Alistair Overeem says he’s no longer part of Team Golden Glory

In a somewhat shocking announcement, former Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion Alistair Overeem revealed he’s no longer part of Team Golden Glory. According to The Reem, who refused “to air dirty laundy”, there are good and bad times in every relationship, but it’s a breach of trust that leads to a no turning back situation:

“I would like to make a statement regarding the recent news of the separation from my long-time management Golden Glory. As with any relationship, there are good times and bad times – you have your common ground and your differences. As with any relationship, you have trust. When differences lead to a breach of trust, there’s no turning back and no way to continue a positive, working relationship. I don’t air my dirty laundry. I would appreciate the respect regarding my privacy to not disclose any further details on this matter. Again, I would like to thank team Golden Glory for all the years we worked together and wish them success for the future.”Alistair Overeem on Twitter

Overeem currently prepares for his Ultimate Fighting Championship debut in a UFC 141 headliner vs. Brock Lesnar, which will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on probably the most prestigious date this year – December 30th.

So what do you think, LowKick’ers? Do you think Overeem’s chances against Broc Lesnar will decrease without the support from Golden Glory’s top talent? Where “The Reem” should set up his new camp? Use your keyboard.

  • MMAeveryDay

    So where you going big guy?

  • Keyboard Contender

    AKA would be a good fit or Jacksons camp

  • JoeFaceHood

    He’ll probably head up to Minnesota and light a bad of dog sh*t outside Lesnar’s house, swing by ya Mom’s house for some sack jitsu, head down to GA and shake my hand, over to AKA (like Keyboard Contender mentioned) until he realizes there’s no horse meat around, and then back to the Netherlands. But I could be wrong…..

  • MMAW

    Mike’s Gym?…nah i doubt it 😛

  • MMAW

    read an article on Liverkick that Gokhan Saki and other have also left GG.
    If that’s true…i wonder whats going on?

  • odeh91

    Jackson’s is probably the way to take or ATT. I don’t think AKA would agree to train him giving the fact that they train cain cain velasquez..

  • ian

    what a douche

  • codemaster

    I think Overeem made a good move. My guess is that he should have made it sooner. For all his K1 glory, and holding up a giant check in the ring for a photo–he hasn’t gotten paid by them yet.

    Reem is finally with a company whose checks don’t bounce. I don’t know about Golden Glory–but the whole deal with Dana and the fighters getting fired due to GG being terrible negotiators–all this was a bit fish–wanting to be paid directly–with the fighter’s money?

    I bet Reem had a good reason for firing his management.

  • Vergina

    I could see him at Alliance in San Diego

  • AK40kevn

    One thing is for sure he wont be situated in Amsterdam. Im irish and currently on exchange there and doing muay thai with Jerry Morris. I have been looking for a top mma camp to train with but Golden glory is no longer in amsterdam, the only place i can think of is vos gym and mikes gym for him to train with. It would be better if he went to the US , I was gonna say Kings mma but Werdum is there so maybe if Rashad and imperial athletics give him a call it would be great. Rashads wrestling would help him and also his boxing as I genuinly dont think Reems boxing is anything compared to cain and JDS , yes he has great stand up but boxing I dont think so

  • xcityofemberx

    You are right that AKA will be a good choice for Overeem since he has a huge kickboxing background through K1 and mix it with good wrestling. If working with Cain Velasquez will not be a problem, he will be a huge force to reckon with in the UFC..

  • Toki

    Overeem should go for a more wrestling and BJJ based camp, I’d say go for Jackson’s.

  • nickp44

    I think it’s a smart move for him both financially and training-wise.

  • KeithFarrell

    Jackson’s would see to be the best gym, especially with the great wrestling and BJJ situated there.
    The biggest problem is that Shane Carwin is there and he isa top 5 maybe even HW and would most likely have to fight Alistair in the future and if doesn’t it would make for an awkward situation at the top of the UFC HW ranks.
    If they decideto train together it would be GREAT! Overeem would be able to help round out Carwin’s stand up and Carwin could maybe improve his boxing and his striking defence. Also Carwin would be a HUGE helg for Reem’s wrestlign and Reem could help with Carwin’s BJJ.


    Imagine Reem going to Black House….

  • Six

    I wonder if Golden Glory relenting on the way they pay their fighters for the UFC was a move to try and keep Overeem.

    What will become of the other Golden Glory fighters still trying to get in the UFC?

    Big blow for TGG.

  • Joey Santosus

    Carwin is technically a Grudge fighter. He does, however, train with Jackson as well, so there would still be an opportunity if they wanted to train together, but at the same time there would also be some distance if they chose not to.

  • k1800

    Reem needs to be at Jackson’s or AKA (to prepare for Lesnar especially) but he can’t afford to burn bridges in the Netherlands because if I’m going to be honest, his striking does not look good. Watch the K-1 2010 finals and you’ll see he fights like a freaking stone statue.


    See: Munoz, Mark.