Brian Stann discusses his Middleweight title hunt, says fighting Anderson Silva would be a "dream come true"

  • ClosetCasey

    I can see Stann as a future commentator. He’s a natural.

  • Nemesis

    Sweet, if only silva were like 5 years younger.Stann is a good guy, intelligent and not a dumb thug, good for the sport.

  • BigNog22

    at least I Know that he will not let silva do the merengue for 5rds or any type of dances.

  • odeh91

    No I don’t think he’s gunna do that good against silva they’re both counterpunchers and silva is a lot better

  • dray12

    Stann is the feinition of a Stannd up guy!

  • dray12


  • dray12

    shit doooo

  • Jamie Kennedy

    Damn, dray. I thought you’d invented a new word there.

  • diamond-mma2

    Stann needs to take Sonnen to an army camp, maybe sonenn would learn how to be a respectful


    Stann should be next in line after the Sonnen fight. Unless Anderson fights GSP after Okami, i don’t know who else there is for The Spider.

  • Nemesis

    GSP isn’t going to fight the spider, he should just say so rather than waiting for silva to retire. Atleast stann is looking at a possible match intelligently

  • InfiniteEnigma

    contender. not commentator, lol..

  • Six

    You mean Sonnen will be in line after the Stann fight.
    Stann will get taken to school.

  • x91-iNfiNiTi

    I wonder what happened to Brian Stann’s left pinky finger