Anderson Silva admits to fighting Injured at UFC 134

Anderson Silva extended two of his UFC records by defeating Yushin Okami at UFC 134. The win gave him 9 straight UFC title defenses to go along with his 14-fight UFC winning streak.  Silva was near perfect in the win, never allowing Okami to implement a single portion of his game plan during the fbout.

As dominant as he appeared during the two round fight, “The Spider” recently admitted that he was suffering from a training injury when he stepped into the cage on August 27 to face Okami.

A month before the fight I injured my shoulder while training with Junior dos Santos and I was feeling a lot of pain in Rio. I’ve had to take some medicine and warn the athletic commission about it. I’ve talked to my doctors. I had an MRI and then I started feeling pains in my shoulder but the doctors let me go and said it was not that serious. It’s a small injury, but I guess it’s on the cuff and bothers me. I’ll rest for a while and get healed”. – From

Photo: Anderson Silva before his fight with Forrest Griffin during UFC 101 at the Wachovia Center on August 8, 2009, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Francis Specker

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    Alright Anderson

  • knn03

    dude, save that for your rematch with Chael!

  • Nemesis


    Everyone knows you can’t get hurt so y dew u LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

  • Nemesis

    maybe he’s saving up for some steroids instead.

  • knn03

    @nemesis, yeah that makes sense. save what for steroids?

  • HunterB

    blackhouse team sure is prepared for the worst with excuses

  • Six

    Apparently he is injured 85% of the time.

    Maybe they can roll him out in a wheelchair fully bandaged & completed by a dude running beside Anderson with an IV drip. Stitch can un-wrap him before he gets in the ring.

  • HoustonsOwn

    Can’t see where Anderson goes from here… GSP wont fight him, and I doubt he wants to fight Jon Jones. Im a fan of Anderson, but it seems as if that fight isn’t something he desires.

  • speede

    people should stop hating regardless if he is injured or not he still finishes and wins and just to let you know he is 36 years old and has been competing for many years. The body can only take so much specially since he trains with top fighters and most are larger than him.

  • Fedornuthugger

    I hate how this guy always has an excuse for winning!! Fedor never had an excuse when he won and he was ALWAYS injured from constantly fighting!

    This guy could atleast get hurt during the fight so i could believe him instead of waiting until after he wins to tell you he’s injured!

  • Fedornuthugger

    It’s so stupid i know! How can a fighter get injured in training?!?! it just makes no sense

  • ksooner76

    whats funny is you say that but if he gets a medical release to get fixed he will have roids so he can heal faster but it will all go thru all the channels but I garantee he will have to and Chael he is an azzhole
    douche bag but they screwed him to make a point cause he didnt
    tell everything in detail that was being done for some injuries and tested barely over like he hadnt had sex for a bit slowed down his workout and test.. levels had quick spike that night rubbed one out
    levels went back down but was to late just saying just by a lil and
    took huge punishment…..

  • ksooner76

    Basicly tell Okami you suck

  • Osnizzle

    Im sure if you train at the BlackHouse gym with Nogs, JDS & Machida you’re bound to get hurt during training… can’t forget Steven Segal too

  • mmauk

    How do you know he took steroids to heal quicker ? You don’t. Chael got done for TRT and didn’t get his levels down there is no comparison here. Furthermore their are normal over the counter medicines you can purchase at any store or pharmacy that contain substances that are illegal to take but their not steroids or PEDS, if any fighter takes this he can notify a commission and they can approve it or not. For you to compare Silva taking medicine(most likely very strong pain killers) to Chael taking TRT is pretty pathetic.

  • nickp44

    lol Anderson has a big bag in his kitchen labeled “Salt for Open Wounds”…

    – “Oh, and Chael, my rib was broken the whole time.”
    – “Hey Vitor, by the way – an over-the-hill, fat actor taught me that kick.”
    – “Yushin… my shoulder was busted and I still knocked ya out.”

  • Krogan

    It seems to me the only reason why Silva would say this publicly is because he is worried about the test results.

  • David Saucier

    I fail to see how revealing you had an injury after decisively finishing your opponent is a negative thing. You just dont like the guy.

  • godsofwararise

    What’s with this BS talk about excuses? He won, it’s hardly an excuse for anything other than explaining why he’s not going to be on the FOX event on November 12th.

  • godsofwararise

    Lol, are you suggesting that a torn rotator cuff is some sort of justification for failing a drugs test?

  • asdf

    whats the point of him giving an excuse when he won? There has got to be more to it, unless he enjoys saying how great he is.

  • apocalypse123

    Anderson would go on to say that he ate a grilled cheese sandwich and bought some new flip flops that felt really comfortable.

    In all honesty, if it wasn’t a serious injury and he won the fight, what does it have to do with anything?

  • cranestyle

    Fighters are always hurt when they fight and it sounds lame afterwards to bring it up, win or lose.

    This is all just part of the AS hype machine, trying to pump him his legacy. I know it’s part of the game, and doesn’t take away from the Spiders accomplishments in the octagon…

    …but does show he’s human, outside the ring at least, by his choice of tacky PR people.