Brock Lesnar Hunts Mule Deer in Alberta, Canada

  • Rob5hot

    is he seriously still calling himself the baddest man on the planet!? THE DEER WAS RESTING

  • TheEnforcer

    o thats great kill the helpless buck just to stick him up on a wall, no problem killing it if it was to feed youself to survive but killing it so you can stick it up on the wall come on

  • GoldenBibi

    Brock was gassed out again…Even before he shot the deer.. LOL..Baddest Man On The Planet…pffffff….

  • Rafaelroberto840

  • jackthedrinker89

    One question would you do that Rob? I didnt think so…..

  • Howardb


  • TheRealDeal

    What are you, some kind of tree-hugger, or animal rights activist? Hunting is perfectly legal last time I checked and it keeps the animal populations in check. Plus deer is excellent to eat, it’s nice lean meat.

    I suppose you are a vegan too, don’t want to hurt any of God’s creatures now.

    Go Join P.E.T.A. hippie, and smell some flowers for us.

  • TheRealDeal

    Make that double gay.

  • takfosho

    Watch Jared Allen Spear a elk! It freakin crazy

  • ck1

    typical brock, only good at something when he can be the bully. Yeah great work brock, you shot an old animal that didnt move, i suppose you have advanced from shooting melon. Living the dream! What a simpleton.

  • jsnwht

    Hey said he is fine with hunting as long as you eat the meat, pinhead. Read the f’ing post before you slam the guy. And whether or not it is legal has nothing to do with whether or not it is right. Not too long ago it was legal to kidnap black people and force them to do your work for you.

    I’m a hunter and a meat-eater, but I agree with the original post. Killing for food is part of nature. Killing for sport only is selfish and evil, not to mention borderline psychopathic.

  • azzkika

    I hope he made sure it was an old deer and not a young one, and that he ate it. otherwise he is just a cold bloodied murderer. baddest man on the planet? Whatever Dana White and the rest of nut huggers. Big man can pull a trigger. That’s creative and positive isn’t it. What a man!!!

    As for the twat who makes sarcasm about peta, they are one of a few organisations which seek to improve the lives of all species by removing torture and unnecessary cruelty/murder. Since life IS precious anyone with the tiniest amount of sense knows they are right but heyho humans are generally idiots.


    You are lucky the deers don’t fight back , otherwise you’d have found your self curled like a ball, waiting for some ref to save your ass.

  • HollywoodKOs

    Well at least he wasn’t using Dogs… Hunting is awesome. You should try it sometime…

  • Scrappler23

    This asshole makes me sick. Killing an innocent creature is not ok at all. Hunting should be illegal. I hope Brock ****ing dies.

  • ko4u

    roflol bunch of funny people. Did you pay attention to the mountains…lol of course he was gassed then to carry the meat and head out, I bet he threw up trying to get it out. He weighs what 280ish then adding another 175lbs. Thats 455lbs walking up and down the mountain. Atleast he is eating the meat. However did you see the scar Cain gave him on his face…jesus!

  • Scrappler23

    Oh and I see Cane left a scar on your face lol… Good.

  • Paul The True

    Yea keep fighting like your last fight and still think you the the BADDEST MAN on the plant? Oh really? Great so you can hunt deer but you were hunted down by Cain and fell helplessly…. So I have an idea why don’t you start training again work on allllll areas come back win a few fights and just maybe you can be called one of the baddest man on the planet.. PROVE IT IN THE OCTAGON not playing with fuzzy animals but if they fight back will you just fall to the ground and lay there like a confused dummy? No ref to stop that fight sorry )=

  • Shaft

    Yes, very ‘bad-ass’ shooting those ‘dangerous’ deer. If a deer kicked him in the face he would panick and run for the nearest lodge. Loser.

  • freakintony

    quit crying scrappler and its cain

  • Scrappler23

    Oh yeah Freakintony I’m crying lol.. More like pissed off that he kills innocent animals. Grow a pair and stop trying to talk tough son.

  • Paul The True

    Rematch with carwin? Or Mir and Brock on the show together..?? As Coaches it could be very entertaining and to add a bunch of heavy weight and then get to watch them settle the score or he could fight Nelss nahhhh I am not really looking foreword 2 tht fight but sonnen vs wanderlei is pos…… what do you want???

  • mokoko

    Badest man on planet for killing harmles animals he shuld be banned from UFC :)

  • Rindy

    Don’t like him but atleast he’s trying to show people the real side of him not his wrestling image maybe that beating he took helped him spiritualy like himself. I don’t like hunting but its ok. its also obvious he likes coming to Canada all good. (life is good live Canadian!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • nightmonkey17

    You pussies need to calm down. How do you think your hamburgers die?

  • jackthedrinker89

    Wtf you want him to do wait for the deer to walk around the corner and him snap his neck i mean seriously when your hunting the object you shoot is sitting still.

  • UltimateMMA

    Hey cagerage I wold like to see you call Jake Shields a hippie loser He would punch a hole in your face,And why are you ripping on someone just because they don’t like to kill.How would you like it if someone sniped you in the head when you were sitting down on the couch and relaxing.

  • ragnarwins

    I couldn’t kill it but I have no problem that people do as long as they use it all. Props for slapping that thing on his back in the cold weather too. People may think 150 lbs is not to much for him but when you are breathing in that air in Alberta it is painful. 500 feet up os pretty tough as well.

  • mokoko

    Yes man Lesnar makes hamburgers from Deer’s head and horns

  • krislopez

    If you live for hunting then whats fighting for?

  • JP86

    Yeaaaaa…so we can all eat corn burgers and Soy dogs!!!!

  • taz

    “banned from the ufc” for what?

  • Rob5hot


  • HunterB

    scrappler stop crying and stop being such a pussy. guaranteed you aren’t some vegan hippie, and if you are go live in the woods or something.

  • juryson

    wait, so you’re appalled by death, but you want another man to die? If killing and “innocent” creature is wrong, what is Brock guilty of? Or did you just wanna bitch about Brock, whether the attack made sense or not? Get a life.

  • postmortem

    calm down cry baby you have no idea whether brock will eat that or not overeem likes horsemeat maybe brock likes deer.

  • juryson

    Ban Matt Hughes for hunting while you’re at it. Dumbass.

  • Thang

    Brock look like Big Foot …

  • WingChun

    I truly don’t understand what thrill one would derive from shooting a defenseless animal from a distance great enough, where the animal had / has no clue that you were / are there or that it was in danger.

    As to the argument that if you “use” all the animal, yeah, I can live with that, but I’m not sure that’s what’s happening, here. And lets face facts, Brock needs neither the food source nor the clothing source, this animal provides; regardless of whether or not he uses it; he doesn’t need it, he’s a millionaire; he has more than enough food and clothing. He could accomplish all the same outdoor experience and activities using a camera, just as easily as a rifle.

    And for the record, I am neither against guns, nor the taking of an animals life for sustenance. I am a meat eater; this is not a political stance. It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

  • Gabe

    …I just don’t understand why he’s calling himself “the baddest man on the planet” when he got beat down. You guys notice that big ass scar Cain left on him?

  • Ninja

    @ragnarwins, true that, I live in Alberta its hard to just walk from a parking lot to a store, the wind n cold is just to much during this time of the yr

  • GeorgeRuetiger

    1. Brock Lesnar breathes like Darth Vader.
    2. Notice the CainSMASH cut on his cheek? Still looks about a foot wide.

  • Ninja

    lol cagerage take it easy on the steroids he’s just expressing his views u dont have to start insulting him just calm down

  • ck1

    simpleton like brock. above

  • ko4u

    When is the last time you rolled up to Kroger and ask for deer? It was deer season. You can actually see him packing the meat and the head out, with his buddy trying to push his fat ass up the mountain. Sure he could have used a camera but I doubt the deer would have stayed still for the field dressing part. You dont get to say who hunts and who doesnt just because they have money. He likes to hunt and he enjoys the food. I did however get a chuckle out of your post. Live in the city do ya?

  • moots

    Wow I thought this was a MMA site. All of a sudden people are questioning the moral validity of hunting deer!

  • Frank904

    Big surprise Brock is killing things that can’t hit back. You know if that deer took one swing Brock would be curled up in a ball handing it his gun.

  • IStink

    I nearly spit my coffee out reading your comment…. hilarious my friend.

  • dropkickmurphy

    He shot Bambi in the face!!!

  • mokoko

    were did you see he is packing the meat man he was carying the head for trophy

  • Conan

    Brock has to fight a deer in the octagon.

    Fedor was named “Baddest man on the planet” before DW stole this nickname.

  • ck1

    @jp86. have you had your spelling lessons yet?

  • WingChun

    @ KO

    Actually, you don’t see that. The animal is much larger than what is being packed out. For all we know, he’s just got the “head” for his wall. You can’t stipulate to anything in this video, in regard to what has happened to the carcass.

    I’m not “saying” who gets to hunt, regardless of financial status. Lesnar could be a middle class nobody and I’d say the same thing, he doesn’t need the food or the clothing. My reference to his wealth was to simply make an obvious point, he doesn’t need it. He has it all in spades.

    As to your remark about the animal not staying still for the dressing – wow, that’s some bright analysis on your behalf. You asked me if I live in a city…with that type of high level thinking that you demonstrate here, one can only deduce that you live in a barn. And that type of blood lust stupidity all ways makes me chuckle, but not because it’s funny, but rather for how sad and pathetic it is.

  • WingChun

    @ moko

    Exactly. He’s carrying something out, but (to me) it looks as if all he has taken was the head / trophy. There was more animal there, than what “appears” to be on his back and his body is carrying nothing.

    If he left the carcass as carrion in the field, then this is one big PR mistake, by Lesnar.

  • WingChun

    …should read:

    His “buddy” is carrying nothing.

  • Joey Santosus

    It was actually a boxing term before anyone used it in MMA.

  • TheRealDeal

    You are also a tree hugger.

  • TheRealDeal


  • TheRealDeal

    And I’m expressing my views…..

  • TheRealDeal

    Hey jerkwad, you say you eat meat? I’m sure you buy steaks and chicken. Do you think killing a defenseless cow or chicken is any less psychotic than shooting a deer?

    You are nothing but a hippocrite (look it up). If you knew anything about hunting (which you obviously don’t), you would know that if game animals numbers went unchecked that they would eventually over-run your precious little neighborhood.

    I like the way you work slavery into the conversation too, racist.

  • TheRealDeal

    We just identified the girly men on the site, didn’t we Jack? I’m with you.

  • mrpedigree

    If Brock would of put as much effort in his stand up training as he does killing helpless animals he might just of became that baddest man on the planet that he keeps bragging himself to be !

  • GeorgeRuetiger

    If you want him to look up a new word, I’d suggest giving him the correct spelling:

  • taz

    It’s funny how about 90% of MMA fans on the internet bad mouth Brock and Pro Wrestling but don’t relise that they are falling for Pro Wrestling tricks all the time such as when a fighter talks trash when they don’t mean it just like Josh Koscheck just did in the lead up to UFC 124, it’s just to sell tickets. Remember this if you got annoyed,angry or upset that Brock called himself the baddest man on the planet, then you have fallen for another Pro Wrestling trick.

  • Conan

    You are right, but it would be O.K and funny when a pro wrestler says so, when you know that all fights are staged and they are not getting thier ass kicked for real. But it sounds so pathetic from an MMA fighter, Brock is not a Pro Wrestler anymore, and whatever you say, you should back it up, at least loosing by decision in a fair combat and not getting humiliated by running away. At least all those trash talkers in MMA stand up and fight trying to back up what they talked.

  • Joey Santosus

    Except almost all fighters say things to boost their self image and sell themselves. Even the ones who do not say things personally have someone else who is saying it for them. Fan’s that have a strange obsession with the whole WWE thing are obviously the ones who crossed over from pro-wrestling to MMA. How else do you explain it? People who are not familiar with WWE or pro-wrestling really don’t care about all of that. So, what is it? These fans bash it just to try and create some distance between themselves and a form of entertainment that they so obviously once enjoyed?

  • taz

    the point is it works in both Pro wrestling and in MMA, what they say before a fight is most of the time false and hype you shouldn’t pay to much attention to it, look at what happens at the end of nearly evey fight.

  • UltimateMMA

    So thats the best you got,no reasonable comeback or comment to back up your words.At least learn how to spell.

  • Toasty

    After his last outing, it looks like Brock is too afraid to attack something that can fight back. It is a lot safer for a coward to hide behind a gun and attack from a distance. Typical pussy ass poser he-man.

  • Bruce Lee

    Years ago native warriors ran the deer down over several days until it died of exhaustion. It was a test of manhood. I think CK1 is simply saying don’t shoot a grazing animal and think yourself manly because of it.

  • Bruce Lee

    What they didn’t show was later he missed a shot and the deer pummelled him up against a tree until he turtled.

  • Six

    After just having a near death experience with a bizarre intestinal organism .. the last thing i would be doing is rushing out and gobbling down some woodland creatures.

    But hey .. maybe the deer deserved it .. we weren’t there.

  • D

    Which is exactly when you want to kill a deer. If the deer runs, it produces adrenealine and adrenaline ruins the meat. You tards have probably never hunted.

    He has already proved to be a badass just by stepping into the cage with several of the best heavyweight fighters on the planet. He is obviously not trying to prove that here; a lot of people hunt and nobody does it to prove there badass-ness.

  • Apoc

    Yup, most of the confused twats who came here to spout their “Holier than thou” nonsense regarding hunting are embarrassing themselves with displays of utter hypocrisy.

    Ever gone through a drive-thru? Do you eat burgers? Eggs? Steak? Bacon? Chicken?

    If so, shut the **** up regarding this topic, because you have no right to criticize a hunter.

    Also, he repeatedly mentioned in this video that he was going to eat the deer.

    If you’re a vegan and eat only vegetable-based foods, good for you. It’s a healthy lifestyle.

    But understand this:

    The world cannot afford everyone to live a vegetarian lifestyle. That’s a ****ing fact.

    So get a grip on reality you stipid, piece of shit, self-centered, ignorant pussies.

    You watch a sport where men beat the **** out of each other for your entertainment.

    Quit acting like a bunch of grandmas gossipping over a pot of tea.

  • Conan

    Carwin and Cain exposed Brock’s weaknesses. Randy could not do it due to his age and size, Mir could not do it due to his relience on BJJ and undermining Brock’s size. Carwin almost did it but gassed out. Cain finished what Carwin started.

  • dutch_striker

    Are we talking about MMA in here?
    If Brock wants to be relevant in the UFC, he should be training his stand up rather than than hunting.

  • bluntsandbeers

    its called paragraph form. stop spacing out your sentences its taky and annoying.

  • Hit2Hurt

    Seriously. Every cow that gets slaughtered goes through plenty of pain and suffering, cuz they let them bleed out while still alive in many cases. Doing what’s best for the meat. People that haven’t hunted, or seen a slaughterhouse, have no idea what they’re talking about. there is no more painless way that any deer will die than one clean shot. That same deer could have been torn apart by wolves later that day. And yes, Brock eats the meat that he kills. But either way, the string of posts here is pathetic. Hard to believe these are considered the more hardcore mma fans out there. I understand mma and hunting arent related. But grow some balls. If you eat meat, you can’t say anything about hunting. And if you don’t eat meat, keep talking. No one cares.

  • Hit2Hurt

    he got way more than the head, he got everything except the guts that are useless. That’s why the thing still weighed so damn much. I swear, a bunch of idiots that know nothing about hunting, sure love to act like they do. Just cuz you hate Brock doesn’t mean you have to hate every single thing he likes. Grow up kids.

  • Hit2Hurt

    if you don’t understand the thrill of a hunt, then don’t go hunting. but man has understood that from the beginning of time. so maybe you’re just not a man. of course you can’t catch a deer on foot, especially in those conditions and weather, and kill it without a gun. but anyone that knows anything about hunting also knows it can be hard as hell just to find a deer, let alone get a clean shot off. it can take all day, or you might not see anything. it’s senseless to argue about hunting with people that haven’t done it before. cuz they only speculate of what it’s all about. saying hunters think they’re proving their manhood, worth, etc. it’s just fun, like fishing. just different animals, and methods.

  • andreas

    hunting is usually boring and takes a lot of focus and patience…….What about human life getting killed and abused evry day,,,