Bader prepared to face a "unique" Jon Jones at UFC 126


  • Six

    Closing the distance will be key for Bader in this fight.
    Not only does Jones have an un-godly reach he also has very good kicks and back-fists.

    Bader can’t stay on the outside and win. But I doubt running straight at jones while swinging or looking for a double will be successful.

    Gonna have to go with Jonny Bones on this one.

  • nur

    Jonny wins by way of his elbow in Ryan’s fayce.

  • azzkika

    Was not impressed at all with bader last time, didn’t even think he won the fight. Very impressed with Jones. Repeat performances and Bader will be getting whooped. Jones has been so convincing in his domination of opponents he should defo be moving up to top 4 or 5 challenges should he win this one. Would like to see him bitch slap Silva at some point also.

  • Col23

    Bader will break Jones’s Bones.
    Sorry Bader haters, Jonny’s going down..

  • Lowkickdodger

    And can you explain why or you’re just wanna hate too?

  • TheRealDeal

    Just can’t wait for this one, perhaps as much as Silva/Belfort. The fight between Jones/ Bader will tell us a lot, especially about Jones.

  • IGMBurninPiff

    wat gives you that prediction? any thoughts? the only problem I can see Bader posing is that he’s the 1rst guy who has a chance to take Jon Jones down, we’ve never seen Jones under a wrestler and it could be trouble but I’m doubting it. I see Jones using his reach advantage well to keep Bader on the outside so he’ll either have to lung in with an over hand right and hope to connect wit Jones or he’ll have to charge for the double leg, either 1 is a telegraphed moved and Jones will have time to get away. if he rushes in quick without a takedown attempt Jones will clinch with him and is without a doubt the better clinch wrestler, don’t be surprised to see Jones on top dropping elbows for another face cracking win.

  • ck1

    @col23. Id be very surprised if bader won, ive never rated him, he barely won the last fight, but it only takes one punch or 1 mistake to turn a fight so maybe. Looking forward to the fight regardless. my pick jones wins inside 2 rounds.

  • WingChun

    I really like and respect both these guys. It’s another one of those fights where you have two fighters you like, squaring off against one another. I simply expect a great, high paced fight and will be happy with the outcome either way.

    If I had to pick one though, I’d probably have to pick Bader; here’s why (cough, cough).

    When you look at how Jones fared against a high-level wrestler, in Matt Hamill, he took the loss; the only one of his career. Come on, we all saw it; how Matt man-handled JJ (cough, cough) for the entirety of (what was) a one round fight. I remember the fight well, because I thought it was (actually) one of the best refereed and officiate fights and calls, I had ever seen in The UFC (cough, cough).

    In reality though….

    I really like Bader. I really like Jones. If i was going to be the fight, I’d bet Jones, but Bader has the skills and cardio, to both KO and hang with JJ. This can be either man’s fight and will probably go to whomever is hungriest and executes “their” game plan. I suspect this is will be a one round fight.

  • Lowkickdodger

    I agree with you JJ cannot hang with such a good wrestler in Bader (cough, cough) Bader is gonna manhadle him and GNP him to death (cough,cough)

    But serioulsy Bader has one left or right punch chance to win it imo. Bader needs to be stronger and faster to win and i dont see it based on his last fights.

  • dudenicecock

    but at the same time, bones has extremly effective and sneaky throws from the clinch, thats mainly where he takes his opponents down. its hard to see anyway that bader wins this fight unless finds a way to push bones up against the cage for a 3 round snooze fest.

  • travisbickle

    What does he mean by three one-minute GOs on the treadmill and two one-minute GOs on the ground? I’ve never heard that before.

  • overhand right

    bader reminds me a little of dan henderson, he’s a wrestler with heavy hands and he will always have the punchers chance against jones. but when i weigh up all the factors i just see jones as the more technical and overall better fighter. jones by tko.

  • FoetusFarm

    jon jones looks like he could be promising but he is so overated at the moment, ryan bader has fought better competition, has never lost and everyone still says hes going to get destroyed by jones.
    jones beat bonnar who was on a loosing streak, matt hamill who lets face it will never be in the top half of the division, vera who also got cut from a loosing streak and then matyushenko who is not a top class fighter right now. bader will be his hardest fight by far but i will give jones credit if he wins this its his first major challenge in the top of the division

  • IGMBurninPiff

    IDK how many times I see people on here saying all this and that about Jones competition he’s a young kid and the UFc was trying to build him up rite, I think they did the right thing and if he makes it through Bader which I’m assuming he will I think they will give him 1 more top of the LHW division challenge and if he wins again Rua or Rashad, But back to your post I don’t care who he fought when he wins like he does, I would bet my house car tv, computer, watever u want that if I put u in the cage with a 15 year old you couldn’t handle them the way Jones did his opponents and those are PROFESSIONAL FIGHTERS, top tier or not they’re professionals paid 2 do wat we love and dream of and he treated them like infants, Baders last fight was unimpressive to say the least and who else has he really beat worth talking about? Jardine? o cut by a losing streak and I don’t even remember others because his fights arn’t worth remembering. Jones is exciting everytime he fights and I expect the same next week.

  • dray12

    Only way I see Bader winnning is if he gets Jon on his back and GNP KO’s him. Maybe not from the guard butt from standing and throwing down a hay maker. Depends how composed JJ is on his back.

  • FoetusFarm

    dont take what i said out of context i said he looks promising i know hes an exciting fighter and if he beats bader ill give him all the respect he deserves all i was trying to say is that everyone seems to have already looked past him beating bader and i think hes going to be a really tough challenge,nothing against jon jones

  • azzkika

    Agree totally. i would go further and say Jones has looked the most dominating fighter apart from GSP in all MMA. He still has much to prove but could not have started his career off any better IMO. I expect him to go on and dominate the division in time, though he will have much tougher challenges ahead of him than he has had so far. bader is the one i feel is overrated and Jones should walk through him with ease.