Breaking news Paul Kelly released

The news is that Paul Kelly has been releashed from the UFC even after winning fight of the night against Donald Cerrone he is reportdly been releashed due to the sucker punch he threw but said he didnt mean however that didnt convince Dana White and has been cut what are your thoughts



  • ChasePhoney

    Got what he deserved. Protect yourself at all times rule or not, that is always intended to be a cheap shot. Cerrone is a classy fighter, why try to pull that isht

  • ck1

    I think its a bit harsh. Dana has always said that if you go out and put on a show and still lose you have a chance of staying. If its solely down to the so called cheap shot then im surprised cos i believed what kelly said to cerrone back stage about it. Also if dana cut him cos of that then why did he want to give him an extra 75k bonus for fight of the night if he was so offended by what kelly did at the start.

  • IGMBurninPiff

    bekuz they earned it. why not give it to them and punish cerrone too? that makes no sense. they had fight of the night and earned it but at the end of it Dana’s obviously against cheap shots. Daley,Kelly, and thats good because that’s something that doesn’t have a place in the sport at all especially a big organization that prides itself on respect from fighter to fighter.

  • HEmm0

    There are too many lightweights in the UFC. So they cut most of them off. That UFC/WEC merge was great thing. But if you think about it, you knew that LW would suffer for it.

  • HEmm0

    And I red this from

    - “there are 60 lightweights on UFC roster cos UFC/WEC merger. They are cutting to 28.”

    So UFC will cut HUGE amount of lightweights.

  • david522

    personally i hope Kelly gets back into the UFC someday

  • TheRealDeal

    Pure Bisping move…..

    It was a sucker punch all the way. His apology was laughable. He wasn’t going anywhere in the division anyway, so good riddance.

    Have fun in SF, Kelly.

  • IChokePeople

    Wow, 28? Strike Force already have 16. I guess their divisions aren’t as shallow as I thought.

  • Spyridon

    The thing that bothers me, is the same exact thing happened on TUF heavyweights (the season with kimbo), it was the first fight I think? And he went on to have more fights in the ufc…

  • Spyridon

    SF just dont just the majority of their fighters, mostly because they dont have a real ranking system to keep them fighting for #1 contender.

  • theashark

    how is it a bisping move?