Big John Mccarthy returns to the UFC to referee at UFC on Versus: Jones vs. Matyushenko

John McCarthy will be entering an Octagon for the first time since late 2007 this Sunday at “UFC on Versus: Jones vs. Matyushenko.” “Big John” briefly retired from refereeing, but returned to work Affliction and Strikeforce shows after an 11-month hiatus.

Even though McCarthy has been back in the game for nearly two years, none of the athletic commissions have requested his services for any Zuffa,LLC, events until the California finally gave him the nod.

During his retirement, McCarthy had voiced some strong opinions about the sport, which drew the ire of UFC president Dana White. The brash promoter admitted they were no longer chummy and has since gone out of his way to dub Herb Dean as “the best referee in the sport’s history.”

Although Big John is in Dana’s doghouse, White claims he’s had nothing to do with McCarthy’s exile from the Octagon. The UFC is not allowed to protest refereeing assignments and the CSAC will have the final call on which bouts he’s going to officiate inside the San Diego Sports Arena.

  • RabbitPuncher

    Bout’ time. Pun intended.

  • japanegro23

    Good. The UFC has seen some bad refereeing lately.

  • TenderRainDrop

    p4p best ref in the sport.

  • grapplure

    he looks like a serial killer in the picture, and who cares herb dean is holding it down!

  • SanDiegoLife

    This sucks….Dude stops a lot of fights way too early..Just cuz hes from way back dont mean hes A good ref….Respect to Big J but idk……I am excited to be there though>>>>>>>>

  • SanDiegoLife

    P4P R u ok??

  • VeNuM

    Wonder why the athlete commision wasnt booking him at the UFC events since 2007?

  • TheRealDeal

    Big John is the man, plain and simple.

  • UrHype

    John is an excellent ref, but I never really cared for his demeanor. He seems to act tougher than the fighters he reffing.

  • 51JD51

    Pun = Automatic Weak

  • blackhouse

    Yves Lavigne is the best. haha jk who cares

  • TheGoocH

    like big john as a persone but hes not the ref every1 says he is. hes stoped a LOT of fights too early imo.

  • TheGoocH

    did you see him back in the old days dragging the fighters around and talking to them like they where scum. imagin him doing it to someone like daley in todays mma… bam right in the kisser!

  • TheGoocH

    omg some1 finaly sees it the way i do. ive had so many weaks for bringing that up in the past.

  • UndefeatedOfWest

    Not when you have several other bad refs. Herb dean isn’t allowed to referee the whole card. Therefore we need more good refs!!! Think me friend think!

  • UndefeatedOfWest

    Why so many weaks on this page? I don’t understand you guys sometimes.

  • TheGoocH

    m8 its some asshole clicking weak to every1 just to be a tit..

  • johnedge

    Uh can you say “Dana”?