Brendan Schaub's Management: We want Minotauro Nogueira in Brazil

“We are lobbying daily for the fight. As of now, we have not been offered the fight. We are optimistic that if [Nogueira] is healthy, Brendan has a good shot to be his opponent in Brazil. Also, I’m a huge Cro Cop fan and have tremendous respect for him, but it seems a stretch that Cro Cop would fight [Nogueira] in Brazil after Brendan knocked him out with one of the most vicious KOs I’ve ever seen. Brendan is one of the most dominant fighters in the division and we’re hopeful the UFC will reward him with the great honor of fighting in Rio.”

Brendan Schaub‘s manager Lex McMahon (Alchemist Management) shared his thoughts about who should face Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 134: Rio. Big Nog has recently revealed that he will be participating in the main card action of UFC 134, against a yet to be named opponent. TUF 10 Finalist Brendan Schaub is currently 8-1 in his MMA career, with 7 TKO/KO finishes. In his recent fights, Brendan Schaub defeated Mirko Cro Cop, Gabriel Gonzaga and Chris Tuchscherer. UFC 134: Rio is scheduled for August 27th, and will take place at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • odesahitman

    Big Nog has been my favourite fighter for some time, he has been through some wars and I believe he is close to his retirement now.

    I believe the idea of an old experienced champ fighting a relatively young, hungry challenger, looking for another scalp will sell tickets and create an amazing buzz and pressure for both fighters, their respective countries and fans.

    Pride and honour V’s Hunger and ambition.

    Bring it on.

  • Keyboard Contender

    sweet, I was hoping to see one of the Nog bros fight in Brazil along side Silva and Shogun I hope they make this fight

  • jipariente8a

    Schaub is not an idiot obviously he wants to fight Nogueira…. He is young and fairly quick, obviously wants to take older guys with big big names like Cro Cop, Nogueira.. hybrid my ass

  • Six

    Calling out a washed up fighter who seemingly cant take a punch anymore … real brave of Schaub.

    I like Schaub dont get me wrong … but he is just trying to fight aging fighters with big names Cro Cop, Gonzaga, and now Nog.

    You wanna fight someone in Brazil Schaub? …
    lets make it a real fight then.

    Call out Thiago Silva or even Phil Davis or Ryan Bader … someone who isnt on geritol yet.

  • Six

    Yes .. i know Schaub is a Heavyweight and the guys i mentioned are LT. HVY.

    If the UFC isnt going to allow Strikeforce fighters to fight UFC fighters then there isnt much to choose from in the UFC Heavyweight division.

    UFC needs a Cruiser weight division.

  • scrappymcgee

    i think schaubs ready for a step up. i dont think nog is a step up. schaub was way faster than gonzaga. imagine the speed diff vs nog. id say einemo or someone top 10

  • japanegro23

    He should call out Jose Aldo haha.

  • japanegro23

    He wants that quick road to the title.

  • japanegro23

    He wants that quick road to the title.

  • postmortem

    truthfully i would be suprised if big nog ever fights again he was great but he has taken way to many punches to the head and regretfully the sport has passed him by his style only puts him into position to take more needles damage . he can hold his head high he is a legend but i would rather not see him get ko’ed brutally again.

  • scrappymcgee

    oh sorry i called him slow. he was slow when he was in pride. now he may as well not be moving