Anthony Pettis relives his five round war with Ben Henderson

  • comonson

    ah haha @pat berry walking in front of the camera with green undies, he look quit obese aswell

  • Rigo

    Anthony Pettis deserves a better fight than Guida , his style is good to win fights but it will shut down most of Pettis style which is a dumb thing to do considering Pettis momentum for his moves.
    His HL’s are insane and most of them only have a few fights of him.

    His a true Mix Martial Arts Fighter, Box can’ be compared to Tae Kwan Do , i really hope Pettis inspire other fighters to start training Real Martial Arts.

    Because most of what we see in “MMA” is just a mix of comba sports

    Kenny vs Anthony would have been a much more interesting fight
    Pettis is fighting until June by that ime im sure Kenny would have been ready but whatever at least we wont need to wait a whole year to watch him fight.

  • comonson

    guida good comp imo, he was the gatekeeper/ tuf destroyer in 2010 now hes tryin to shit on pettis’s tittle run. who knows guida might have what it takes to be champ now that he’s with greg jackson

  • Ninja

    Even though Florian is coming off a loss I would still consider him top 5 LW’s in the UFC and maybe even all of MMA so I would hve like Pettis vs Florian

  • Joey Santosus

    Yea, style wise I like Pettis vs Florian and Guida vs Guillard.

    As far as Pettis’ flashy move set, he wont be pulling off any “Showtime Kicks” against Guida… Clay doesn’t stand still long enough for any of that lol

  • comonson

    joey so true.. guida’s always on a adrenaline rush, its like he sniffs a line a yayo before making his entrance

  • taz

    i can see pettis being a huge name in MMA history