracker. You think your better then silva? Fight him…o wait you did and you tapped and then acted like you didn’t tap hahaha. And don’t give me that ” I punched him over 200 times that means I won” ummm no if you punched him 200 times (while on PEDs) and you still couldn’t finish him then you should reconsider mma as a career maybe go back to real estate…o wait you ****ed that up too. Sonnen is a lowlife cheater in every aspect of life…200+ punches< 1 triangle choke

  • toxic

    200 punches + high testosterone level….
    he is not only a cheater he is WEAK to…

  • JIm

    He is a leading exponent and ardent activist in the Gay rights movement. Don’t diminish his accomplishments in this area. A great MMA fighter?? Not sure about that, but predictable and boring yes.

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    good job that being above velasquez on the p4p list doesn’t mean he could actually beat velasquez, think you’re looking at it all wrong..

  • blackdiesel

    Numbers don’t lie. Sonnen got a title match because of his mouth. He’s 4-4 in the UFC. All 4 loses he has been stopped and he’s never finished anyone in the UFC. He beat Okami and Marquart but who else? He got lucky enough to put on a good showing with an injured Silva while he was juiced up. Now people see him as this bad ass. He’s never been a bad ass and he just started talking shit because he was also on the under card. I doubt he will get past Brian Stann in their fight.


    So you saying Chael go by Gael in his leisure time?

  • Decarnate

    Learn what p4p means before you post again. thx.

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    The media came to him this time and asked him questions. Get over it

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    Dominating Okami and Marquardt is dominated MW’s best. His form of domination is long gritty work. Silva’s domination is short and vicious. (Or can be long and drawn out)

  • phacemon

    It seems like he has become a little more humble since the Brazil incident.

  • Nemesis

    He’s the hero of every loser internet troll for a reason.He hasn’t done a damn thing since losing the fight,being exposed for cheating,and then ratting on some fraud buddies to get out of jail time.

    That’s three straight horrible failures so maybe if he stopped talking and actually (gasp) won some fights silva could stop “dodging” him.

  • JIm

    Homo Phobic are we?

  • DaddyLongStrokes


    Why do you have to cry? He isnt even talking crap and youre still whining like a little girl.

    Its funny how some people complain about Chael’s fans being the immature ones when they are b****ing the most

  •'nuff/ sho’nuff

    Chael can talk all he wants but let’s not forget who is the champ. Loser talk and winner keep winning . At the end of the day we have to remember who is the undefeated champion

  •'nuff/ sho’nuff

    Wazup hate