Cain Velasquez meets soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo at UCLA

  • Jamie Kennedy

    Seen him play live a few times, unreal.

  • griffin

    MU needs to get Ronaldo back

  • GianGiacommo G

    this an mma site you turds!

  • thealex

    i agree man, but cain velasquez is involved, hes mma, so it counts. if it were just the soccer player, then it would be bullshit lol

  • WES22

    oh man cain velazque is reminding me ROCKY 3 i think is doing a luxury life forgetting that dos santos is training like a maniac and he wont be ready for dos santos when they meat. so all my money on dos santos

  • WES22

    sorry i meant meet looool!!!

  • docedoce

    Visca Messi!

  • Rigo

    So funny that Cristiano speaks better Spanish than Cain!
    also funny how Cristiano Speaks Spanish with the Spain accent
    ( for those who dont know, the Spanish that is speak in Mexico is very different from the one speak in Spain, similar to English from America to the British)

    But im not surprise most Europeans speak 2-3 languages
    and since Cristiano Ronaldo plays in Real Madrid in Spain
    and Portuguese being so similar to Spanish is no surprise he
    speaks Spanish so well
    Even better than Cain Velasquez lol