Anderson Silva says Chael Sonnen respects nothing, promises a "different fight" in Brazil

“Chael has good wrestling. For a long time, he’s trained wrestling. The first fight, I broke my ribs, I fought with broken ribs. But that’s okay, I finished the fight and I win. But this time I am ready. I am training hard – this is a different fight.

My opinion for Chael is that this guy does not respect nothing. This time in this sport is very important. The people watching the UFC, the people that watch Chael Sonnen talking, they are like ‘What? What is this sport? I don’t like this sport. This guy doesn’t respect nothing.’ I understand sometimes you need to promote the fight, but I don’t know. Chael talks about my people in Brazil, about my wife, about the older fighters. It’s his problem, it’s no good, it’s no good promotion, this is a sport.” – For complete interview with Anderson Silva, visit ESPN radio (710 LA) (transcription via

Sonnen has good wresting – but not good enough to defeat a healthy Anderson Silva.

That’s according to the champ himself, who says that much of Sonnen’s success in their first encounter can be attributed to his broken ribs.

A major underdog out of Team Quest, Sonnen was widely written off as nothing more than a big talker ahead of their UFC 117 title clash. As things got underway, however, that perception quickly changed when the challenger employed a wrestling-heavy gameplan to smother the Brazlian from top position for much of their five-round bout. Though it appeared Sonnen would cruise to a lopsided unanimous decision victory, Silva locked-up a triangle-armbar with just 1:50 remaining to force the tap and retain the title. While the performance has sparked much debate regarding the potential outcome of their impending rematch, Silva assures that their second showdown will be a “different fight.” But, what do you think LowKick’ers? Will “The Spider” prove a point in Sao Paulo, or will “The Ganster from Oregon” finish what he started?

  • HunterB

    Scary situation Chael has gotten himself into… I’m sure its going to be bad news walking in… not even to mention walking out if he wins.

  • abcdefgh

    Don’t be scared homie

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Go get him, CHAMP

  • ShaunDiel

    Outlook not so good for Chael.

  • Brasil

    Get ready Chael…I beleive you will be made an example.

  • highkick12

    Looking forward to another showing of your crazy skills Anderson. Make Chael look as dumb as he sounds.

  • Burbs

    I dont think that Chael respects nothing I think he got into Andersons head to get him all wild up and take him out of his usual fighting way and you could tell ‘coz Anderson states that this fight will be different. Great job Chael for the head games this fight will be awsome.

  • NoPrideinUFC

    completely agree with Anderson here, its hilarious and entertaining watching Sonnen talk but in the end all it is bullshit, you can talk bullshit all day long if your Chael bottom line is he couldn’t beat an injured Silva and hes going to get KTFO by a healthy one in Brazil, people should realize that if your Anderson Silva atm your fighting someone who has embarrassed you and your country there will be plenty of motivation for Silva in this fight and history shows what has happened when Silva is challenged someone going to get KO’D and i guarantee you it wont be Silva


    I wanna reply “beat Chael till he bleeds”, but a long range spit ball would cut ol soft skin Sonnen.

  • David Saucier

    Mr Sonnen I pray for your safety that you dont win the fight, that crowd will be really dangerous if you win.

  • MD777

    The thing is Anderson was so quiet till previous fight against Micheal due to Cheal a bit lack of performance and i hear a lot of talks
    from him and now Cheal take turn to be off the spotlight and be silent lamb as unusual chicken out or maybe Cheal lured you to a fight and stalking on you with a secret weapon

  • Entity

    So what are you saying Anderson? You only fight for a Brazilian crowd and hate Americans so much you act like a douche and disrespect yourself? Whatever , sooner someone removes you from champ the better off everyone will be.

  • davetec1

    They forgot to mention that Chael Sonnen was on drugs in the first fight, and was banned for what, a year? Everybody seems to forget about that.

  • partyboy

    andersons a champion, and theres a reason why hes one of the best whose ever fought….expect to see a demonstration of that against chael

    also, just in general, as the mma public we should appreciate the fact that we got to see a talent like anderson silva fight at his best, therell be very few like him

  • TheEnforcer

    i see sonnen winning this by a inverted flying reverse triangle heal hook choke

  • cranestyle

    Sure the fight will go different…unless Chael breaks those ribs again.

  • Nemesis

    Everyone who bets against anderson, kindly put your house up when you bet and i’m sure we’ll miss you all when we forget about the loudest stepping stone in the history of MMA.

  • enjoylife321

    We know one thing for sure -Anderson took the best chael had that night.

    If we believe Anderson was injured coming into the fight then this creates a whole new delimma for Chael.

    I would not place any bets on Chael based on this alone, however he does have a punchers chance

  • spiderp4p

    I have a feeling Chael will retire after this fight, regardless of winning or losing, and join the WWE afterwards. I feel that if Anderson is healthy and Chael doesn’t shoot roids directly up his ass again, Anderson will win.

  • Spyridon

    I can’t tell if you are trolling, or if you just didnt read the article at all, but either way, you have won the award for weakest comment of the month.

  • LiL Cee

    You guys are are hittin 2 many bongos! I’,m not the only dude that thinks Chaels a douche-ologist,but he’s a beast with multiple skills hombres and a gas tank that doesnt quit. He is gonna come with everything the Spider can handle,on a mission of destruction.No way this is gonna be easy bud,its gonna be a war

  • retzef

    No war,only a one-sided punishment.Sonnen will not know what hit him when he wakes up …..

  • kungfurule

    Anderson Silva via Knockout while moving backwards, just like I called it in the Okami fight. @ entity your base belongs to us douchebage :)

  • kungfurule


  • toxic

    pray for your life chael!!!
    I dont think Sonnen knows what he is getting him self into….
    I think he will be scared the last moment and throw in the towel and cancel the fight with a fake injury…
    if he is not suicidal of course….

  • Ivy

    One thing that remains true, Chael has never been dominated throughout an entire fight and he is a far greater wrestler than Anderson Silva and I would hazard to guess also stronger than him. It is not going to be a Vitor Belfort fight. I don’t see Chael getting KO’d, which means its going 5 rds; which would not bode well for Anderson.

  • Stiks

    Not with those fluffy pillows attached at the end of his arms.

  • Entity

    Ive seen more weaks…..(subliminal call for weaks)

  • ripstic5021

    fail sonnen is going to dive in for a takedown and Anderson Silva is going to give him a flying knee to the head and put that cheating retard out of his misery.

  • ripstic5021

    Sonnen was out of gas in the first round against Bisping after a horrible weight cut. You better hope he has a better cut this time son.

  • Spyridon

    It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality =)


    Sonnen will leave this fight with pieces of his face missing.

  • slickrick

    I bet Chael doesn’t make it our of round 1, Anderson is here to prove a point this time!