Anderson Silva explains why elephant is not the King of the Jungle

Reigning Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, who will put his belt on the line against Yushin Okami at UFC 134, discusses his opponent, as well as fighting in his home country of Brazil. Silva admits he is not sure what strategy Okami will employ in their bout, but guarantees he will be well-prepared to represent his team.

Silva vs. Okami will headline the stacked card from the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro. The title clash will be a rematch of their 2006 meeting, in which Okami emerged victorious via disqualification, making him the last fighter to claim a victory over “The Spider.” Photo: Francis Specker

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    But an Elephant never forgets……

    to kill

  • soiWANNABEafighter

    Elephants are the kings in the jungle and there are no lions there anyway. Anderson Silva knows nothing about jungles.

  • Chocolat

    It’s a metaphor, simpleton.

  • soiWANNABEafighter

    Oh man you know even less about the jungle.

  • falcon4917

    Asaitic Lions live in the jungle along with Indian elephants. Yes there are jungle Lions. Only a large pride of lions though give trouble to an elephant. But we all do know it is long been said the lion is king of beasts and I am sure he is talking about what we all recognize through our cultures in growing up.

  • TheMMAfan

    Everyone knows tarzan is the king of the jungle… where do you think gonzaga disappeared to

  • Ramiro

    And you even less appareantly.
    Yes, there ARE lions where there are elephants….
    And not only in Asia but on the continent of Africa as well:))

  • mindkontrolle

    in africa, lions and elephants live in the same habitat, the savannah, not quite the jungle, but it’s a figure of speech i suppose.

  • Pacifist


  • Jack N. Meoff


    Ok Confucius!

  • en09si

    To be honest I back Anderson in a fight with either animal. He can KO the lion with a front kick to trunk and choke out the lion. It’ll be the mane event (geddit?)

  • predator

    oh I get it, very clever, I just never known a lion to have a trunk

  • en09si

    haha just noticed that

  • nickp44

    Anderson Silva is the king of the jungle… because he has opposable thumbs, the ability to shoot weapons… and is the P4P best!

  • mokoko

    Im just intrested if Brasilian fans will boooing Anderson.Sibirian Tiger is the king in animal kingdom any way

  • duder113

    Whatever happened to Simba?

  • IChokePeople

    It’s a joke captain serious.

  • Laimis

    I like Anderson’s videos SO MUCH more without Ed Soares…